Benefits of Collagen for Skin

Benefits of Collagen for Skin | Many skin care products claim to prevent aging by stimulating cells to produce more collagen. So what is the advantages of collagen?

You need to know, collagen is one of the most abundant protein in our bodies. Approximately 25-30 percent of all proteins in the body is made of collagen, which is found in connective tissue such as cartilage and tendons. Collagen also has a very important role for the skin.

Collagen is a component of a major builder in the dermis, one of the lowest layer of the skin. Protein is important to keep skin firm and supple and is often confused with the mattress. When it was new, the mattress is firm and elastic. Over time, the mattress started to collapse.

This happens for several reasons. First, with increasing age, collagen in the skin begin to break down and rigid. When we are healthy skin, collagen strands glide easily with one another so that the skin returns to normal after you stretch your face as smiling or frowning. However, when it began to melt the collagen, the skin loses its elasticity and does not return to normal.

Benefits of Collagen for Skin. We will always need a supply of collagen in sufficient quantities. Even so, not easy to maintain and obtain these materials. In fact, about 25 years of age, the body begins to lose collagen as much as 1.5 percent per year. As a result, the start deflated mattress was not able to provide good support for the top layer of skin. That's when the skin begins to wrinkle. When wrinkles start to happen, it means that the collagen does not work anymore.

To maximize the function of collagen, keep collagen supply in the body with collagen supplements. These supplements will replenish the body's collagen supply. Intake of collagen supplements on a regular basis will revitalize the skin, keeping it healthy, reduce lines wrinkles on the face, and strengthen fingernails and improve hair condition.

This supplement is best consumed before exercise or other physical activity. It was then that the function of collagen to a maximum with increasing energy and performance. This supplement also preserve and replenish lean muscle mass to improve decision-making body fat plays a role in weight control.

Skin Care From Age of 20-an!

Skin Care From Age of 20-an! | With age, everyone will have problems of aging. This aging process will affect your skin, like wrinkles, sagging skin, appear spots, brown spots, and others. Not surprisingly, many women who feel panicked, and tried to do anything to fight aging. In fact, if you will, skin problems due to aging can be delayed if you are used to treat skin early in life.

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"Skin care has to be done since a young age, so that when the old skin health will still be awake," said Dr. Eddi Karta, GDSS, told Compass Female, in the Pond's event held at the Hilton Hotel, London, some time ago.

When age creeping up, the skin cells will also aging and reduced speed. At that time the supply of oxygen to the skin is reduced, thereby regenerating the skin more slowly. That is why the skin looks more wrinkled and dry, because moisture loss. To minimize skin conditions such as these, the anti-aging care should have been done since the age of 20.

"One, if you are just beginning to treat the skin after the age of 30, because it can be considered quite late," said Eddi. Skin care at the age of 20 years will be better able to inhibit the process of aging, so skin tight.

A variety of skin care products to postpone aging is now widely available in the market, and you can choose the best product for your skin type. Do not be lazy to use a body lotion, sunscreen cream or night cream. But the easiest way to inhibit the process of aging course by using a moisturizer, because we usually applied immediately after bathing or before going to work. Slowly, get used to using protective cream body.

Against the Dry Skin Tips

Against the Dry Skin Tips | Even though we live in a warm tropical country, but in fact most people active in the cold room the air conditioning. This condition can lead to dry skin conditions, cracked, and itchy. As a workaround, see the tips of the American Academy of Dermatology skin to retain moisture.

1. Cold water bath

A warm bath can indeed create a relaxed, but the warm water makes the skin more easily dried. This is because the skin's protective natural oils removed by warm water. Therefore get used to cold showers. When you want to shower with warm water, wash quickly.

2. Choose a soap

The skin should feel soft and supple after a bath. If skin feels dry or even interest, you may need to replace the soap. If your skin is quite dry, use a moisturizing soap is added. Sometimes it takes several trials before finding the right soap. Get used to using soap on certain areas like the face, underarms, legs, or around the thighs.

3. Use a moisturizer

The most appropriate time to wear a moisturizer is after bathing when the skin is still damp conditions so that the substances are easily absorbed moisturizer and is locked. Moisturizer in a cream is best for dry skin. Where possible choose products free of perfume. For face, use a moisturizer that contains vitamin C and E.

4. Consumption of adequate water

Although not directly related, but adequate water consumption can accelerate metabolism and remove toxins, so the body healthy and fit.

6 Mistakes When Treating Yourself

6 Mistakes When Treating Yourself | In the midst of economic trouble, many people trying to take medication against itself (self medicine). Treating yourself is fine, as long as done properly and correctly.

Was delivered by Prof.. DR. dr. Rianto Setiabudy SpFK of the Department of Pharmacology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, in a discussion entitled 'Rational Use of Drugs "on Thursday (3/29/2012) in Jakarta.

"Treatment of myself would be very useful because it can save time and transport costs, reduce the cost of consulting a doctor, and some diseases in people classified as self-limiting disease that fast," he said.

Rianto explained that the disease may be treated by a layman, has a characteristic in which the disease is usually mild, it will heal itself within a short time and is not harmful. Disease such as cough and cold no more than 5 days, mild diarrhea for several days, mild headache, constipation and difficulty sleeping.

"But sometimes we have to be careful. Although fever is just one day but if seizures, should be immediately taken to the doctor, because it's not cold," he said.

Rianto warned, there are a number of diseases that should not be treated solely by the layman. Characteristics, the disease tends to be heavy, do not heal themselves (though not painful). For example, hypertension, diarrhea, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and heart.

Even so, Rianto confirmed not everyone is able to apply the practice of self-medication correctly. He said there are a few examples of common mistakes made ​​by people in self-medicate:

1. Treat colds, coughs, colds with antibiotics.

"It's very bad and there is no similar benefits sakali. No viruses that can be treated with antibiotics," he said.

2. Excessive use of vitamin

Rianto said the research results of the National Cancer Institute in the United States showed that people who daily consume more than 1 kind of multivitamin greater chance of developing prostate cancer. "Although the truth of these findings is still debated among scientists," he said.

3. Leaving the drug for "Next pain"

In some cases, Rianto observed, patients who do not spend a lot of prescription drugs in accordance with a predetermined time. For example, a drug that should be spent within a week, but only taken up to four days (because the body is feeling a little better), then the rest is stored and used when the disease relapsed.

4. Use the drug, which looks effective for others

"Do not they see friends or relatives can be cured by taking medicine from a doctor giving, then we went along to drink," he said. According Rianto, although the same diseases that we suffer with others, but not necessarily being the same. Due to the severity of the disease every person is different.

5. Buy hard drugs without a prescription

When compared with neighboring countries such as Malaysia, for access to medicines in Indonesia is still too easy. Even a drug that should only be purchased by prescription, can be easily obtained at drug stores. "In Malaysia, if you want to buy prescription drugs antibiotic should be used. But if in Indonesia, never asked a prescription. It was in vain we cry to combat resistance to the drug if the system still like this," he explained.

6. Treat yourself malignancies

Until now, there are still some people who believe in traditional medicine is more than going to the doctor, especially in treating dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart.

Causes of Colon Cancer

Causes of Colon Cancer | The main causes of colon cancer is not known for sure. But there are several factors that can increase the risk of colon cancer. Risk factors include:

  1. Contact with certain chemicals such as heavy metals, toxins, and ototoksin and electromagnetic waves.
  2. Poor diet, such as too much meat and fat that is not matched fresh fruits and vegetables that contain lots of fiber.
  3. Obesity.
  4. Working while sitting all day, such as executives, administrators, or public vehicle drivers.
  5. Such as excessive iron pigment found in bile, beef and lamb as well as blood transfusion.
  6. Saturated fats and omega-6 (linol acid).
  7. Alcoholic beverages, especially beer. Asetilaldehida convert alcohol into the intestine that increase the risk of colon cancer.
To reduce risk of colon cancer, we certainly need to avoid such risk factors. There was also some colon cancer prevention tips you can do:
  1. Exercising and moving so much more easily and regularly for defecation.
  2. Life relax and reduce stress.
  3. Get plenty of fiber. To facilitate bowel movement and decrease the degree of acidity, concentration of fatty acids, bile acids, and iron in the colon.
  4. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are widely found in certain fish.
  5. Concentration of calcium, vitamin A, C, D, and E and betakarotin.
  6. Milk containing Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Cervical Cancer Drugs

Cervical Cancer Drugs

Drugs Cervical Cancer | Cervical cancer is also known by the term 'cervix cancer' or 'womb cancer'. This is the number three cancer killer in the world. In Indonesia, every hour a woman dies of cervical cancer. This cancer can be prevented by maintaining cleanliness of the sex organs and diligently perform detected of cervical cancer early and regularly.

In terms of food, women should limit fatty foods and alcoholic beverages to reduce the risk of this cancer. Important factor in the other cervical cancer prevention is nutrition. Someone with good nutrition certainly easier to prevent attacks of cervical cancer. Good food to eat for nutrition of the body is caretenoids, vitamin A, retinoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, and folate. Dark green and yellow vegetables are also good for improving nutrition.

Cervical cancer is primarily caused by infection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV or human papilloma virus). Approximately 70% incidence of cervical cancer is caused by HPV 16 and HPV 18. Signs of cervical cancer are difficult to observe in the early stages. Physical signs of this disease are usually only felt by people with advanced cancer.

Here are the symptoms of cervical cancer we need to know:
a. Pre-cancer symptoms:
- Excessive vaginal discharge and abnormal.
- Abnormal vaginal bleeding and painful
b. Advanced symptoms:
- Losing weight dramatically.
- Barriers in urination and kidney enlargement.
- Patients also will suffer from back pain
- Difficult urination.

Here you can get a 'cervical cancer drug' a powerful tool to treat these symptoms.

So far, we know that cancer can only be treated with chemo therapy.
With chemotherapy, not only kills cancer cells, but normal cells that divide rapidly like cancer cells, namely gastrointestinal cells, skin cells, hair cells and sperm cells.

Just cured cancer with chemotherapy? This perception seems to be removed and disposed of as far as possible. Why? Because there is actually a natural remedy to kill cancer cells that power ten thousand times more potent than the chemo therapy. This natural remedy is a fruit that people familiar with Indonesia.

Soursop leaf? Yups, indeed. This soursop Most Potent Cancer Drugs in the Hidden Years.

Only Know by Few People?
Because one of the world companies , keep the research findings, regarding this tightly-meeting, they wanted to spend research funds are in a very large, for many years, may return in advance plus generous benefits by making the Graviola tree as raw material for drug synthesis and medicine sold to world markets.

Concern, some people have died in vain, pathetic, because the malignancy of cancer, while the giant companies, drug makers with a turnover of billions of dollars to close the secret meetings of this miracle tree. Efficacy of soursop fruit is giving effect to anti-tumor or cancer is very strong, and medically proven to cure all types of cancer. In addition to cure cancer, soursop fruit also acts as an anti-bacterial, anti fungal (fungi), effective against many types of parasites or worms, lowering high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous system is not good.

One example of how important the existence of the Institute for Health Science Institute of American society is revealing the secrets of this magical fruit. Astonishing fact is: far in the interior of the amazon forest, growing "magic tree", which will change your thinking, your doctor, and the world of the healing process of cancer and hope to survive. No one can promise more than this, for the days to come.

Research Proves "Soursop Tree" and the fruit is able to:
• Attacking cancer cells with naturally safe and effective, without nausea, weight loss, or hair loss, as happened in chemo therapy.
• Protecting the immune system and prevent deadly infections.
• Patients feel stronger, more healthy during the treatment or cure.
• Increased energy and improved physical appearance.

The source of this shocking news comes from one of America's largest drug manufacturer. Graviola fruit in-test in more than 20 laboratories, since the 1970's until the next few years. Test results of the extract (essence) of this fruit are:

1. Effectively choose a target and kill the bad cells from 12 different types of cancer, including colon cancer, breast, prostate, Paru2, and pancreas.

2. Power works 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with Adriamicin and Chemo Therapy usually used.

3. Unlike chemo therapy, juice only selectively hunt down and kill the bad cells and NOT harm/kill healthy cells.

Preventing Cervical Cancer with Diet

Preventing Cervical Cancer with Diet | Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that strikes women. These cancers form and spread in the organ that connects the vagina and uterus, or commonly called the cervix.

Cervical cancer is very dangerous. However, you can prevent cervical cancer with a good diet. Diet with foods and natural herbs. There is strong evidence that changes in a healthy diet can significantly reduce the risk of you fall prey to the "silent killer" is.

A study in the journal Cancer Research found that women who consumed fruits and vegetables in high numbers to fight against infection with HPV (human papillomavirus, cervical cancer-causing microorganisms) to get more significant results than those who do not do that.

Below are Preventing Cervical Cancer with Diet

1. Aloe Vera juice.
Aloe vera contains many vitamins and amino acids that help you in preventing liver toxicity may develop into a carcinogen. You can drink three cups of aloe vera juice every day, preferably 30 minutes before eating.

2. Avocado Fruit
Avocado is a fruit and powerful tool for preventing cervical cancer grows. In addition to hormone balance, avocado fruit contains phytochemicals. Phytochemical potential to destroy precancerous cells without damaging normal cells you.

You are advised to eat an avocado every day. You can take directly or represent it in the form of juice.

3. Green tea
Green tea contains catechins, antioxidants that inactivate plasmin, the substance responsible for creating a pathway for tumor blood vessels. The recommended dose is 240 milligrams. Green tea can be consumed three times a day.

4. Astragalus Capsule
Astragalus Herb increases the production of interleukin-2 molecule that helps the immune system in the fight against cervical cancer caused by microorganisms of human papillomavirus (HPV). The recommended dose is 1,000 milligrams, and can be consumed three times a day. You can get these capsules in a pharmacy.

5. Turmeric Turmeric or Tablet
In Eastern India, this herb is in the powerful to prevent cervical cancer. Turmeric contains a powerful compound that activates the tumor protein 53 (p53), a protein that is responsible suppress cancer cells and help prevent cervical cancer. Add turmeric to your main dish every day. Well, you can start a healthy diet is to avoid the risk of cervical cancer.

But, in addition to diet, to prevent cervical cancer came to attack, you also need to do a good habit. Among these are non-smokers and faithful to their partners.

Source: Anneahira.com

Know the Causes of Breast Cancer

Know the Causes of Breast Cancer | Most breast cancers in women over the age of fifty years. Data from the World Health Organization says that as many as seventy-eight percent of women who had been fifty years old suffer from this cancer.

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But that does not mean the young women who have not reached the age of fifty years of becoming aware of a cancer on this one. Therefore, the necessary attitude of vigilant and try to prevent breast cancer in a way to know what causes breast cancer.

Causes of Breast Cancer

In general, health experts could not determine the cause of breast cancer. However, there are several factors that can trigger cancer, among others:

1. Using the hormone estrogen to the usual therapy at menopause. The hormone estrogen serves as a drug to reduce symptoms of menopause. In addition, the use of these hormones can also to prevent bone disease or osteoporosis. However, behind some of the benefits of this hormone was also able to trigger the onset of breast cancer.

2. Taking birth control pills.
Contraceptive use in the form of birth control pills for long periods of time may increase the risk of breast cancer.

3. Obesity, especially during menopause.

4. Did not have children or pregnant in old age.
Pregnancy can reduce the risk of breast cancer, because the occurrence of pregnancy can reduce the overall number of menstrual cycles in women during his lifetime. However, the pregnant woman's first child at the age of thirty has breast cancer risk greater than in women who become pregnant at a young age.

5. Never breastfed a child, is also a risk factor for breast cancer. Breastfeeding within a period of at least one to two years can reduce breast cancer risk.

6. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is clearly not good for health. These bad habits are also at risk for breast cancer.

7. Less physical activity or exercise. Exercise to stay fit. By walking for at least ten hours a week can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

8. Do not pay attention to balanced nutrition in foods, such as eating too much fat and eat less fiber also trigger the onset of breast cancer.

9. The body can not build a good defense system

10. Heredity or genetics

Resource: Anneahira.com

Gastric Cancer | Stages After Chronic Gastritis

Gastric Cancer: Stages After Chronic Gastritis | World of medicine seemed have been very familiar with various types of cancer. Cancer is a type of disease caused by splitting a single cell in the body is abnormal and uncontrolled. Cells is uncontrolled and turn into carcinogens that can transform normal cells in the human body into cancer cells. Cancer cells may spread to all parts of the body because of its metastases.

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Cancer cells can also divide and spread in the bloodstream. Including the spread to the human stomach. The stomach is the organ of the human body that serves as a container and food processing. Juices that are contained in each food consumed is absorbed by the body through the stomach.

The stomach has three important parts. Namely, the cardia, fundus, and pylorus. Food into the stomach through the cardia, and then processed to absorb the nutrients in the fundus, and finally processed into a stool at the pylorus.

Disease that attacks the stomach is already plural ulcer. Who had chronic ulcer disease can lead to more serious disease attacking the stomach, one gastric cancer. Gastric cancer is caused by wrong diet, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and infection of the stomach caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

Irregular eating patterns, and tend to prefer fast food because of busy, it seems to be a risk factor for developing cancer cells in the human stomach. Fast food is a recent favorite was a lot of preservatives are believed to be harmful to human health.

Another cause of this disease is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. These bacteria are spiral shaped and very fond of the place with a very minimal air conditions. These bacteria are attached to the stomach wall.

Mechanism of action of these bacteria is to produce toxins Vaca. These toxins can destroy the integrity of the cells found in the stomach wall.

Symptoms of Gastric Cancer

Symptoms of gastric cancer similar to that felt by someone who was suffering from ulcer disease. This is due to advanced gastric cancer is a disease of chronic ulcer disease already.

In an early stage gastric cancer patients will experience nausea and bloating in the stomach at each meal. If already in advanced stages, cancer patients will experience bleeding peptic ulcers that often lead to bleeding and their feces, plus weight loss patients drastically.

If ulcer disease that do not heal after treatment, we need to be aware of the existence of cancer cells in the stomach. Treatment of this disease tends periodically.

When you are in an advanced stage, usually infected gastric cancer will be removed. If not, treatment could be done by chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells.

Herbal treatment for gastric cancer can be done.
Basically cancer is very susceptible to the active compound. Such as polyphenols, tannins, flavonoids, and minerals. Active compounds are apparently contained in many ant nests. Compounds contained in the ant nest can inhibit the spread of cancer cells quickly.

There's an old saying, which says that prevention is better than cure. Prevention of this disease can be done by maintaining a good diet, with no food or eating too many high caffeinated beverages, eating less meat and processed by burning, because the caffeine and high acid levels contained in the meat can make the stomach wall infected, so the presence of Helicobacteri pylori bacteria were unavoidable.

In addition, multiply eating foods that are vitamin and avoid stress. How to prevent the latter, still seem efficacious to avoid this gastric cancer.

Diabetes can be known from your Teeth

Diabetes can be known from your Teeth | To day's articles is about diabetes, diabetes is one of very chronic disease, be careful and give attention for cure it, for more information to diabetes, read also article that are related in diabetes categories, Diabetes disease attacks young age, The signs of diabetes mellitus, Softdrink Consumption could Get Diabetes, Disease Diabetes Mellitus (DM), Diet For Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes Mellitus in Pregnancy, Natural Ways To Treat Diabetes Mellitus, Cure Diabetes Totally Naturally, Diabetes Can Disable Sexual Organs, apples prevent diabetes

Not excessive when a health professor at New York University, Shiela Strauss, said the dentist's chair is the perfect place to detect a variety of chronic diseases, like diabetes.

Just by looking and asking a few questions related to the condition of the teeth and mouth, a dentist can identify those at risk of diabetes.

"From there, the dentist may refer patients to other specialists for further examination," said Strauss, as quoted by Fox News.

Through a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, Strauss proved that those who have diabetes have a higher risk of gum disease. That is, those who have diabetes will at least been to the dentist to treat gum disease.

Not only diabetes, dental examinations also might be a clue that leads to obesity, high blood pressure, and substance abuse. "It's not about the diagnosis, only the instructions for the patient's body to perform medical tests in more detail," he said.

Head of Dental Medicine at Winthrop University Hospital, New York, adding that a dentist can not be directly related to the diagnosis of a chronic disease which may suffered by patients. However, the dentist may recommend further tests based on initial symptoms.

"The world dental and medical world is separated by a gap big enough, but the gap must be closed. Dentists can help prevent the disease can be detected early and accelerate healing, "he said.

Heart and Stroke

Detection of diseases associated with blood vessels such as heart disease and stroke, can also be done by cleaning teeth and gums. Those who have tooth and gum hygiene conditions are poor at risk of stroke and heart disease.

Source: resepwebid

Skin Health Maintaining

The article to day are about Skin Health Maintaining, skin health is very important to keep, because skin health have big effect to beauty of some one. read also the skin health article in skin health categories. 7 Ways to Keep Healthy Skin, Natural tips for facial skin beauty, cause skin damage, Celebrity Beauty Skin Secret | Natural Beauty Secret, Beautiful Skin with Guava Fruit, Protect Skin from Disease Attack, Regular Exercise, Face Skin More Healthy, Grapes skin protector from UV, Carrots Makes Your Skin Look Beautiful,

Skin Health Maintaining | Healthy skin will make a person be more beautiful and fresh and young. Especially for woman that wanna looked in beautiful and ageless. So, Skin health is one of very important factors that must be attention.

How to maintain skin health

1. Don't smoking
Smoking will broke the blood circulation in skin, so will make skin looked not bright and not healthy, smoking also increase the wrinkle in skin, especially for skin around the mouth.

2. Balance Diet
Diet with healthy food regularly, contain much vegetables and fruit for get enough vitamin, mineral and anti oxidant.

3. Sport/exercise
Regularly Exercise will make a healthy skin and ideal weight.

4. Enough Sleep
Sleeping very important to repair body cell that are broke, include skin cell. Make body and skin fresh more.

5. Reduce Alcohol Consumption
Excessive in consumption alcohol also can damage the heart

6. Protect skin from Ultraviolet
The dangerous of Sun shine is the ultraviolet A that emitted, and this is can damage the skin collagen. Skin will thin and easy to be wrinkle.

7. Prevent stress
stress can damage the health, also will effect to face and our body form.

Resource: resepwebid

7 Ways to Maintaining Breast Health

7 Ways to Maintaining Breast Health | Even though young women's risk for breast cancer is lower, but if you suffer from this disease at a young age, the growth of cancer, is far more aggressive. Even so we can actually do something to protect themselves from the possibility of getting cancer that still the number one killer of women.

Here 7 Ways to Maintaining Breast Health

1. Keep your weight

Obesity increases the risk of breast cancer and reduce the risk of life expectancy against the disease.

2. Sports

Take the time to exercise at least 45 minutes to an hour five times a week. Regular exercise prevent the disease by increasing the body's immune system and reduce levels of estrogen and insulin.

3. Reduce alcohol

Research shows drinking alcohol even in small amounts can increase the risk of breast cancer to 21 percent. Instead, the consumption of fresh grape juice. Resveratrol found in grape skins are known to reduce levels of estrogen, so reducing the risk of breast cancer.

4. Vegetable consumption

Low-fat diet will indeed reduce the risk of breast cancer, but refine your protection with a habit of eating vegetables, even if it allows the consumption of raw. Vegetables contain sulforphane that can prevent cancer cells from multiplying.

5. Learn about history of the family

About 15 percent of cases of breast cancer, there is known family history factors. If you have family members that suffer from this disease, your risk is doubled.

6. Check regularly

Each woman should perform breast exams every three years and do a mammogram once a year when they were aged 40 years.

7. Consider genetic testing

Breast cancer patients generally have a BRCA gene mutation. Although genetic testing is rarely done in Indonesia, but if possible could not hurt to do this test, especially if you are at high risk.

Resource: Kompas.com

Beware Hard Lump in Breast

Beware Hard Lump in Breast | Among women, breast cancer was diagnosed as a type of cancer that most threatening. This is because most new patients seeing a doctor when her cancer had advanced stage.

In fact, current methods of examination and scanning was able to detect breast cancer at an early stage. Unfortunately, according to Soni dr.Sonar Panigoro, Sp.B (K), awareness of women's to breast health are still low.

"Delay in diagnosis makes treatment more complex and expensive. It also reduces the life expectancy of cancer patients," said association chief surgeon ontology Indonesia (Peraboi) at the launch of FTV "Dinda suffering" which tells the story of the fight breast cancer patients in Jakarta (29/3/12).

He explained that regular breast self-examination can be a lifesaver. "The easiest way to detect breast cancer is if you find a lump when touched from the outside. In addition, a lump was hard sometimes," he explained.

Lump about the size of one centimeter is usually found in one-stage cancer. But quite a few breast cancer patients who did not find a lump in her breast.

Because that's the most good according to Sonar is a combination of BSE by investigation such as mammography and ultrasound.

"The different, whether the lump is cancerous or benign tumor, can be seen from its form. If a benign lump feels more slippery and can still move, whereas if the lump is attached to the skin or into muscle possibility of cancer," he explained.

Mammography combined with clinical breast examination is still a method of scanning and early detection are often used. Perform routine mammography has been shown to increase the number of patients who are diagnosed early so that the recovery rate is high.

4 Movements to Increase Sexual Arousal

4 Movements to Increase Sexual Arousal | It is said that: the sport with a enough dose can improve and increase your energy, even making activity becomes increasingly warm bedroom. All of this happened because of the sexual organs to function properly.

4 movements to increase sexual arousal

Sports health expert Dr. Sadoso Sumosardjuno, Sp.KO mention, regular physical activity can increase sympathetic nervous activity that increases blood flow to the genital area.

Here is a strength training to shape and stretch the muscles. These movements strengthen and flex the muscles that are related to sexual activity. Perform each movement as much as two sets, each repeated 10 times.

1. Crunch, Leg Raise

- Sleep on his back, with both legs elevated on a chair, or exercise balls. Knees bent to form an angle of 90 degrees.
- Place both hands behind your head in slack.
- The contraction of abdominal muscles and raise head and shoulders off the floor. Hold briefly, then lower.
- This exercise is to stabilize the torso and draw in your stomach.

2. Sleep, body bent to Top

- Sleep prone to cross legs. The fingers in a show position, both hands placed on the floor, right in front of the shoulder.
- Lift the shoulders slowly, Expand both arms. Lift up the top body off the floor as far as possible, as much as you do without feeling any pain.
- Try to stay on the floor hip. If you feel pain in the back, try to have both fixed elbow bent and forearm on the floor.
- The benefits of this exercise to flex the muscles, making it easier to move.

3. Push Up, by Ball

- The position of the body such as push-ups with shins on an exercise ball. Both hands directly under shoulders.
- Bend the elbows and lower your chest toward the floor. Stop when your upper arms parallel to the floor. Pause, then push back up. If exercise too heavy, try push ups with knees on the floor.
- This exercise makes the upper body becomes stronger and better stamina.

4. Superman or Superwoman

- Go to sleep on his stomach on the floor with his arms stretched upward. Toes show position.
- Gradually, raise your right arm and leg as high as possible, but do not feel sick. Then, rest for a while, lower and repeat with opposite arm and leg. If you feel this movement is light, try to lift both arms and both legs at the same time.
- The benefits of this exercise is to be back stronger and more flexible.

Effect of Exercise on Mood

Effect of Exercise on Mood | Not easy to make someone want to exercise every day. When exercise is not only reducing the hours of sleep, time to rest, even when our work. However, there is actually the main reason why we should continue to be motivated to exercise.

The study, published in the Journal of Sport Exercise Psychology, found that exercise at least 15 minutes every day will increase the positive feelings such as enthusiasm, pride, happiness, and happiness.

It was concluded by a study of 'daily activities' 190 students. They make the journal activity to determine the duration of exercise performed and the overall emotional status.

The more active a person moves, the higher is their happiness. In fact, according to researchers from Penn State University, who conducted this research, The day when student in Sport is the day where biggest of positive feeling.

David Conroy, head of research, says most people lose motivation for exercise, because they do not see the results instantly. Instead of weight loss, endurance and muscle strength was not felt. But by knowing the benefits of exercise on mood, we should be more excited to burn sweat, until long goals can be achieved.

Although the study does not mention how many minutes it takes to feel the joy and happiness, but the sport for 15 minutes already known have an impact on the chemical changes in the brain.

7 Ways to Healthy Sleep

7 Ways to Healthy Sleep | Sleep disturbances is one of the health problems that can happen to anyone. Lack of sleep not only makes you sleepy easily, but also affect the overall health condition.

So what should be done? The first step is to establish a healthy routine before bed. Here are some tips that you can try to make the mind and body to relax so that helps bring you to sleep more soundly and healthy:

7 Ways to Healthy Sleep

1. Relax before bed

Give your body time to relax, at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Turn off televisions, computers, video games, or anything that can stimulate you to move. Allow your mind to switch from work mode to sleep mode. Keep all forms of electronic goods, such as mobile phones or i-phone, from your bed.

2. Eating, drinking, and maintaining healthy

Your body is like a big machine that requires intake of food and drinks to your metabolism. Avoid large meals at night. Eat early and avoid fatty foods or foods that may interfere with your sleep.

To get a good night's sleep, limit your consumption of alcohol. Alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, but it reduces the quality of sleep and make you wake up in the morning with a dry mouth and headache.

Cut the caffeine. Some people will generally have a problem with sleep disturbance due to the effects of caffeine consumption. As is known, the effect of caffeine would have continued to work in a person's body for ten hours. Replace with water or tea after lunch.

Smoking can also lead to sleep disturbance problems. Mean nicotine content in cigarettes is a stimulant that can keep you awake longer.

3. Relax

If you find it difficult to cope with stress, try to do a routine that can make your body become more relaxed, for example, soak in warm water or sip a glass of warm milk. Do a little stretching or deep breathing relaxation techniques while listening to soothing music. Turn off the lights to induce the production of melatonin - a hormone that helps you to sleep.

4. Set a sleep schedule

You are no longer a child that you can set when to sleep and waking. However, the sleep schedule is important. Ideally, everyone should be able to determine when to sleep. By having a regular sleep schedule, your body will get used to sleep on time. If possible, try to sleep early so that your body can rest longer. What is the effect? When awake, your body will feel more refreshed and energetic.

5. Avoid napping too late

Be careful with your nap time. Although naps can be a great way to recharge or catch up on sleep, but if you take a nap too late, you may be having difficulty sleeping at night.

6. "Clean" your mind

Clean up all sorts of thoughts in your mind before deciding to move to the bed. How do I? Take a sheet of paper and write down all the problems and issues you are currently experiencing, such as job-related problems, conflict with someone, or financial problems. Do not forget to write down at least three things that can make you feel grateful.

7. Use aromatherapy

Aromatherapy oils such as chamomile, juniper, lavender, marjoram, rose and sandalwood, have sedative effects (calming) when inhaled. Rub a little aroma therapy on the inside of the wrist or at the temple, and then breathe the smell to make you drift into dreamland.

Source: Kompas.com

6 Natural Beverages Lowering Hypertension

6 Natural Beverages Lowering Hypertension | There are two risk factors, related to the emergence of high blood pressure that can not be controlled, ie, age and family history of disease (genetics). However, you can still intervene against other risk factors by making smarter choices, such as physically active, reducing sodium intake, and eating a healthy and balanced menu.

In addition, you also can reduce the risk of hypertension in a different way, namely a natural drink. Here is a 6 (six) drinks that may contribute to decreased blood pressure, especially in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

6 Natural Beverages Lowering Hypertension

1. Low-fat milk

How it works: Calcium deficiency has long been associated with high blood pressure. High calcium intake can help lower high blood pressure. But keep in mind, it is important to choose the right kind of milk for best results. Low-fat milk is very rich in calcium than full fat milk. Modest amount of fat can help you absorb calcium more easily.

Recommendation: As part of the ritual healthy, three servings of low fat milk shown to reduce systolic blood pressure.

2. Rosella flower tea

How it works: Just like pomegranate juice, rosella flower (hibiscus) contains bioactive phytochemicals that act as a natural ACE inhibitor. One study showed that roselle tea is very effective in lowering blood pressure as captopril - a drug commonly used to treat hypertension and heart failure.

Tip: In one study published, three servings of hibiscus tea can lower systolic blood pressure was significantly prehypertension subjects. Drink three cups a day to get maximum results.

3. Pomegranate juice

How it works: ACE is an enzyme that increases blood pressure by creating a protein called angiotensin II, which causes blood vessels to contract. Pomegranate juice acts as a natural ACE inhibitor, similar to the type of drug commonly prescribed to treat hypertension and heart failure.

In one case mentioned, pomegranate juice can reduce the ACE by 36 percent and reduce systolic blood pressure as well. Even some recent studies indicate significantly, the benefits of pomegranate to reduce arterial plaque (up to 30 percent) and increases blood flow to the heart.

Suggestion: Jonny Bowden, a nutritionist recommend one to drink six ounces (177 milliliters) of pomegranate juice every day without a sweetener.

4. Cranberry juice

How it works
: Cranberries and cranberry juice has anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent and reduce damage to blood vessels, thus preventing an increase in blood pressure are undesirable. In addition, cranberry juice may help reduce blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and improve blood flow.

Suggestion: There is no standard recommendation to consume cranberry juice as part of the daily regimen.

5. Water

How it works: Drinking water is a simple, inexpensive, healthy and most effective way to help lower blood pressure. Chronic dehydration causes blood vessels to contract, making the heart work harder, and ultimately lead to a surge in blood pressure.

Tip: Most people probably have heard suggestions that say to drink eight glasses per day. But for a more personal approach, can be adjusted to your weight. How: weight divided by two (but in the form of an ounce). For example, people with a 150-pound weight, or about 68 kg of water intake must meet needs at least 75 ounces or about 2 liters per day.

6. Bit juice

How it works: Bits is a good source of potassium and folate, two substances that are important to regulate blood pressure. otherwise, the fruit bit too mengadung nitrate, which is converted to nitrite when absorbed by the body. Nitrite efficacious create muscle tissue to relax and reduce blood flow. Bits can naturally help the health of blood vessel function and against homocysteine, which can damage the blood vessels.

Suggestion: Some research indicates consumption of one or two cups of beet juice every day can lower blood pressure significantly in the short amount of time that is approximately one hour after ingestion. British study also suggested that fruit juice bit as effective in controlling hypertension nitrate tablets.

Two Easy Ways to Prevent Hypertension

Two Easy Ways to Prevent Hypertension | Wanna to far from hypertension disease or high blood pressure? Please try to consume soya and Raisins regularly. A new research identified, consume of two type of these food (soya and raisins) must be considered as one part of your lifestyle to prevent hypertension or high blood pressure.

Two studies presented at the American College of Cardiology Conference last week showed, raisins and soy can help prevent hypertension. According to one researcher, munching a handful of raisins three times a day can help lower blood pressure in those who have tension slightly above the average (pre-hypertension) after a few weeks.

In the study, researchers conducted random testing involving 46 people with pre-hypertensive conditions. Study participants known to have blood pressure ranged between 120 per 80 military mercury (mm Hg) to 139 per 89 mm Hg or higher than normal blood pressure.

Compared with people who frequently eat snacks such as cakes or biscuits, raisin-eating group significantly decreased in blood pressure or systolic blood pressure of 10.2, or seven percent over the 12-week study period. The researchers do not know exactly why the raisins able to perform effectively in lowering blood pressure. But they think this is probably due to high levels of potassium are fruits raisins.

"Raisins are rich in potassium content, which has been known for its benefits to lower blood pressure," said lead investigator, Harold Bays, medical director of the Louisville Metabolic and Atherosclerosis Research Center.
"Raisins are also a good source of antioxidants that can alter the biochemistry of the blood vessels, which in turn can reduce blood pressure,"
he added.

Handful of raisins (60 raisins) contains one gram of fiber and 212 milligrams of potassium. Raisins are often recommended as part of a diet high in fiber and low in fat to reduce blood pressure.

While in another study, where see efficacy of soy, showed that daily intake of food such as tofu, beans, and green tea can help lower blood pressure more than 5100 white men aged 18-30 years African Americans. The study began in 1985. Here, each participant was asked to report their own data about what they eat.

How to Maintain Brain Health

Maintain Brain Health | Brain whose size is approximately twenty-fifth part of the human body, is the most important parts that require relatively more energy compared to other parts of the body. Lack of nutrition of the brain, such as multivitamins, amino acids and minerals, can greatly affect the maximum power of the brain, which ultimately also affect stamina. And, when the mind or brain tired, your body will also feel tired, so we will not be productive.

Therefore, recognize some of tips below to keep your brain healthy:

1. Eat regularly
The research team in Italy, found that food turns out to activate the molecules in the brain and can make the brain live longer. Molecule called CREB1. function of CREB1is to activate many genes associated with age and brain function. CREB1 is known have important functions in the brain for the ability to remember, organize the process of learning and anxiety and reduces aging.

2. Expand eat fish.
Fish may protect the brain from aging, because fish contains vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids that cause brain shrinkage and we rarely have better mental performance. In addition, omega 3 fatty acids are also an important component of brain cell membranes and can improve memory power, thereby reducing the risk of dementia in old age.

A researcher that as combination from researcher from Oregon Health and Science University, Portland VA Medical Center, and Oregon State University done brain scan to 42 participant. They found that people with high vitamin and Omega 3 in blood, will get the biggest brain volume, While the people with fat trans in blood have brain volume that more small.

3. Consumption of food vitamin B
  • a. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine). Thiamine helps the growth of organs and central nervous system in babies. Found in all kinds of food grains and fortified ingredients, such as breads, cereals, wheat and pasta. Deficiency (lack of) of thiamine causes: fatigue, poor memory, mental confusion, behavioral aberrations, and short-tempered
  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). Is the form that helped usher koenzym nerve stimulation. Vitamin B5 sources are meat, poultry, fish, cereals, grains, milk, and vegetables.
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). Assist the development of infant brain and nervous system, in addition to form new red blood cells. In addition Vitamin B6 helps convert tryptophan into serotonin, a brain chemical that is causing a sense of calm to the body. Found in chicken meat, liver, bananas, watermelon, beans, and fortified products such as cereals. Vitamin B6 deficiency affects irritability, easy fatigue, poor concentration, poor sleep habits, and poor memory
  • Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). Vitamin B12 along with folic acid to help mother and baby produce healthy red blood cells and helps the development of the fetal brain and nervous system. Sources of vitamin B12 are meat, chicken, fish, shellfish, eggs, and feed containing milk.

4. Avoid fast food.
A non-profit organizations in the UK called the Alzheimer's Research UK felt called to examine the risk of food that cause dementia or dementia. According to the results in the field, trans fats found in fast food is associated with lower mental test scores and typical brain shrinkage seen in Alzheimer's disease.

5. Train your mental
Mental stimulation to keep the brain healthy and increases the power of memory. People who have a good memory and tend to have different desires can overcome the challenges of mental exercise. You can train your brain by using techniques such as puzzles, riddles and interest in social and cultural fields.

6. sports
Enough with the half-hour every three times a week for exercise, will give a good effect to increase your brainpower, because sport can improve the heart's ability to pump blood more effectively.

7. Get plenty of rest
Adequate rest is done regularly can help improve memory. Thus the results of a study conducted by researchers at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Tokyo, Japan. The researchers found the protein synthesis in the cerebellum plays an important role in the miracle. Rest is regular spacing effect. The distance effect is believed to help the brain recover gradually the memory. The researchers also found a distance effect also works in a unique way on the learning process. Those who learn little by little without the pressure would be easier to remember the learned knowledge than those who learn by diforsir.

Variety of Cancer Drugs

Variety of cancer drugs - The type of treatment chosen depends on the type, location and stage of cancer, the physical condition of the patient, patient selection, and availability of facilities. At an advanced stage of cancer treatment is very difficult and the results are often unsatisfactory. conversely, if found at an early stage, cancer is generally curable. As a measure of the success of cancer treatment is generally the 5 year survival (5-year survival).

Upon examination the doctor will usually explain your treatment procedure you should follow. if not, do not hesitate to ask. Here are some examples of questions you can ask your doctor as well as an outline of the various cancer treatment technique that you can choose:

- What exactly my type of cancer? How is she?
- What are the possible treatments?
- What are the positive sides of such treatment?
- What's the downside?
- What treatments do you recommend?
- Why is it, not the other?
- What will I feel during treatment?
- Are there any side effects?
- Efforts to what can be done to reduce these effects?
- What can and can not do?

Here are various treatment options for cancer. However, for a clearer explanation you can ask your doctor.

- Operation/Surgery
Surgery is the procedure of the oldest cancer treatment, and are most likely to recover, especially for certain types of cancer that has not spread to other body parts. Advances in surgery have made it possible injury and surgery with minimal effects (some have no injuries at all), so that afterwards you can return to normal activities.

- Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy has been used for cancer treatment since the 1950s. given before surgery to reduce the size of the cancer that would dioprasi, or after surgery to clean up the remnants of the cancer cells. Sometimes combined with radiation therapy and sometimes not.

Drug destruction of cancer cells is given in tablet/pill, injection, or infusion. There is a dosing schedule daily, weekly, or even once a month. How long you will be undergoing chemotherapy and side effects or not, depending on your cancer and chemotherapy.

- Radiation
For some cancers, such as cancer in the neck and head, glands, lungs, and Hidkin disease, radiation is the main treatment option. But radiation can also be given to other types of cancers, either as mono-therapy or combination therapy with surgery or chemotherapy.

The effect of local therapy is administered externally or internally. Externally using a specific tool for the firing of radioactive waves toward cancer cells (rays), are internal in the form radioactive implant is inserted in the area of ​​cancer, or a swallow medications/injections.

- Immunotherapy
Immunotherapy also called biologic therapy is a type of cancer treatment is relatively new. Nevertheless expected to be developed rapidly and become a mainstay of the doctors in an effort to cure cancer completely.

- Gene Therapy
Gene therapy is done in several ways: (1) replace the defective or missing gene, (2) terminate the employment of genes responsible for the formation of cancer cells, (3) develop a gene that makes cancer cells more easily detected and destroyed by the immune system, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, and (4) stop the work of genes that trigger the creation of new blood vessels in cancerous tissue so that, the cancer cells die.

- Alternative medicine
Basically the so-called "alternative medicine" can be classified into one of the above types of treatment, but the lack of adequate medical research lead to treatments which are generally of traditional medicine is not recognized in the medical community, therefore the treatment is simply called "alternative". But you do wrong, sometimes traditional medicine is also effective against cancer. Traditional medicine is popular in society, among others, steeping dried leaves of the soursop, the ant nest stew, crown of the gods, and so forth. Many combine them with medical treatment and the results are quite better.

Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Body

Tips on maintaining a healthy body | Tips on maintaining a healthy body - In carrying out intensive activities in our daily lives. We need to maintain our health to keep us healthy and fit body and spirit. Because in every activity we are solid and in good health then we tend to forget about health care for our spiritual and physical. Too important in maintaining our health, because many people out there who are willing spent millions of dollars just because wanna to health (so you could say well it's expensive).

In the face of our patterns, we often negligent health care, we will provide a solution to the pattern in our daily lives into a healthy lifestyle. Activity of these activities are included in the passage and implementation of healthy live pattern. Such as:

1. Avoid the habit of addiction goods.

It is that we often neglect in the lives of as many consider it an act of cool. Such as cigarette addicts, alcoholic drinks (liquor), drugs, marijuana, tranquilizers and other drug. Whereas in the habit of causing many negative things.

Just imagine if we are addicted to any illicit goods above. We will spent a lot of money just want to enjoy the goods. Same thing we hoard many diseases in us. Moreover, if the disease is already eroding our bodies, then we will release much more money that just want health. Indeed, in the near term do not affect anything but the impact is if we have udzur or older.

In using these illicit goods, first we will get a great sin, the effect is not affected in ourselves alone but the parents, family, friends, girlfriend, or school. Try to avoid or stop the addiction to these illicit goods.

2. Avoid sexual intercourse outside of marriage.

Lust in this case a major role. Because passion is by all people. But remember not to live fatherly passion, but make prevention for life. Sex is a wonderful thing power was to each person. But it would be honored if we have sex when it is in the bonds of marriage. Most of the sex is trivialized for couples who are used to do so or for people who are easily aroused without a strong faith.

Many of the impacts that would occur in free sex, sex outside of marriage. Such as:
  1. Pregnant outside of marriage and the man ran away from responsibility.
  2. Exposure to infectious diseases such as AIDS is no cure.
  3. Sins of the Lord.
  4. Excluded from the association and the community.
  5. Raided by police/municipal pp/guards.
  6. Killed by his own girlfriend, raped, etc..
  7. Addicted to orgasm and will evolve into a dangerous stage.
  8. Beginning of activities stupid number 1 above.
  9. It's hard when the going gets serious marriage mate.
  10. Lying to parents, families, relatives, friends, etc..
  11. And many more consequences.

The purpose of sex to get the climax/orgasm much deified by many people who get lost and they will look for another victim to be taken and dragged into the dark valley. If relate with the opposite sex or same sex out of wedlock should not see it if Sex delicious side, but look at the negative side very much. You will be disgusted to do it.

3. Eating Healthy Foods And Match Rules

Good food is not necessarily healthy. Many foods and drinks are dangerous and unhealthy when consumed. Examples include the use of borax and formaldehyde as a preservative of food and beverages that should use to preserve the corpse/corpse/carcass.

4. Keeping Yourself And Environmental Hygiene Around Us

Own personal hygiene should be noted and maintained properly, because it is associated/linked closely with how we look at the general public. neatness and cleanliness of the body such as hair, nails, face, eyes, ears, skin, mouth, teeth, hands, feet, etc. to give effect to the overall body health. Avoid exchanging toiletries, toilet, health, personal clothing with other people as possible can transmit dangerous diseases.

Just imagine, if someone can cause acute dental pain he did not come to work for days because the pain is unbearable. People who have a dirty look and style would be shunned from daily life and will be difficult to make friends, girlfriends, marriage, work, trust and others.

5. Exercise And Health to consult a doctor regularly

Get regular exercise can stimulate the heart, breathing and blood circulation better. Make a habit of exercising every day with a light activity such as walking, gymnastics, fitness, jogging, biking, or doing a full sports such as badminton games, soccer, marathon running, tennis, basketball, and so forth.

In addition there is another sport that is not as important as exercise which periodic health check regularly to the doctor. Programmed to medical examination for diseases or disorders that arise can be detected more quickly so that treatment would not take a lot of cost, time and effort.

6. Avoid excessive stress in a healthy way

Strategies to avoid the stress required for each individual. Look for the best way to relieve stress in your own way that is easy, can be done everywhere, cheap, healthy, kosher, and delicious performed. Removal of stress are examples of activities such as listening to music in a personal and pleasant thoughts to existing load, play video games, music playing music, sports, talk to close friend friend, vent, healthy dating, eat, do husband's intimate relationship with a legitimate partner, hanging out in the toilet, a trip to the mall, singing, playing small toys, gardening, fishing, shouted in a quiet, sleep, and so forth.

Keeping Skin Moist 24 Hours

Keeping Skin Moist 24 Hours | The skin is the outermost and most beautiful accessories from the body, so the overall appearance should not be underestimated. Skin soft, smooth, and moist is the key to performance

Although we live in tropical moisture apparently the problem is still an issue. Sunlight, exposure to air conditioning, aging, unhealthy diet to be one of the factors that cause dry skin. These factors are also called eskternal factor.

Meanwhile, internal factors that affect the skin moisture is water. If the body lacks water, the water in the skin cells will be reduced. Durability and function of the enzyme was decreased, the structure of the stratum corneum be less, so the skin becomes dry and rough.

Keep in mind about a third of the water in the body is under the skin. The deeper layers, the higher the water content. Therefore, if adequate supply of water in the body, water can be transported through the blood vessels to the upper skin layer. Air-water flow between cells through tiny channels known as aquaporin.

In a cell can consist of 200,000 aquaporin. The more numerous the more established channels for water transport in the cell so that moisture is maintained. That is why, despite our drinking water intake is sufficient but if the number of aquaporin in a little leather, dry and scaly skin will still be approached.

According Dr.Christopher mummert, group manager of regional development Beiersdorf AG Hamburg, skin moisturizing products on the market condition the skin in two ways, namely bind and keep the water on the skin surface, and form a barrier to reduce evaporation of water.

According to Mummert, the principle does not guarantee the water spread evenly in all cells of the skin, because there is no channel that keeps water flowing between the cell membrane. In addition, using a moisturizer like that require a repetition, but Asians are easily irritated skin.

Retain moisture, according to Mummert, should not just on the skin layer above it, but in all layers of the epidermis. "The important thing is to multiply the aquaporin in the whole cell, so that the incoming water is spread in all directions, so that more water is bound, and more water flow to the skin area that is not balanced," he said at a media event education in Jakarta some time ago .

Danger for Inactive Physically

Danger for Inactive Physically | spent a long time by sitting for working, or lay out the bed for for watching television or relaxing, is a sign of a low level of physical activity. This habit makes the combustion energy is not more than 1.5 times the combustion energy at rest. The danger, physically active people who are not susceptible to disease and decreased metabolism.

Nano Oerip, Fitness Training Manager of Fitness First, said that the society we are too relaxed, not much moving, but more stress. Physically active are not cause a buildup of calories, which if left unchecked will lead to obesity.

"These conditions allowed one year to three years, do not feel, ultimately obesity," he told a media gathering at the Fitness First Platinum Senayan City, Jakarta, Wednesday (23/02/2011).

Danger for Inactive Physically | Physical inactivity are harmful to the body, even the cause of death under the age of 60 years. A number of studies mention the danger:

1. The longer people sat the shorter their life expectancy. American Cancer Society, Journal of epidemiology in the United states, 94 percent of women and 48 percent of men spend time sitting or inactive for more than six hours a day. The risk they die sooner than those who are inactive and sitting less than three hours a day.

2. Sitting too long, making the body begins to shut down the level of metabolic function. Marc Hamilton, PhD, associate professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Missouri said, when the muscles (especially the large muscles to move as the leg muscles) become immobile then the circulation will slow down and your body will burn fewer calories.

3. Sitting too long, dangerous posture and spinal health.

4. Sitting all day, decrease the activity of an enzyme that breaks down fats as much as 50 percent.

Source: Kompas

The Danger Working While Seated

The Danger Working While Seated | In America at this time trend to desk working that design such a way, So the user can done the work while standing. The phenomenon took off from the publication of the scientific evidence on health hazards to sit all day at the office.

Here are some effects of sitting too long at work.

  1. In 2010 a study published in British Journal of Sports Medicine found those who sit for long periods of higher risk for disease than people who regularly make muscle movement.
  2. Researchers from the American Cancer Society found even people who exercise every day, will not find any benefit for himself if he spends most of his time behind a desk.
  3. Researchers at the University of Missouri declared sitting for too long will cut off the circulation of the fat-absorbing enzyme, called lipase.
  4. The study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests sitting long (more than 6 hours per day) may increase the risk of death by 18 percent due to diabetes, heart disease and obesity, than people who spend 3 hours every day to sit down.
  5. Researchers from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana analyzed the lifestyles of more than 17,000 men and women for 13 years and find people who spend most of their time sitting, 54 percent died of a heart attack.

A series of scientific evidence that it makes 'the company officials over there' to switch on the desk stand. Some even begin to look for a treadmill desk so that we can walk slowly while working.

Unfortunately, experts warn that up as dangerous as sitting all day long. Alan Hedge, director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics said it stood for too long is not healthy because it is more tiring and increases the risk of carotid aterosklersosis (ninefold) because of the additional load on the circulatory system and increases the risk of varicose veins.

He also said the ability of our motor will be reduced if someone stands too long. Using computers can also change the standing posture and increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

So what's the solution? Hedge suggested that the activity of sitting in the office should be interspersed with physical activity every 20 minutes.

"Do a variety of physical activity at work, like walking into the office kitchen to fetch water, climbing stairs, walking around the floor, or find a parking spot a little away from the office. In addition, make sure the desk and ergonomic chairs are used,"
he advised.

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Sitting A long Time Every Day be Deadly

Sitting A long Time Every Day be Deadly | Are you an officer man that always spent your time in the seat? if your answer is "yes" you must be careful. The latest research shows, the peoples that spent their time by sitting about 11 hours or more, have 40 risk % to die in 2 or 3 year after. regardless of whether you are physically active or not.

As published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine on March 26, researchers from Australia delivered a serious threat of lifestyle is less active or sedentary. They analyzed data on more than 222 000 people aged 45 years or older. The study results indicate, the risk of death of person tends to jump when the time by sitting for 11 hours every day. This risk is 15 percent higher when compared with those who sit less than 4 hours per day.

"The evident to bad effect of sit dawn for along time toward health condition have appear for some years." said researcher, Hidde van der Ploeg a senior researcher from university of Sydney.

In his study, researchers also found that as many as 62 percent of study participants claimed to have excessive weight gain or obesity. Meanwhile, nearly 87 percent said they were in good health, and another quarter said it spent at least 8 hours to sit down every day.

Van der Ploeg to explain, those who sit for too long will increase the risk of death to double within the next three years than those who rarely sit down or active life style. Whereas among adults who are inactive and sitting too long, one-third greater risk of dying than those who rarely sit down.

Of the study also revealed, participants on average spend 90 percent of his free time to sit down, and less than 50 percent met the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) to conduct physical activity for 150 minutes each week. Therefore, Van der Ploeg advised office workers to be more active lifestyle.

"Find ways to change the habit of sitting for too long. Try to stand or walk more if possible,"
he said.

Van der Ploeg recognize the limitations of these findings. He asserted that the findings do not prove a causal relationship and saying it needs further studies to replicate these findings and focus more on the sit influence on the development of conditions such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

"All of this in the future research will inform us about the proper relationship between sitting and health conditions, which will ultimately result in public health recommendations, as we already have, such as for physical activity,"
he concluded.

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Some Efforts to Have Twins

Efforts to Have Twins | Having twins is a privilege. With the help of science, twins can be pursued.

The following measures can be tried to get pregnant with twins, as reported by Boldsky, Friday (03/23/2012):

1. Calculate the age of mother
Science proves that when a woman was in the age of 35 to 45 years old, when she was in the hyperactive before menopause, especially if the woman is a worker, then the ovaries will be released when having sex more than one egg. That increases the possibility for you to get twins at a time.

2. Fertility Treatment
According to experience some of the world celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker who undergo IVF because of trouble conceiving, the results have led to two babies at one time. So it is with celebrities who undergo fertility treatment, resulted in ownership of twins.

3. Family History
Is your close family, such as uncle or even your own parents have a twin? If yes, you have a bigger hopes of getting twins. So you no longer need to wait until you enter into final age of 30. If there is a genetic history, then you can try immediately to get the twins naturally.

4. Notice Period of Pregnancy
If you become pregnant while you are still breastfeeding to your baby, it mean, your chances of having twins is increases. The reason, many renowned scientists who believe breastfeeding may accentuate ovulation. This hypothesis is not proven but worth a try.

5. Milk Diet and Cassava
Diligent to drink milk and dairy product every day get positive effect toward your chance for having twin, furthermore, a study conducted in a certain African tribe that has a number of twin pairs concluded that the diet of yams or sweet potatoes induce a twin pregnancy.

Source: okezone.com

Ageless Secret for Us

Ageless Secret for Us | Beautiful and young, which women do not? Relax, you do not need to directly calculate how much the cost of care. Select only certain foods that can support that desire.

So, what food should you eat to keep it always beautiful and in shape? The nickname of the beautiful and young can be carried by healthy eating habits and eating certain foods that are anti-aging.

The following foods can you eat to get the nickname the "always beautiful" and "fit", as reported by Boldsky, Monday (26/03/2011).

For taut and shiny skin

In order to keep the skin firm, supple, and glowing like a teenage girl. strawberries, tomatoes, and tofu are some foods that can help you to have it.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C. These pieces will help you get rid of wrinkles and dryness of the skin caused by age.

Tomatoes are also a good food to beauty because it helps your skin become smooth and shining.

While borne out helps the skin firmer and fuller for maintaining smooth and makes it glow all day.

Slim and prevent stress with spices

Chili, pepper, and paprika is a spice-producing heat that can reduce your hunger.

Yes, spicy sensation derived from the spices warm the stomach so it does not hurry to eat other foods.

Add them in your menu, also can get rid of stress. Do not believe it? Try it. Origin is not excessive, these benefits you can get well.

Green vegetables for the revitalization of the skin

Yes, the greens are supporting the achievement of the main menu of the body healthy, fit, and beautiful.

One of the best is the lettuce (lettuce). These crunchy-textured lettuce group is one of the best greens supporting healthy and beautiful.

Vitamin A content-rich, and the quality in it to help you revitalize your skin and give a boost of nutrients.

Lettuce salad you can add in a sandwich in the morning, and vegetable salad accompanied by corn, carrots, eggs, and boiled potatoes.

Balanced Diet for Breastfeeding Mothers

Balanced Diet for Breastfeeding Mothers | After childbirth, many women taken diet to immediately restore her body as before.

Diet is no harm to done when it has passed through the birth process. However, given the process of milk production and breastfeeding agenda under way, a balanced diet is key. Here's the review.

Balanced Nutrition

After giving birth on a diet like the celebrities do fine, as long as does not interfere with milk production. According to dr. Inge Permadhi, SpGK, the needs of breastfeeding mothers is the ideal body weight (BW) + 500 calories. If not, milk production impaired. Food items must meet the food pyramid in which the nutrients that include carbohydrates, fats, protein, fiber, water, vitamins and minerals are adequate and do not overdo physical activity.

Extreme dieting is not recommended. In essence, eliminate body fat, not weight loss due to loss of fluid or muscle. "Do not just eat fruits and vegetables alone! All need carbohydrates, fats, and protein must also be met. The important thing is not excessive calories and balanced compositions for the production of milk, "he said.

Breastfeeding Help Lose Weight

The study revealed that: breastfeeding can help you lose weight gradually, at least for 6 months after birth. In this process a number of hormones are released into the body, the hormone which helps the uterus to return the body to its original shape.

Stress Damage Dental Health

Stress Damage Dental Health | Stress is not only burdensome but also the health of the mind, one healthy teeth and gums. Close relationship between periodontal problems and psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness that have been scientifically proven.

In a study report published in the Journal of Periodontology mentioned, reducing stress is very meaningful for oral health. One culprit is cortisol, the stress hormone.

Increased levels of cortisol can cause damage to the gums and jaw bone, because periodontal disease (gingivitis). If left untreated periodontal This can lead to tooth loss, even the jaw bone.

Oral and dental problems caused by stress such as thrush, the habit of gnashing of teeth (bruxism), and gum disease.

"People with psychiatric disorders are usually doing unhealthy and lazy habit of treating teeth that can damage the teeth," said Preston J Miller, president of the American Academy of Periodontology. He suggested a relaxation activity to inhibit the production of cortisol.

Source: kompas.com

This is Oral Bacteria Cause Heart Disease

This is Oral Bacteria Cause Heart Disease | There are many bacteria that live in our mouths, one of which is Streptococcus Gordonii. A recent study found that, the bacteria Streptococcus Gordonii into the blood stream can cause blood clots and lead to endocarditis (inflammation of the lining of the heart).

Thus the results of the presented research by scientists from the Royal College of Surgeons in the Society for General Microbiology's Spring Conference, Dublin Ireland this week.

Streptococcus Gordonii is a type of bacteria in the mouth and has contributed in the formation of plaque on tooth surfaces. If the bacteria enter the bloodstream through the gums are bleeding, they will wreak havoc by posing as a human protein.

Researchers from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (RCSI) and University of Bristol have found that S. Gordonii is able to produce molecules that mimic human proteins fibrinogen, and cause clots in the blood vessels. Platelet clumping can cause endocarditis, or inflammation of blood vessels that can block the blood supply to the heart and brain.

Dr Helen Petersen, said, with a better understanding of the relationship between bacteria and the risk of blood clots, it can help especially in the treatment of infective endocarditis do. Infective endocarditis is an infection of the heart valves, which are usually caused by bacteria.

"About 30 percent of people with infective endocarditis will die and most require heart valve replacement surgery who have been infected, with valves made ​​of metal or animals," says Dr. Petersen.

"Our team has now identified the components of S. Gordonii molecules that mimic fibrinogen, so we are getting closer to be able to design new compounds to block it. This will prevent the stimulation of unwanted blood clots," continued Dr Steve Kerrigan from the RCSI.

In addition, researchers were also more extensively studied other bacteria in dental plaque that may have an effect similar to S. Gordonii. "We also try to study the properties of other bacteria that have a relationship with S. Gordonii. Our findings clearly show how important it is to maintain oral hygiene and dental hygiene by brushing teeth regularly," said Dr. Petersen.

Eat 7-8 Servings of Fruit per Day

Eat 7-8 Servings of Fruit per Day | Indonesia society still consider that fruit as one of snack only, So fruit consumption is not be a compulsory for eating every day. Whereas, The fruit is complementary food that have to eat for getting enough fiber and other vitamin every day. Accord to nutrient expert, Emila E. Achmadi, MS, RD, is its absolute obligation, because there is a minimum limit of the fruit to be eaten to meet the needs of the body every day.

"According to the study, nine of ten people in Indonesia do not eat fruit in the right quantities, so it is still not sufficient for the body's fruit," said Emilia, in the "Fruit Buavita Does You Good" at the Birdcage, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, some time ago.

Research conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that the fruit needs in the human body is constantly rising. In the 1989-2000 years ago, the USDA recommends eating three to five fruits per day, so that the fiber needs met. However, over the time, circumstances, and conditions of the environment, the needs of the fruit in a day is increasing.

"Over time, soil factors that are less processed properly and cropping system with one crop of fruit, making the poor soil nutrients, and will reduce the nutritional value of fruit, so that the body requires the intake of more fruit," said Emilia.

Lifestyle factors and habits of a person also allows the addition of the number of daily fruit intake. Less healthy lifestyles, diet is not strictly fulfilled balance nutrition, pollution, until the smoke, causing the body needs antioxidants to counteract free radicals increases. Then in 2002 until now, the USDA recommends eating about 7-8 pieces per day. Try also to the fruit you eat at least consists of five different colors.

Each color in the fruit contains vitamins and their benefits to the body. Red fruit, for example, contain lycopene, a substance that can inhibit 'physical deterioration' and 'mental' is not easy to be forgetful, and is able to prevent cancer. Anthocyanins are useful for preventing infections and bladder cancer. Orange-colored fruits such as mango, melon orange, and papaya, contain beta-carotene which inhibits the body's cells aging. Green fruits like green grapes, green apples, avocado, melon, contain acid that can inhibit cancer alegat, while the yellow fruit such as bananas, oranges, and pineapples contain potassium are beneficial for strengthening bones, preventing strokes and heart attacks. While the white fruit like soursop, mangosteen, longan, lychee and contain vitamin C, and very high fiber, so that it can aid digestion.

Because it is quite a lot of servings of fruit should be consumed every day as food additives, Emilia recommend a variation in the process, such as fruit slices, or consumed as a juice. In addition, the fruit is also not directly consumed at one time, but tucked in between large meals, as a snack. Thus, you are not bored or too full from eating the fruit.

"Make the fruit as a healthy snack each day because the fruit is low in calories," Emil advice.

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Source: Kompas.com

Vitamin Enhancer 'Brain Power'

Vitamin Enhancer 'Brain Power' | Increasing workload sometimes makes us whole, difficulty concentrating, and the brain was stagnant. To help improve the performance and the ability of the brain, you could try the Brand's Essence of Chicken, brain vitamin products are made ​​from an extract of the original chicken extract. Extracts of chicken fat is removed and the oil was chosen because it has the necessary molecules and extract to enhance the role and the person's cognitive abilities.

"There are two peptides (molecules formed from two or more amino acids) that contribute positively to the two things, it is extremely influential in the process of human thought, and it is found in Brand's, namely: ProBeptigen and karnosin," said Dr Paramjeet Singh, researchers of Brand's Brain Research Center & Brand's Health Science Center, the launch of Brand's Essence of Chicken, the Cone, fX Plaza, Jakarta, Wednesday (21/03/2012) then.

Both types of these active ingredients have their respective roles for the development and brain fitness. ProBeptigen affect the power of memory in the mind, and the linkage of this peptide hormone serotonin affects the motivation to learn. Both require brain cells are functioning optimally, which is only found in the brain fit. While karnosin effect on brain health, which is closely related to the protection of neurons or brain cells to communicate signals convey the message in the process of thinking.

This vitamin is given a little extra caramel as a coloring element to make it look more attractive than the original color of the chicken extract. To obtain maximum results, it is recommended to take vitamins every day as much as a full bottle. In addition to directly drunk, this vitamin can also be added to the variety of food, because it does not change the taste and benefits. Brand's Essence of Chicken safe for consumption, safe for children till adults.

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Serum to Relieves Skin Fatigue

Serum to Relieves Skin Fatigue | Woman burden live in time feel heavier, The urge to do the best in the role as career woman, mother, and individuals, is not matched with diet and adequate rest. This makes the face often looks tired, seen from uneven skin tone, dullness, enlarged pores, skin becomes rough, and his face was visible tense. Unfortunately, sleep is not enough to restore this condition.

Biotherm try to provide solutions to overcome the fatigue of the skin, through product-Ergetic Skin. Serum multivitamin using a combination of natural ingredients consisting of extracts of broccoli, soy protein, and botanical cells of apples. Each material has different properties.

Broccoli is known with its antioxidant functions, and its ability to evoke defense systems. Broccoli sprouts contain a compound called sulforaphane, which serve to stimulate the production of antioxidant proteins to protect themselves. Botanical cells of apple cider stimulate cellular metabolism, while soybean extract facilitates energy metabolism in cells.

The combination of these elements, creating a 'multivitamin formula' which is a basic requirement of your skin. As a multivitamin, Skin-Ergetic can be combined with other more specific products, such as antiaging care products. Skin-Ergetic can be used as daily maintenance, use after cleansing with a cleanser and toner, and moisturizer followed by (in the morning) or night cream (for night).

A box-Energetic Skin consists of a sort of carrier oil bottle and a bottle containing broccoli powder extract. Because broccoli extracts are not stable when added to the formula skincare, Biotherm separating this material to be activated later before the first application.

To enable this serum, unscrew the bottle, then replace the bottle cap containing broccoli extracts given separately. Press the top of the lid until you hear a "click" to release the powder into a carrier oil broccoli. After that, remove the cover and replace it back with the first bottle. Then, shake the bottle to mix and activate the ingredients.

You should note, when you activate the broccoli extract, because this product most effective in efficacy at first of three month after activated. In Three month hoped this product have used all, if still there, you can still use it, because the products also contain other active ingredients.

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