Operation Without Surgery and Without Pain

Operation Without Surgery and Pain | A nice news for an older man and his/her condition is weak and impossible to surgical. Now we have an operation technique that no need to surgical, but just with hole as needle size, this operation in named by cryosurgery aka krio operation.

Cryosurgery is a new technique for cancer therapy that approved by the Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA) China SFDA in 1998 and in 1999.

One of the executors of therapy, Fuda Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, China, using this technique since 2000. There are at least 5,000 cases of 34 types of cancer that have been handled Fuda Hospital. The experts at the hospital were also frequent train physicians from around the world about this technique.

So far, such as the International Society of Cryosurgery mentioned Chairman (International Society of Cryosurgery) Dr Franco Lugnani, Fuda Hospital has the most experience doing this minimally invasive surgery, as well as superior in terms of research and experience.

According to Prof. Xu Kecheng in the book Modern Cryosurgery for Cancer, Krio lethal tumor surgery through repeated freezing and thawing process. Damaging effects of Krio operation occurs through two mechanisms, direct and slower.

Direct effect is the formation of ice crystals that cause cancer cells become dehydrated and broken. Effects of a slower, freezing causes the small blood vessels that tumors defective tumor and died of oxygen deprivation.

"This action also triggers the body's immune system. As a result, the remaining tumor cells are not damaged by the operation of Krio be eradicated by the immune system. This is called krioimunologi response, "said Xu who is also President of the RS Fuda. In addition, cancer cells become more sensitive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy that further therapy is more effective.
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