Carrots Makes Your Skin Look Beautiful

Carrots Makes Your Skin Look Beautiful - A new study says, someone who consume lots of vegetables of certain kinds, tend to have more attractive skin tones and healthy. Really?

Carrots contain yellow pigments called carotenoids. These substances play a key role to create beautiful skin, healthy and glowing.

As quoted by Times of India, Ian Stephen, scientists from St Andrews and Bristol U describes only two months of the consumption of vegetables and fruits were already visible results in skin.

Stephen hopes this finding could be a new strategy of encouraging young people to be more interested in eating vegetables and fruits. Regardless of the intention to beautify the skin, carrot consumption will also improve the quality of health in general.

Healthy and beautiful skin to be short-term benefits of increased consumption of vegetables and fruits. While the habit of eating vegetables and fruits in the long run, serve to prevent many serious diseases such as heart.

"It is important to advise young people to eat healthy, to avoid a heart attack at age 40 years," said Stephen.
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