Diabetes can be known from your Teeth

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Not excessive when a health professor at New York University, Shiela Strauss, said the dentist's chair is the perfect place to detect a variety of chronic diseases, like diabetes.

Just by looking and asking a few questions related to the condition of the teeth and mouth, a dentist can identify those at risk of diabetes.

"From there, the dentist may refer patients to other specialists for further examination," said Strauss, as quoted by Fox News.

Through a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, Strauss proved that those who have diabetes have a higher risk of gum disease. That is, those who have diabetes will at least been to the dentist to treat gum disease.

Not only diabetes, dental examinations also might be a clue that leads to obesity, high blood pressure, and substance abuse. "It's not about the diagnosis, only the instructions for the patient's body to perform medical tests in more detail," he said.

Head of Dental Medicine at Winthrop University Hospital, New York, adding that a dentist can not be directly related to the diagnosis of a chronic disease which may suffered by patients. However, the dentist may recommend further tests based on initial symptoms.

"The world dental and medical world is separated by a gap big enough, but the gap must be closed. Dentists can help prevent the disease can be detected early and accelerate healing, "he said.

Heart and Stroke

Detection of diseases associated with blood vessels such as heart disease and stroke, can also be done by cleaning teeth and gums. Those who have tooth and gum hygiene conditions are poor at risk of stroke and heart disease.

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