Beautiful Face | 5 Tips Prevent Acne Naturally

5 Tips Prevent Acne Naturally - Acne is a skin problem that affects many people of all ages, from teens to adults.

Treating facial acne is very difficult, because the products are commercially available treatments are not always effective for everyone. Therefore, facial treatments to get rid of acne naturally much ogled.

Below are 5 easy natural tips that you do to eliminate or prevent acne, namely:

1. Wash your face regularly and appropriately

Washing your face should be accurate and true. Wash your face in the morning and at night before bed. Do not wash your face more than 3 times a day. Choose soap or facial cleanser that suits your skin type, this facial to prevent skin damage.

Also, avoid frequent changing facial cleanser products. If you have not found a suitable facial cleanser product, use normal soap and plain water to wash the face.

2. Consumption of foods rich in fiber

Acne can arise if a lot of toxins that accumulate in the body.

Detoxification of toxins by eating foods rich in fiber help the body to more easily remove and dispose of toxins and poisons that are harmful to health.

3. Increase consumption of vitamin C

Increasing consumption of vitamin C can help eliminate acne and make your skin more healthy. Vitamin C can also accelerate the healing process of acne and acne scars. You can take vitamin C directly from food or fruit, except that you can also take vitamin C in supplement form are available at drug stores.

4. Keep hair away from face

If you have oily hair, make sure the hair does not fall into your face. Oily hair and attached to the face, can transfer the oil to the face, so that it can cause bacteria to grow and spread to the face.

In addition, the strand of hair can irritate skin and make you scratch your face. When scratching the face, then the germs from the hands will move into your face so that it can cause acne.

5. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water at least 2 liters per day, this is one of the natural tips and simple but proven effective to make the face free of acne.

Drinking plenty of water will help the body remove toxins and help minimize the appearance of acne. Water also helps skin to stay moist, healthy, and remain elastic.

Natural Medicine for Typhus

Natural Medicine Typhus - Natural cures typhoid or typhoid illness in Natural medicine, natural treatment solutions for diseases typhoid or typhus with natural medicine, this is a jelly gamat gold-g.

At a glance information about the disease typhoid or typhus Typhus is a disease of bacterial infection of the small intestine and occasionally in blood flow caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi or Salmonella paratyphi A, B and C, but this can also cause gastroenteritis (food poisoning) and septicemia (not attacking the intestines).

Symptoms of typhoid disease is usually:

1. Anorexia (appetite loss)
2. feeling lazy
3. Headache front
4. muscle pain
5. tongue dirty
6. Upset stomach

Prevention of typhoid disease

Typhoid disease can be transmitted through food and drink contaminated with typhoid germs, Salmonella typhosa, feces, or urine from patients with typhoid. If you frequently suffer from this disease, most likely food or drink that you consume contaminated with bacteria. Avoid snacks on the roadside in advance, or eggs cooked chicken, the chicken skin contaminated with feces containing the typhoid bacteria.

Treatment solution and cure of typhoid or typhus quickly and naturally with natural cures typhoid Jelly Gamat Gold-g The story of recovering from typhoid/typhoid by consuming Jelly Gamat Gold-G. Jelly Gamat Gold-G Sea Cucumber is a natural remedy or it could be said as well as traditional medicine typhoid, follows the story of recovering from the disease typhoid/typhus.

Cough Causes and Treatment Tips

Cough Causes is one of the defense system to remove foreign objects from the body. But, of course there is also a cough which is a symptom of serious illness. Substitution of the rainy season to dry season easily makes us cough. It was excruciating if the cough has been attacked. No wonder so many people think of coughing as a symptom of a disease that must be addressed.

Parents of children stricken with cough would immediately try to find drugs to treat cough. In fact, according to Dr. dr. H. Muljono Wirjodiardjo, SP.A, Ph.D, is not always a bad cough. "Coughing does not always need an enemy, because physiologically, coughing is actually one of the body's defense mechanism," said Muljono. That must be considered is the cause of cough and cough occurred in what circumstances.

Cough occurs in the airways, which is divided into the upper airway and lower airway. When an interruption occurs in the upper airway, for example, then the body will form a defense mechanism by sneezing or coughing. While disturbances in the lower airway will usually make the body do with the cough reflex.

Judging from the mechanism, coughing and sneezing have mechanisms similar to breathing, which is inhaling (inspiration) and exhale (expiration). "Coughing is actually a burst or blast expiration, so even sneeze. The difference, if coughing, very short time and the air coming out of the lungs very quickly, while inspiration can be set, would slow or fast."

The air that comes out of the lungs caused by coughing will make everything that inhibits the airway wasted out. "Especially the foreign body, fluid, or mucus, the airways become so clean. Therefore, it is necessary sometimes cough to throw all that clog the airways. The dangerous precisely when objects that block the airway can not be issued through the mechanism of cough," said child lung specialists of Bintaro RSI is continuing.

"Green Sport" Good for Mental Health

Green sport good for mental health - a research said that sport during 5 minutes in garden or in the green room can increase the heart happiness, and mental heath. This study was publish in American chemical Society, Journal environmental science and technology.

In the study, professor Jules Pretty and Jo Barton from Interdisciplinary centre for environment and society, Department of biological science university of Essex england said: that done the physic in park (green open room) can decrease the mental disease risk and can increase the health.

According to researcher, until now not body know, how long must spent the time for sport in the green park that have effect to health.

Activity is quite diverse and simple, like walking, gardening, cycling, fishing, horseback riding and farming. The biggest health changes occur in young people and those with mental disorders, although people of all ages and social groups also benefited.

According to researchers, all green natural environment that can provide benefits, including parks in urban areas.

"We know that mental health improvement in the short term will provide long-term benefits of health protection. So we believe that there will be huge benefits for individuals, communities and health services if all groups of people want to treat yourself with a green sport," added Barton.

Benefits Of Young Areca Nut Juice for Health

Young Areca nut juice is one of the beverages for cure the premature ejaculation in man, this benefits of young areca nut, the bitter taste of fruit, of course not everyone can afford to eat it.

What if we made ​​a remarkable juice, besides being a drug when in regular consumption, it also becomes sweet as we drank other fruit juice. Let us continue to make it.

How to make Areca nut juice:

1. 2-6 pieces of areca nut, not a lot, when most, your head will headache, nausea, such as seasickness, etc.. Slightly, but the routine is better than less but consume a lot and it just torture you.

2. Honey as you like, You know yourself rather than properties of honey.

3. Sweetened condensed milk.

4. 1 whole chicken egg, if you want a 2 point will do.

And use the following tool:

- Blender, just a blender.

Combine honey 1-2 tablespoons and milk to taste you into a blender. then you take the egg and use just the egg yolks, mix the egg yolks into a blender, And the last step split areca nuts by cleavage of the base of the fruit until the end of the fruit, or vice versa.

Then take the contents of young areca nuts and mix with other ingredients, such as egg yolks, milk, honey, then enter the cooking water as much as one large glass into a blender and then blend, may add ice, according to taste. Lets enjoy your juice

Pregnant Women Have Ability to Determine Time of Birth

Pregnant Women | New Haven, Connecticut, For children born on a nice date or certain days that are considered good, pregnant women usually opt for caesarean. But according to research, most expectant mothers have the ability to delay or accelerate the normal birth.

The ability to control the time of birth as shown by the data on mothers giving birth in the United States. Although without the aid of a cesarean section, birth rates on certain dates that are considered either likely to remain elevated.

Research conducted by scientists from Yale University revealed, the number of vaginal birth on Valentine's Day (February 14) increased 3.6 percent from an average weekday. Conversely on Halloween Day (October 31), the number of normal births fell 5.3 percent.

During this time, vaginal birth is considered as a process that is spontaneous and can not be planned, so if you want his son was born on a certain date then the solution is a cesarean section. However, these data suggest that vaginal birth is not really spontaneous.

"It seems that pregnant women can accelerate or delay the spontaneous birth, with a very limited time span of course, in response to cultural representation,"

For comparison, the increase in births by caesarean section rate is always increasing, on Valentine's Day rose 12.1 percent. Similarly, on Halloween Day, the number of births by caesarean section are also down about 16.9 percent.

The study, published in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine, conducted through long-term observation for 11 years. Number of birth certificates that were observed in this study quite a lot, approximately 1.8 mill

Keep the Hand Hygiene for Health

Science and technology may be making a nation be great. However, the progress of a nation would be difficult to achieve if you do not have one of the important foundations, namely health.

However, public awareness of the importance of health has not been adequate. Based on data from 2010 Health Research Association, the national percentage of people who smoke every day as much as 28.2 percent of households have latrines new healthy 55.4 percent, mothers who do a pregnancy with a 6-8 type of examination is only 56.8 percent, and the habit of washing hands with soap less than 34 percent.

The incidence of various infectious diseases in Indonesia, such as diarrhea, thypus, and dysentery are also quite high. Outbreaks of diarrhea were reported in 16 provinces in 2006 (according to World Bank data). Meanwhile thypus cases in Indonesia the average estimate of 900,000 cases per year and 91 percent occurred at the age of 3-19 years.

In fact, infectious diseases can be prevented with simple and inexpensive steps such as washing hands with soap. A study conducted Katie Greendland from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK, found that washing hands with soap at critical time can prevent the incidence of diarrhea by up to 47 percent.

Conversely, do not wash hands with soap at critical moments can cause diarrhea, including cholera, pneumonia, influenza pandemic, the new-born infections, and infections among AIDS patients.

"The bacteria that cause diarrhea are actually derived from human waste brought flies, water, soil, and fingers that contaminate food. Prevention is quite simple, ie, good sanitation and hand washing with soap," he said in media education held PT.Unilever Indonesia in Jakarta (14/10/11).

World Health Organization (WHO) also stated that both of our hands is the main route entry of germs into the body. That is why, in addition to running a healthy lifestyle, the habit of washing hands with soap will reduce and prevent the occurrence of disease.

But the fact is, the people of Indonesia have not been considered important hand washing. This was reflected in the research conducted Yunita Wahyuningrum, health communication researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which found lack of awareness in the public health aspects.

From her research revealed a new community washing her hands using soap if hands look dirty or smelly. "Visual aspect to be a major boost in washing hands with soap. If hands look clean, then they suggest washing hands using enough water," she said.

Added to her, people still consider washing hands with soap is a waste of time activities. "The reasons do not have the sink is also a major cause of why many people are reluctant to wash her hands," she added.

Excess Vitamins, Suffered by Supplements Drinkers

Excess vitamin estimated suffered by those who took daily supplements to increase intake of minerals in the body. Excess "things" whether it was also able to increase health risks.

According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, most people who regularly consume supplements have a good diet anyway, so in fact their vitamin they needed have enough from food that consumed.

In some cases, people who diligently take supplements suffer from excess minerals such as iron, which in later life can trigger health problems.

"You should choose a supplement that is needed, but not to exceed the recommended daily levels,"
said Regan Bailey, a nutrition researcher from the National Institutes of Health.

Bailey and his team conducted a survey to measure dietary mineral intake of 8860 men and women who participated in a national survey in the United States between 2003-2006.

The respondents who reported taking a daily supplement that contains 8 essential minerals, like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and copper, tend to get sufficient amounts from their diet. This is especially true in women.

Bailey explains, people who take supplements tend to eat more healthy and have a good lifestyle.

However, in general, the respondents tended to calcium intake is low, including in those who drank mineral supplements.

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Overcome Malnutrition with pioglitazone

Overcome Malnutrition with pioglitazone| Pioglitazone which has been used to overcome insulin resistance in diabetic patients may prove to be an alternative supportive treatment to overcome the weight loss due to cancer, particularly in patients with lymphatic cancer non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma malignum). Pioglitazone may improve nutritional status, and insulin resistance.

Dody that promoted by Prof. Ari Harryanto Reksodiputro, with kopromotor Prof. Rianto Setiabudy and Prof. Zubairi, passed with an A value.

Dody dissertation titled "The impact of pioglitazone on nutritional status in patients with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Malignum receiving CHOP chemotherapy (cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone): A review of changes in levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a), interleukin (IL-1ß and IL-6) ".

The study was conducted Dody, who is also Medical Director Dharmais Cancer Hospital, during November 2009 to February 2011 in 18 cancer patients who meet the criteria for inclusion in the SSR Dharmais Oncology Clinic.

"Nutritional disorders frequently occur in cancer patients, before or during treatment, as well as in advanced cancer. This is so the cause of increased morbidity and mortality, "he said.

In a research note an increase in body mass index above 2 kilograms per square meter in the group of patients who received pioglitazone pascakemoterapi 4 cycles as much as 33.3 percent of patients. As for which no cure is only 12.5 percent.

The using of pioglitazone at a dose of 30 μgram per day to 12 weeks was safe, no side effects found in the form of hypoglycemia, impaired renal function, significant liver function in patients. [kompas]

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Iodoquinol, Treat Infection of Protozoa

Iodoquinol belongs to a group of drugs called antiprotozoals, which is a drug used to treat infections caused by protozoa. Iodoquinol most commonly used in the treatment of intestinal infection called amebiasis.

However, it can be used to treat other types of infections as determined by your doctor. Iodoquinol only available by prescription.


Iodoquinol also used in certain patients with parasitic infections following:
Amebiasis, extraintestinal or invasive (amebiasis infection occurred outside the intestine) Balantidiasis (infections caused by protozoa)

For patients taking this medicine for extraintestinal or invasive amebiasis infection should take iodoquinol along with metronidazole as directed. This product is available in tablet dosage forms.


For amebiasis:
Adults: 630 or 650 mg three times daily for twenty days.
Children: Dose is based on body weight and must be determined by your doctor. The usual dose is 10 to 13.3 mg per kg (4.5 - 6 mg per pound) body weight, three times a day for twenty days.

Side effects

Nausea or vomiting
Stomach pain

Sources: MayoClinic

Homosexuals Can Caused by Several Factors.

Homosexuals can be caused by several factors.

First: biological factors, a disruption in the sex centers in the brain or in the chromosome.

Second: psychodynamic factors, namely psychosexual development disorders in childhood.

Third: sociocultural factor, which is a habit that is rooted in local culture.

Fourth: environmental factors, namely due to the influence of association or the first homosexual experience.

According to the cause, then the homosexual is caused by environmental factors may be changed, although not always easy. Friendly because of sociocultural may be changed if the relevant culture immediately or leave it out.

However, this certainly is not easy to do because of factors inherent in general sociocultural since childhood. Homosexual because biologic factors may not be changed into heterosexuals. Being homosexual because of psychodynamic factors are also almost certainly not be changed, unless supported by awareness and willingness incredible.

Are you able to live a "normal" as heterosexual men, of course depending on what causes you to be a homosexual. But if you can not perform homosexual relationships since getting married, that's already a tremendous effort.

11 Food Control Blood Sugar

11 Food Control Blood Sugar - Meal arrangements are the most important pillars for the treatment of diabetes. Diabetics (diabetics) are wise definitely want to learn to recognize foods that cause high blood sugar and try to avoid these foods.
Basically, diabetics can eat all the food like everyone else, but should be limited to contain sugar, fat, and sometimes high-salt foods. Important also oversee the amount of food consumed.

Knowingly or not, nature has provided some wonderful food that can help control your blood sugar levels. The following are 11 foods that are good for blood sugar:

1. Bitter gourd (Karela)

If you have family members suffering from diabetes, it is time to prepare karela at the dinner table. These vegetables are very beneficial in lowering blood pressure and diabetes. But do not combine these foods with a blood sugar-lowering drugs, because it can make your blood sugar to drop dramatically.

2. Wheat

Try to include more whole grain products in your diet. Besides containing many essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, wheat also contains complex carbohydrates that the body needs to produce energy. Complex carbohydrates are absorbed more slowly than simple carbohydrates, so the blood sugar levels remain stable.

3. Apple

High pectin content in fruit is believed to help lower the body's insulin needs. A 2005 study found that women who consumed at least one apple a day 28 percent smaller type 2 diabetes than those who ate no apples.

4. Beans

High soluble fiber in beans is not only beneficial for the digestive system and heart, but it also keeps blood sugar after meals. If you have insulin resistance, hypoglycemia or diabetes, nuts can actually help you balance blood sugar levels.

5. Cinnamon

The most active ingredient contained in cinnamon is methylhydroxy-chalcone polymer (MHCP) which mimics the effects of insulin, and works synergistically with insulin in cells. But research so far only involve a small number of people and have not explored the long-term benefits of cinnamon.

6. Fish

Fish (like salmon and tuna) is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids - healthy fats that reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce inflammation, and improve insulin resistance.

7. Chili

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Australian researchers found that include chili in the regular diet every day will help lower blood sugar after eating a meal. In addition, the chili also contains antioxidants, vitamin C and carotenoids that may help improve insulin regulation.

8. Fenugreek

Fenugreek, besides containing lots of fiber that is very important for diabetics, can reduce insulin resistance and controlling blood glucose levels by increasing the number of insulin receptors in red blood cells.

9. Broccoli

Broccoli is the best source of chromium - a mineral that helps regulate insulin and blood sugar. It would be more protective when eaten raw or lightly cooked.

10. Garlic

Garlic has active ingredients such as allyl propyl disulphide (APDS) and diallyldisul-phide oxide (allicin). When combined with the flavonoids, it will play an important role in lowering glucose levels. Allicin can be combined with vitamin B1 (thiamine) to stimulate the pancreas releases insulin.

11. Soybean

Soybeans have a bit of starch content but the amount of high fiber and protein can provide a valuable effect in reducing the excretion of urine in people suffering from diabetes.

WHO Worrying of Antibiotic Abuse

WHO Worrying of Antibiotic Abuse
WHO Worrying Antibiotic Abuse - World Health Organization (WHO) warns that drug resistance is partly fueled by irrational use of antibiotics has killed hundreds of thousands of people every year. Therefore, the necessary treatment immediately to resolve the issue.
"We really see the evolution of a rapidly increasing in the spread of this problem, and the point is: the problem faster than resolution," said assistant general director of WHO's Keiji Fukuda, Thursday (04/07/2011).

Health experts note, only a few countries have plans to handle the problem of drug resistance, which rose on increased consumption of antibiotics.

"In most countries, there is no plan, no budget, no line of accountability for this very serious problem. The surveillance system is weak, the system did not exist in many places,"
said Mario Raviglione, the WHO official who led the campaign against tuberculosis. He added that the quality of antibiotics is questionable in some countries.
"not Optimal dose is really a trigger mechanism that develop drug resistance. The use of antibiotics is often not feasible, we call it irrational. It allows the creation of resistance to drugs,"
he explained. In addition, the use of antibiotics in livestock [in order to encourage growth and prevent disease and treat sick animals], also contribute to drug resistance. Any microbes that are resistant to the drug, which develops in cattle, can move to humans through the food chain.

Because the microbes will always try to be resistant to the drugs, "this problem will never disappear," said Fukuda.

WHO expose the problem of the use of antibiotics as the main issue in memeringati World Health Day this year. WHO wants all governments, civil society and the pharmaceutical industry copes with a variety of strategies to tackle drug resistance.

Antibiotics and Immune of Child

Antibiotics and Immune Child - Reviews about the importance of rational use of antibiotics to children has been frequently discussed. But the side effect was discovered only limited effects of germ resistance. In fact, the overuse of antibiotics can lead to chronic disease.

"The use of antibiotics that are not rational thought to be triggered many cases of obesity, type 1 diabetes, allergies and asthma, which now number more than doubled," said Martin Blaser, professor of microbiology from New York University Langone Medical Center, USA.
Antibiotics and Immune of Child
Humans are also often called meta-organisms, because of the large number and volume of microbes that live in our bodies. They live in the intestines, skin, even the navel.

Research shows that many microbes that provide health benefits, such as helping the body get the vitamins K, energy, and prevent the onset of autoimmune diseases.

Meanwhile, an antibiotic derived from the word "anti" and "bios" (life, life), means a substance that can kill and weaken a living creature, ie, micro-organisms such as bacteria, parasites, or fungi. But he did not kill the virus.

Antibiotics are miracle drugs, and he has contributed to increased human life expectancy. Unfortunately, doctors often prescribe antibiotics easily, including for diseases caused by viruses.

Blasser decades researching the bacteria found, irrational use of antibiotics which give a greater impact but less recognized, namely changing the microbial community in the body.

Allegations were reinforced by a study in 2010 that found antibiotic causes changes in gut microbial populations drastically and will never be back to normal. Other research shows super antibiotics causes bacteria in the body that can last up to 3 years.

According Blesser, in the 21st century, the bacteria that had been living in the intestines of humans thousands of years ago now the number is less than 6 percent. The study was conducted in children in developed countries like the U.S., Sweden and Germany.

Research shows the use amoxilin, can remove 20-50 percent of the bacteria H. pylori. The effect, colon cancer is now rarely found. But diseases such as cancer of the esophagus and reflux improved dramatically.

"It had something to do with the reduction in H.pylori bacteria that actually protect the esophagus. Impaired balance of these bacteria also cause a person more susceptible to asthma and allergies," he said.

Women born in the 1940s, populations of bacteria in the body is still normal because at that time only known two types of antibiotics. If they had a daughter, chances are good the number of bacteria decreased slightly, but the grandchildren and great-grandson, dwindling again.

"Every generation has a number of bacteria that fewer and fewer. I am not suggesting that being anti on antibiotics but physicians should be wise to look at the benefits and disadvantages of prescribing antibiotics," he said.
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