Blonde Roast, Coffee with Small Flavor

Blonde Roast, Coffee with Small Flavor | Many people happy for sitting down in coffee house, but they not enjoy well with coffee there. The reason is, they are not so like with concentrated coffee.

Blonde Roast coffee is available in two variants, namely Veranda Willow Blend and Blend. Veranda Blend is a combination of chocolate and nuts are lightly toasted. Delicate flavor, with a coffee body (density) of light and medium acidity. To complete enjoyment, you could try serving foods that contain elements of peanuts and milk chocolate, such as Red Velvet Cake Roll or Toffee Almond Bar.

While Willow Blend, which comes from Latin America and East Africa, has a citrus flavor, with a light body coffee, and high acidity. As the accompanying menu, please try the taste of foods containing citrus fruit or a little acid, such as Danish or Chocolatte Raspberry Chocolate Raisin Filo Pastry.

In addition to enjoying coffee on the spot, you can also get bottled Blonde Roast coffee beans began in March 2012 (to Willow Blend decaf variants are also available). Starbucks also offers whole bean coffee packaging to another, such as Medium Roast (Breakfast Blend, Guatemala Antigua, Kenya, Pike Place Roast and House Blend), and Dark Roast (Sumatra, Caffe Verona, Espresso Roast, Italian Roast, and French Roast) .

To welcome the Spring of 2012, you can enjoy two servings promotions: Cocoa Cappuccino-flavored caramel and mocha sauce is bitter, and Caramel Cream Coffee Jelly Frappuccino, a mixture of milk, caramel, with additional whipped cream and coffee jelly.
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