Radiation Effect to Fertility

Radiation Effect to Fertility - Tumor radiation therapy or other cancer can cause the infertility, especially at women. a researcher said that women use the therapy for cancer or tumor diseases will due to fertility problem, these women will difficult to get descent.
radiation effect to fertility
Dr Daniel Green, a doctor of cancer at St. Jude Children's Research, in Memphis, Tennessee, explains, it already knows radiation high dose it can interfere with fertility a woman, because it can destroy cells in the brain that control how the ovaries produce eggs.

"It was not known that more modest doses, may affect fertility," said Green, as quoted at page of Reuters Health.

In the study, experts are using about 6 of the 10 female respondents who suffer from brain tumors and cancer. After radiation therapy, none of them have a fertile ovary.

"For brain tumors, radiation is always part of treatment, although doctors use chemotherapy," said Dr. Jason Fangusaro, a pediatrician at Children's Memorial Hospital and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois.
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