Keeping Kids Healthy Eyes

Keeping Kids Health Eyes | For those of you who have a baby, of course, very concerned about their health. One of them is: Keeping Kids Health Eyes. Besides you know How to Maintain Eye Health, you also need to know the Keeping Children's Eye Health.

Here are some tips you can do for your baby, so that their eyes remain healthy:

1. The habit of watching TV, Play Video Games and playing computer

When watching television (TV) or playing video games must watch at a safe distance is at least 5 times the diagonal inch tv and turn on the lights. If the kids like to watch tv at close range should forbid children to use the tv, and tv mobile phone use only. Give time constraints facing the tv 30 or 60 minutes per day and are taught to rest your eyes and see that far away.

2. Reading habits

Reading books, newspapers, magazines, tabloids, catalogs, etc. in a sitting position with a fairly bright lighting from the back or side and 30cm to 40cm read range to just below the eyes. Often break eye and see that far away. Reading habits and see something wrong can make a child's eye becomes nearsighted and farsighted.

3. Steer clear of Sharps

Stay away from sharp objects or blunt object striking the eyes of a child who can. Very dangerous if a child holding a sharp object or objects that could injure the eyes of others around. Disallow the child when playing with objects that can make eye pain, irritation, injury, etc.. If a parent gives a child a sharp object into the direction that should give a blunt face-to-child first.

4. Keeping Eye Hygiene

Get used to us and our children to wash hands with soap properly before handling the eye, scratched or rubbed his eyes-and surrounding ucek. Forbid children to rub eyes or rubbed, especially with fast and hard as any object into the eye. Should let the blinking mechanism that remove foreign objects themselves, assisted by parents picking up a foreign object, or aided the water in the basin in removing small objects into the eye.

5. Eat 'Eyes Healthy Foods'

Give our children a balanced diet of food, in which there are foods that can prevent night blindness (night blindness/short-sighted). Examples of foods that are good for the eyes, such as: foods that naturally contain vitamin A, fruits that have yellow, orange and vegetables like papaya, banana, mango, pumpkin, carrots, and others.

6. Eye Movement Exercise Routine Every Day (Children's Eye Gymnastics)

Move your eyes slowly towards the top, right, bottom and left as many as 5 times. Exercises focus the eyes at close range and turns away. Massaging the forehead and the area around the eyeball pinggian gently with the tips of his fingers.
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