Stress Damage Dental Health

Stress Damage Dental Health | Stress is not only burdensome but also the health of the mind, one healthy teeth and gums. Close relationship between periodontal problems and psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness that have been scientifically proven.

In a study report published in the Journal of Periodontology mentioned, reducing stress is very meaningful for oral health. One culprit is cortisol, the stress hormone.

Increased levels of cortisol can cause damage to the gums and jaw bone, because periodontal disease (gingivitis). If left untreated periodontal This can lead to tooth loss, even the jaw bone.

Oral and dental problems caused by stress such as thrush, the habit of gnashing of teeth (bruxism), and gum disease.

"People with psychiatric disorders are usually doing unhealthy and lazy habit of treating teeth that can damage the teeth," said Preston J Miller, president of the American Academy of Periodontology. He suggested a relaxation activity to inhibit the production of cortisol.

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