Benefits of Soy Milk

Benefits of Soy Milk | Every day, be it morning or evening, always consume milk because milk is necessary for the body's needs. Today, a lot of dairy products on the market. Most of the milk taken from cattle, but there are also made ​​from soybeans. You know, the benefits of soy milk is: has the nutrients that are not inferior to cow's milk. Its nutritional value even more the level of protein and amino acids that resembles a cow's milk.

If you want to change the menu drink milk, try soy milk beverage. There are so many benefits of soy milk, one of which is: non-cholesterol, whereas cholesterol levels of cow's milk is quite low compared to other animal drinks.

Today, soy milk can be found in supermarkets and has introduced by all community. Soy milk protein content, depends on:

1. Types of soybean

2. The amount of water when the mixing process

3. Storage period

4. Making process when heating.

Note: If the amount of water too much when diluting the milk, the protein that found be small.

The best source of protein from the properties of soy milk is served to the growth of the body, maintain health and stamina, and work maximally to improve the body's cells that were damaged.
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  1. I am allergic to soy but wanted to cut out milk so I decided to go with Oat Milk. I really like the thickness and taste as well. Hemp Milk was also nice. Then I found an ingredient in most alternative milks that was also an allergen. Now I am consuming a store brand rice milk that doesn’t contain the allergen. It’s super thin and fairly tasteless though…. yuck. Luckily I just use it for cereal.
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