Simple Steps Maintaining Heart Health

Simple Steps Maintaining Heart Health | world health medicine, Heart health is important and should always be considered, so that does not happen in the future heart disease. Heart disease or heart attack is often called the "silent killer". For this reason, we must know the signs of heart attack and had to apply the simple steps to maintain heart health.

Maintaining heart health can be done with a healthy diet. Conversely, an unhealthy diet is one of factor emergence of the heart. Other factors are age, smoking, obesity, and others. All these factors should be avoided to maintain the health of our heart. In addition to a healthy diet,

There are some Simple Steps Maintaining Heart Health.

1. The first step. Maintaining heart health is by knowing the numbers. Thus, there is nothing wrong and we always check to see how the numbers of blood pressure, and triglyceride levels kolestreol in the body. In this way, we will realize and change bad habits and always maintain cardiovascular health.

2. The second step. Maintain a healthy heart is by start Walking is one form of exercise for maintaining cardiovascular health. Exercise is key to staying healthy and youthful, including to maintain the health of our heart. Do the exercise for 20-30 minutes walk (a few days a week). Do it now because it is an easy way to maintain cardiovascular health. So, please remove yourself feeling lazy because walking can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50 percent.

3. The third step. Maintain a healthy heart is by a good laugh. Everyone will love to laugh, because laughter is also one of the most efficacious drug to maintain heart health. Numerous studies show that if somebody laughed for 15 minutes, it means the same as doing aerobics for 30 minutes and the same benefits, namely cardiovascular us separately. In addition, laughter is also known to nourish the blood pemvbuluh function, increasing the influence of hormones on the brain rise "? mood ", reduces pain, anxiety, and certainly capable of maintaining heart health.

4. The fourth step. Maintain a healthy heart is with a focus on the waist rather than on weight. It is known that waist circumference is a more appropriate benchmark to find out all of our health than weight. This is because the fat on the waist that will affect many things, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high risk of diabetes.

5. The fifth step. Maintaining heart health is a good night's sleep. Good night's sleep was memebantu maintain heart health because sleep is one of the most important activity of all of our daily routine. If lack of sleep, blood pressure will rise, increased appetite, trigger stress, and slow down your metabolism.


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