Protect Skin from Disease Attack

Prevent Skin from Disease Threat - The number of skin cancer sufferer are increase over the word, This case is diagnosed about 2 million every year, most of this is caused by sunshine.
Prevent Skin
It's can we admire that we are usually not pay attention to our skin, often forget to care our skin, whereas this is important thing. The three layers that make up the skin, has a power that really incredible. That, of course, if the skin is healthy. Yes, leather is very strong for being able to wrap around the body without exception.

The outer portion of skin, is a layer of the epidermis, contains three kinds of cells. Keratinocytes to form a sensitive layer so easily aroused when touched. This layer is quite resistant, especially on the palms and feet. Not surprisingly, this section will feel just a little amused when touched.

Melanocytes, plays a role in the process led to a brown color when the skin is exposed to the sun. Meanwhile, Langerhans cells capture undesirable microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.

The second layer, the dermis, collagen must be grateful to the filling. Collagen is what makes skin elastic and strong. The third layer called the hypodermis (subcutaneous). This layer of fat. Its mission provides cushion when the leather goods are stressed by anything and protects the body from temperature or the temperature around it.

Below any thing that we can do to Care our skin

10 tips to protect skin
In 1986, a large pharmaceutical company in France has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of melanoma and its prevention efforts. The campaign titled "Enjoy the Sun, Beware of Burns" suggests 10 things important.

1. Be careful at certain times (at 12.00 to 16.00). This is the hottest time and is very aggressive ultraviolet rays irradiating the skin.

2. Protect your skin with clothing. This is the best way.

3. When exposed skin, get ready to use protective cream or sunscreen. Use repeatedly, but not in the long term.

4. Use suitable clothing to protect skin.

5. If you want to sunbathe, have a towel, cream, umbrellas, sunglasses, etc.

6. Be careful though not felt, the danger is you exposed to sunlight but do not feel, either because there is sand, water, snow, or the reflection of cold air. All of it can not protect you from ultraviolet rays.

7. Sunbathing or sun bathing is not the only risk factor. When gardening or exercising, you need to be cautious with ultraviolet light exposure.

8. Avoid the child from exposure to sunlight despite the patron.

9. Do not forget, the sun is burning while still a child, causing the emergence of melanoma in adulthood.

10. Most importantly, do all these tips!
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