Regular Exercise, Face Skin More Healthy

Face Skin More Healthy - Many health benefit that we obtain by exercise. But,, do you know? by exercise also can make ourselves be more beautiful.

According to doctor, that also as beautiful consultant , dr. Fia Fia Lee, by exercise, the bloodstream commonly will increase to all part of body net {tissue}. The benefits for face and skin, the increasing of bloodstream can make the net and skin cells be more healthy.
Regular Exercise, Face Skin More Healthy
"With sports, tissues die, quickly replaced with new ones. Therefore, the skin and face look more beautiful, healthy and bright,"
he said on the sidelines AIBI American Series Treadmill Launch in Jakarta, Sunday , (07/31/2011), in Jakarta.

Fia explained, a good workout is this: if you can increase your heart rate up to 40-60 percent of normal conditions. Exercise will also provide benefits if done regularly at least 3 (three) times a week for 30 minutes.

For those who are busy with work, Fia says, there is no reason not to take the time to exercise. This can be tricked by doing it when the weekend with family. "Because if you do not take time to exercise, it will not exercise," he said.

To get a healthy skin and bright, it's not enough just to exercise alone. According to the Fia, there is need for other supporting factors such as eating lots of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, drinking water, and adequate sleep (6-8 hours a day).

Fia said, now most of the food choices that exist in the community have turned to fast food (fast food). In fact, such foods should be avoided because besides not good for health, can accelerate premature aging.

One type of fast food menus that should be avoided is that in its processing of food by frying. The oil used for frying are usually continue to be used over and over and contain saturated fats. Thus, when the food enters the body will be bad for health.

Fasting Trains the Mind and Behavior

Fasting Trains the Mind and Behavior - Fasting month comes within days. Already a lot of preparation performed by a full month welcomes people of this forgiveness. Even the traders of staple goods, ready at a price of growing need. Of course, fasting is not just a physical exercise for the hungry, greatest core is: how to train the mind in this holy month. As a psychiatrist who used to train the patient in everyday life to think positive, I'll explain a bit in this article about the benefits of fasting in training our minds become more positive.
Fasting Trains the Mind
The Fast Train Thoughts

In Ramadan we will be able to control our minds from all the bad things that usually, consciously or unconsciously into our daily habits.

In various occasions to meet with various life issues, fitting in this holy month we are able to more positive thinking will all sorts of conditions that occur. Exercising patience with the ways of controlling anger is one therapy that is often thought echoed in speeches Ramadan. Besides in order not to break the fast, practice patience certainly have a higher purpose which is to achieve an inner balance.

The man who balanced his inner will not be easily affected by either praise or insult. They will remain calm in a variety of conditions and not easily provoked by unfavorable conditions though. Although a month is not enough to achieve this, the month of Ramadan can be a milestone in the commencement exercises of mind which could be developed despite the fasting month is over.

Fasting Behavior Training

In the science of psychiatry, cognitive therapy or mind is usually not independent of behavioral therapy. Experts believe that the change of mindset will also change the behavior. When the paradigm well, then the pattern will also follow good behavior.

We often see people who run fast becoming more diligent in running both the compulsory teaching of religion and the Sunnah. Opportunity to visit the mosque is also maximized. Prayer is also increased in the presence of tarawih prayer. Muslims are also becoming more comfortable reading the holy book Quran. Even some of my small survey in bookstores, in the month of Ramadan was increasing sales of Islamic religious books and prayer tools.

All this because of the encouragement of mind to do something useful and beneficial in this holy month. In addition, also thought that this act will bring the rewards and blessings are manifold makes people become more eager to implement this good behavior.

Fasting a Good Start

We believe all that no man is perfect. But learn to become better over time is something that is very possible. Ramadan fasting in this case provides an opportunity to learn thoughts and behaviors to lead to something better in the future.

Muslims and others can learn that the opportunity to train the mind it will always come as long as we live. Ramadan is actually just a reminder that we remain focused and able to perform the exercises. Actually, the exercises themselves should be done every day and throughout life.

Just do the exercise during the fasting month in fact did not have a good effect for the long term. Exercise your mind and it requires a continuity of behavior that continues to be maintained from time to time. Ups and downs in training the mind and behavior is not something to worry about. The important thing is we are able to get up and try again.

Hopefully fasting this year, became a golden opportunity for us to continue to train our thoughts and behavior. Happy fasting pilgrimage, may we all be able to become a better person at the end of Ramadan later. Regards Healthy Life

by: Dr.Andri, SpKJ *

Drinking Milk at Night Prevent Trittle Bones

Prevent Trittle Bones - The calcium in milk is one of the bets nutrient for keeping bone health, because the calcium more easy absorbed by body. For getting maximal result, Milk should be drunk at night.

According to the nutritionist from the Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine) dr.Fiastuti Witjaksono, Sp.GK, on the night of osteoclasts or cells of the bone crusher does not work.
Drinking Milk at Night Prevent Trittle Bones
"At night we also do not much activity, so that the calcium of milk absorbed optimally,"
he said in a celebration 10 Years of Partnership Residents Association Bones Healthy Indonesia (Perwatusi) with Anlene Wednesday (07/27/2011) in Jakarta.

Bone is living tissue that is active, so growing a young age and have the ability to repair when damaged or broken. This repair process occurs in the bone surface simultaneously. This special bone cells called osteoclasts that absorbed by bones that have been older, then osteoblasts to replace it with a new one.

After menopause, osteoclasts still absorb and destroy the collagen in bone mineral. However, the osteoblasts become slow work because of lack of estrogen. That's why women at menopause prone to suffer from osteoporosis.

According Fiastuti, vitamin D and calcium, should be satisfied since a young age, because bone density reaches its peak at age 30.

"Bone density decreased with age. At the age of 30 years the speed of the process of bone destruction is greater than the speed of the process of bone loss,"
he explained.

Efficacy Papaya Sap to Overcome Cancer

Efficacy Papaya Sap to Overcome Cancer - Every part of the papaya plant has efficacy. In fact, papaya sap contained in all parts of plants, ranging from fruits, leaves, stems, up to its roots, has antitumor and cancer. This is because more than 50 amino acids contained in it.

Papaya fruit has a high fiber content. That is why when experiencing difficult bowel movements, papaya fruit is fit for consumption. Of course, the efficacy of papaya not only on fruit alone. Like Linda, for example. The housewife who lives in Jakarta was once made ​​of natural herbs to treat symptoms of intestinal worms in children aged 3 years to take advantage of the dry roots of papaya mixed with garlic. The result is no less with a worm medicine that are sold in stores.

The content in Papaya

Fruit, leaves, and roots of papaya can indeed be utilized to prevent renal impairment, bladder pain, high blood pressure, and menstrual disorders. While papaya seeds beneficial to treat roundworm, indigestion, colds, and diarrhea.

From several studies described, stems and leaves on the plant sap of papaya contains a lot of white as milk (milky white latex), which likely developed as anticancer. Benefits of papaya latex for Bouchut scientifically proven health, as quoted by the Journal of the Society of Biology, stating papaya has antitumor or cancer.

The role was made ​​possible by the content karpain compounds, alkaloids laktonat ringed with seven groups of methylene chains. With that configuration, not only the tumor and skin diseases are cured, it is also a potent karpain hinder the performance of several microorganisms that interfere with the digestive function, making it effective to suppress the cause of typhoid fever.

More than 50 amino acids contained in papaya latex, including aspartic acid, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, histidine, lysine, arginine, tritophan, and cysteine​​. They come together as a raw material cosmetic industry to smooth the skin, strengthens the tissue to be more supple, and keeps the teeth from plaque deposits.

During this papaya latex contained in the leaves are more used to tenderize meat by wrapping raw meat with the leaves for several hours at room temperature. In addition, papaya leaf-rub can be rubbed directly on the surface of the meat. Rubbing the leaves on the meat is intended to remove the sap (latex) contained in the leaves in order to exit, then go in the flesh.

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kaffir lime for Immune Cancer in Patients

Kaffir lime for Immune Cancer in Patients - Fruit and kaffir lime leaves (Citrus Hystrix DC) is known as a fruit ingredient for cooking seasonings. This plant is also popular among herbal users for its benefits to ease the pain of influenza, cough, or even for shampoo.

Through research, the benefits of this herbaceous plant was more powerful, which can be used to boost immunity. Based on initial research student at the Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University (UGM), kaffir lime skin can be antioxidants that help stabilize the immune system for cancer patients. Rind is even potentially be a substitute drug doxorubicin or guardians of the immune system for people with cancer or cancer chemotherapy postoperatively.

Herwandani Putri and two friends, a student who conducted the study, said kaffir lime skin containing naringenin and hespiridin compounds, which act as antioxidants and enhance immune system and accompanying cancer chemotherapy.

Furthermore putri says, how to make the drug from the skin of lime is quite simple. Orange peel, take the skin and washed as necessary, and then heated in an oven until dry. Ground dried orange peel to a fine powder. Fine powder is placed in a cup or elsewhere, and mixed or extracted with ethanol as a solvent.

According to her, 500 grams of an orange powder which was extracted with ethanol can produce 100 grams. In his research, Princess uses lime extracts to mice who were chemotherapy.

"With treatment after our study, mice white blood cells increased significantly," said the Princess, Friday (22/07/2011).

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Why Gums Easy Bleeding?

Why Gums Easy Bleeding - The healthy gums colored young red and hard. If the gums looks inflamed, soft, and colored old red and easy to blood, there is a possibility you suffer from gingivitis. namely the gums around the tooth root.

The cause of gingivitis is plaque, a colorless layer of bacteria and sticky on the teeth. When hardened, plaque turns into tartar, white entry will eventually become black. The formation of plaque and tartar can cause irritation of the gingiva so inflamed and easily bleeding gums.

Usually people have realized there was something with his gums when brushing your teeth and brush so pink after use or there is blood when rinsing. This is a sign of bleeding even when you brush your teeth gently.

Nevertheless, bleeding gums are often caused by the process of brushing teeth too hard. "Brushing your teeth is not hard to make our teeth clean, but make our gums bleed," said drg. Day Sunarto, Sp. Perio.

He explains, brushing your teeth hard and moving in the direction of horizontal movement of sand is tantamount to the teeth. "No need to brush it out loud because of plaque on teeth is a period that is soft. To clean the tartar that are loud, preferably to the dentist," he said.

Brushing teeth correctly is with a short movement from the gums towards the teeth one by one or two teeth first. "Do such movements to all teeth using a soft brush," he added.

If the teeth are well cared for, such as brushed every day, using dental floss regularly and often control and cleaned at the dentist, then chances are suffering from gingivitis will decrease. Gums will soon become firm and pink as a sign is healthy again.

Blurry eyes at the Age of Dusk

Increasing age, generally make eye function is reduced. Eyes that once can see clearly now become blurred, often not helped even use glasses. Bright color was slowly fading. If it happens, the threat of cataracts is in sight.

In addition to blurred vision and the colors look faded, another symptom of cataract is excessive glare when exposed to light, can not see well at night, and double vision on an object.

Cataracts usually occur in the elderly over 60 years. This disease is a direct implication of the aging process. But with changing lifestyles, plural cataract found in those aged about 45 years.

Effect of smoking, diabetes, accidents, inflammation of the eye, or the use of certain drugs can trigger cataracts in middle-age group.

Cataracts can also be found in infants. Approximately 0.4 percent of babies born had congenital cataracts caused by heredity, chromosomal abnormalities, presence of metabolic disease, to the use of certain drugs during pregnancy or childbirth.

8 Reasons Must Up Early

8 Reasons Must Up Early - Although this is look simple, the habit of wake up early like still as a constrains for mostly peoples. Whereas, many benefit can obtain from wake up early, even a Proverb said "the successful man is the early wake up in morning".

Idea for wake up early and begin for activity before sun rise is the wish of many peoples, but just small number of man can change as a habit. Even some philosopher said: with wake up early, a people will be more productive. :)

8 Reasons Must Up Early as below:

1. Jumpstart, If you up at 05.00, you will begin your day more faster from mostly people in world. Not have the best way for begin your day except wake up early.

2. Exercise, Early in the morning is an excellent time to exercise. The earlier you wake up, the more calories you can burn all day and you will always feel healthy. Research has also shown that people who exercise in the morning tends to be more consistent in maintaining their body fitness.

3. Meditation, Meditation has many health benefits, including stimulating the emotional balance and reduce stress. If you start the day with meditation, you will receive the balance of the day, while enhancing your life. Meditate in the morning is also good to relax your brain so you can really focus on yourself.

4. Increase productivity, Wake up early gives you more momentum. Starting something early will make your day longer and you can finish your job on time. So there will be no problems and stress in performing their daily work.

5. Enjoy the sunrise, Those who are accustomed to sleeping late will never be able to enjoy the greatest beauty of nature, the sunrise. There is no better way of welcoming the day with a sunrise view.

6. Breakfast, A lot of people never took time for breakfast. In fact, breakfast is the most important time for someone to fill the manpower to support all sorts of activities. Breakfast also allows you to have more concentration.

7. Free jam, If making a long distance to work/school, you need not worry too late. Because, with waking up early, less likely you are stuck in traffic.

8. Spare time, Get up early to give a lot of free time for yourself so that you can do other activities in the rest of your unused time.

Instilling these habits is not easy. However, after applying it in a few days, your sleep patterns will change and eventually you'll get used to. But to remember is you have to sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Different Milk, Different it's nutritional

Different Milk, Different it's nutritional - Formerly we only know th cow milk, but now we have many milk choice. include the milk that come from plants, like soya milk or almond peanut. We also can choose the organic milk that we drink direct from cow, without any process.

Many kind of milk, actually also contain different nutrient. "some product have enriched with vitamin D. Also available non milk product tha enriched by nutrient like cow milk, so can be the alternative for them whom suffer from laktosa intolerance.

To know the advantages and disadvantages of each milk, Gazzaniga see explanation below.

Cow Milk

Plus: Cow's milk is very rich in calcium and has two times more protein than other types of milk. Although there are currently several types of cow's milk, non fat or low-fat, each of which has almost the same nutritional content.

Minuses: For people suffering from lactose intolerance, cow's milk can cause problems such as diarrhea, abdominal bloating or discomfort. But according to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, the actual people who intorelan lactose can drink up to 4 ounces of milk each day without suffering symptoms.

Soy milk

Plus: Milk is made by soaking and refine soybean seeds are rich in protein and calcium and has no saturated fat. Another advantage is low in calories and have a variety of flavors.

Minus: Soy products can inhibit the absorption of protein and minerals. Several studies of soy against breast cancer is still controversial, in part mentions soy consumption increases the risk of breast cancer.

Goat milk

Plus: Goat's milk is very easy to digest because the protein molecules of different shapes with cow's milk protein. Besides the calcium content in goat milk with cow's milk is not less, plus contain more tryptophan, an essential amino acid.

Minus: Goat's milk also contains lactose, so just like cow's milk can cause a complaint to the lactose intolerant. In addition, not everyone likes the taste is a combination of salty and sweet, the smell is quite overpowering.

Almond milk

Plus: According to Gazzaniga, in recent years, this almond milk is quite popular in America. Milk prepared from almonds mixed with water and sweetener also contains vitamins, minerals, and less fat content. It was also more comfortable and rich.

Minuses: Only a little protein, about 1 gram per cup, much less than soy milk or cow's milk containing 7-8 grams per cup. This type of milk is also not recommended for people allergic to peanuts and deficiency of vitamin B. "Some almond milk products are also given an additional sweetener," said Gazzaniga.

Rice milk

Plus: Made from rice, milk of this type contain less fat and calories. Also available in vanilla or fresh, and free of lactose and soy.

Minuses: The nutrients, according to Gazzaniga rice milk-dairy milk is inferior to others. In addition to not contain vitamins A and C, rice milk also have little protein. Raw milk

Plus: Milk taken directly from the cow, according to Gazzaniga is a gift from nature is good because it is not processed.

Minus: Fresh milk is not on-pasteurisation can contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli or listeria. According to prevention and disease control centers in the U.S., in the last 13 years more than 800 people suffering from illness due to consumption of fresh milk and cheese.

organic milk

Plus: The organic food advocates say organic milk produced from cows not fed hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic fertilizer.

Minus: The price is twice more expensive than non-organic milk. But according to Gazzaniga, organic milk has nutritional and health benefits the same as conventional cow's milk.

How to Overcome cancer at Children

How to Overcome Cancer at Children - Cancer at children is something that very afraid for parent, all parent will be scare to deal with it, in spite of the parent really patient. in this condition, parent must always support and give the spirit for their children, in order the children can be strong and always on good condition.

Some cancer that usually suffered by children are leukemia, limfoma, retinoblastoma (eye cancer)and bone cancer, where this is the common one that suffered by them.

According to Erwin, excessive protection will encourage the psychological and emotional condition of a child to become unstable. So rather than cure, but it will generate a cancer cell.

"If the mood is not comfortable it will encourage the cancer cells in the body become more active," he added.

In addition to providing support and freedom, one thing is no less important is being honest about the child's illness. "Children who are not informed about the disease would imagine something totally untrue," he said.

For example, a child may be thinking that his cancer illness is a punishment for him due to a delinquency or a specific error.

"It was agreed with that by telling, would make the child become less stressed and feel guilty. Children are entitled to know about his illness. Regardless of age, "he explained.

Keeping Clear Eye, Natural Remedy

Keeping Clear Eye - FResh eye and shinning be a special attraction for appearance. but less sleep, cigarette smoke, until Hours staring at a computer screen can make the eyes look tired and puffy.

Eye is a sense that more precious than any jewels, that's why he always keep a bright and healthy. Come on, make the eyes sparkle again with these natural ingredients from the fridge.

- Cold compresses.

If your eyes are itchy and red, try the following simple recipe: dip a washcloth in cold water and towel compresses to the eye warm. Repeat until the itch subsided.

- Rinse with cold water

Wash eyes with cold water several times a day. This therapy will reduce inflammation, moisturize your eyes, relax your eyes and overcome eyestrain.

- Cuts cucumber and cold milk.

One of the easiest ways to restore the freshness of the eye is to create a mask of cucumber or potato. Cut a round and put it in my eyes for about 15 minutes. Alternatively, dip the cotton in cold milk and then compress the eye.

- Spoon the cold to puffy eyes

Keep a spoon in the freezer for a few minutes ago when I was cold, pat the area around the eyes are swollen.

- Strawberries for tired eyes

Take some strawberries and store in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then place it on the eyelid. Powerful enough to tired eyes.
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