Keeping Skin Moist 24 Hours

Keeping Skin Moist 24 Hours | The skin is the outermost and most beautiful accessories from the body, so the overall appearance should not be underestimated. Skin soft, smooth, and moist is the key to performance

Although we live in tropical moisture apparently the problem is still an issue. Sunlight, exposure to air conditioning, aging, unhealthy diet to be one of the factors that cause dry skin. These factors are also called eskternal factor.

Meanwhile, internal factors that affect the skin moisture is water. If the body lacks water, the water in the skin cells will be reduced. Durability and function of the enzyme was decreased, the structure of the stratum corneum be less, so the skin becomes dry and rough.

Keep in mind about a third of the water in the body is under the skin. The deeper layers, the higher the water content. Therefore, if adequate supply of water in the body, water can be transported through the blood vessels to the upper skin layer. Air-water flow between cells through tiny channels known as aquaporin.

In a cell can consist of 200,000 aquaporin. The more numerous the more established channels for water transport in the cell so that moisture is maintained. That is why, despite our drinking water intake is sufficient but if the number of aquaporin in a little leather, dry and scaly skin will still be approached.

According Dr.Christopher mummert, group manager of regional development Beiersdorf AG Hamburg, skin moisturizing products on the market condition the skin in two ways, namely bind and keep the water on the skin surface, and form a barrier to reduce evaporation of water.

According to Mummert, the principle does not guarantee the water spread evenly in all cells of the skin, because there is no channel that keeps water flowing between the cell membrane. In addition, using a moisturizer like that require a repetition, but Asians are easily irritated skin.

Retain moisture, according to Mummert, should not just on the skin layer above it, but in all layers of the epidermis. "The important thing is to multiply the aquaporin in the whole cell, so that the incoming water is spread in all directions, so that more water is bound, and more water flow to the skin area that is not balanced," he said at a media event education in Jakarta some time ago .
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