4 Unhealthy Lifestyle for Pregnant Women

4 Unhealthy Lifestyle for Pregnant Women - Unhealthy lifestyles have a negative effect on health. Starting from a decline in health, premature aging to the difficulty of getting offspring may be caused by poor lifestyle.

The Following, 4 Unhealthy Lifestyle for Pregnant Women:

1. Smoking is one example of an unhealthy lifestyle
Luke Peppone research conducted at the University of Rochester in New York and Dr. Kenneth Piazza of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York to prove it. They studied 4800 women who become patients at Roswell Park. Four out of five respondents admitted women exposed to cigarette throughout their lives. After investigation found, 11% of women claimed to have difficulty conceiving. 1/3 of women experience one or more miscarriages.

While the woman whose parents smoked, 26% more difficulty conceiving. Women who become passive smokers, 39% risk of miscarriage.

2. Unhealthy lifestyle is like drinking alcohol. A study in Denmark, involving 430 couples who want children to prove how much alcohol can make it difficult to have offspring. Results were expressed ability of women to have children decreases with increasing frequency of alcohol he consumed.

3. Caffeine is also responsible for the low level of fertility.
Coffee that often make you drowsy awake when it makes the blood vessels and blood flow to the uterus tense, making it difficult for fertilization. Coffee is not the only drinks that contain caffeine. Tea and cola drinks also contain caffeine, although there were not many.

4. White rice can be the culprit turns out you have difficulty conceiving.
Carbohydrates are easily digested such as rice, potatoes and sugar can make blood sugar rise that increased insulin production. Types of carbohydrates can interfere with the performance of hormones needed for pregnancy. So you should replace your carbohydrate intake with brown rice and whole wheat bread. Expand also eat vegetables and fruit.
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