Know Gall Stone Disease

Know Gall Stone Disease | Actually, what it gallstone disease? According to the explanation Dr.Ari Fahrial, Sp.PD, a disease that has the typical symptoms of heartburn is caused as a result of inflammation of the gallbladder.

Gallstones are shaped like crystals, with variations in the size of a grain of sand to larger than golf balls. "If further analysis consists of gallbladder stones cholesterol stones and pigment stones," he said.

Gallstones that obstruct the cystic duct, the tube that connects the gallbladder to the bile duct center, can cause pain and sometimes inflammation. Attacks and sudden illness usually lasts for several hours.

If you experience constant pain in upper abdomen, consult a doctor to find out if an interruption of bile.

"Through an abdominal ultrasound examination to know whether there is either acute or chronic inflammation of the gall bladder is. Examination is also to determine the presence or absence of bile duct dilation," said the lecturer in the Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

In view of the factors of age, approximately 20 percent of cases of gall bladder disorders occur in those aged over 40 years and more experienced women. "It is rare under the age of 30 years," he added.

Another risk for the occurrence of gall bladder stones include: obesity, diabetes, HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) is low, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, and also with high blood sugar. Diets high in fat and high cholesterol and low in fiber and a sudden weight loss can also cause the formation of gallbladder stones.
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