Liver Cancer, Malignant Disease and Deadly

Liver Cancer, Malignant Disease and Deadly | Hepatitis of type B and C be the triggers of liver cancer. Viral hepatitis is likely to lead to cirrhosis. Recorded 90% of people with cirrhosis of the liver cancer has a great opportunity.

Data World Health Organization (WHO) suggests, at least 180 million people worldwide are infected with hepatitis C. No less than 400 million people living with hepatitis B.

Fear of disease is quite reasonable. The reason, not known of the early symptoms of patients diagnosed with liver cancer, until it has reached an advanced stage.
According to data, 70% of patients with cirrhosis in Asia (outside Japan) or in Africa derived from hepatitis B. In Indonesia, no less than 25% among people with hepatitis who do not know of the existence of the disease has the potential to develop cirrhosis after 15-20 years time span virus lodged in their bodies.

WHO data show that liver cancer is the sixth most common cancer type in the world and the third largest cause of death. Liver cancer patients in general do not usually have a life expectancy of more than two years after the diagnosis of this disease.

In 2005, cancer killed more than 206 thousand inhabitants of Indonesia, where 12, 5% among people with liver cancer.

During this time, people with liver cancer treated only with conventional methods, ie, chemotherapy that performed on the affected organ.

X-ray radiation therapy in chemotherapy for this is still considered the best solution for patients with cancer. Chemotherapy and ethanol injection in the tumor cell judged as the best two-step kill cancer cells.

Unfortunately, this treatment method was not only kill tumor cells, but also kill the healthy liver cells. It is certainly very risky for the patient's immune system.

There are varied treatment of liver cancer according to stage of cancer when detected and diagnosed. Surgery is considered as the only way out to cure cancer or liver transplantation.

Even so, only 15% of them are declared cured. Ironically, the medical service of a liver transplant does not exist in Indonesia.

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