Food Protector Skin from the Sun

Food Protector Skin from the Sun | Sunlight is a threat to the beauty of the skin. That is why, we need to do prevention. In addition to sunscreen, in fact we can also protect the skin from the inside by intake foods that contain SPF protection from UV rays.

Foods that would be a natural sunscreen is especially the foods that contain some type of antioxidant components. Plants produce antioxidants in their networks to protect their cells damaged by heat, light, air, humidity and time.

When we consume foods that are sources of antioxidants, natural content will also provide protection to the body cells, including skin cells.

These are foods that are recommended to protect skin from UVA and UVB:

1. Paprika. Red, yellow or orange color that comes from paprika is natural pigments called carotenoids. This antioxidant is converted into vitamin A in the body that will protect the skin cells to inhibit damage to the layer of fat around the skin cells.

2. Pumpkin. Yellow color of the fruit came from the carotenoid content. Eating pumpkin is highly recommended for those who often are in the sun.

3. Red tomatoes. Natural antioxidant lycopene gives the red color in tomatoes are ripe. Antioxidants are also known for its ability to protect the prostate gland. Just as antioxidants in plants, lycopene also protects the skin from sunburn.

4. Watermelon. Just like tomatoes, watermelon also got a red color from the pigment lycopene. Enjoy a watermelon in the summer not only nourish the body but also protects the skin.

5. Green tea. What does not owned by green tea for health? Ranging from protecting the heart, cancer, weight loss, to protect skin cells from exposure to UV A and UV B. The secret, components of an antioxidant called polyphenol catechins.

6. Cocoa. The content of flavonoids in cocoa have been known to protect the heart, helps reduce the risk of stroke and blood pressure. Flavonoids are also known well to the skin. Choose dark chocolate that higher flavonoid content.

7. Blueberry and purple. Berries are rich purple pigment called anthocyanin. Besides it feels good, berries also contain a natural SPF and useful to prevent many chronic diseases.

8. Turmeric. Saffron or turmeric has a striking yellow color from curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory, immune boosters, and protect the skin.

Food Protector Skin from the Sun, really important for eating some fruit aday. dont forget for read other important fruit benefits kiwi benefit for health
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