Identify 10 Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Identify 10 Causes of Sensitive Teeth | According to Maria Melisa, A Dental Datailing Manager, GSK Consumer Healthcare, while Media Briefing, Sensodyne Expert Sharing the FKG UI, Jakarta. Problems in sensitive teeth naturally begin at the age of 20-50 years and who suspect that a lot of tooth sensitivity experienced by women who adhered to a clean lifestyle.

Sensitive teeth is certainly very disturbing your culinary activities. When will consume something barriers to making food even enjoyed the food. Habits of too much pressure on the toothbrush while brushing teeth can also lead to tooth sensitivity due to a decline in the neck of the tooth gums. As a result, over time the roots of the teeth will be open (gingival recession), neck cavities, enamel layer thickness would be reduced so that when drinking cold water, sour/sweet or even touched a toothbrush bristles will feel pain.

Well, here Identify 10 Causes of Sensitive Teeth:

  1. Decline in the neck of the tooth gums.
  2. Less attention to oral hygiene.
  3. Bleaching often.
  4. Erosion of tooth enamel
  5. Brushing your teeth too strong.
  6. Habit of consuming foods that are acidic.
  7. Dry mouth so that saliva production slightly.
  8. Age factor
  9. Persistent infection of the gums
  10. Often have teeth during sleep gerinding

So, so how to overcome it? use a toothpaste containing potassium nitrar and contain strontium chloride.

May this Identify 10 Causes of Sensitive Teeth useful to all, hope you also interest in 10 Causes of Sensitive Teeth
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