10 Efficacy and Benefit of Guava

Guava fruits - or Psidium guajava L, only popular when scarlet fever breakout. Whereas, Guava that rich with vitamin c have much benefits for health, and this is may be not yet know famously.

1. Prevent Cancer
Guava fruit contain anti oxidant, as the cancer fighter, likopen. Likopen in guava fruit more absorb by body then likopen in tomatoes, it's because the different of cell structures. Lycopene consumption is quite influential on the reduced risk of prostate cancer in men. All types of guava contain high antioxidant, especially in the red fleshy guava.

2. Reduce hypertension

Guava is a fruit that should be consumed regularly if you want to avoid heart attacks. The fruit is a hypoglycemic in nature and rich in fiber is beneficial for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, a medium-sized guava can provide 20 percent of the body's daily requirement of potassium. Research also suggests regular consumption of potassium can lower blood pressure.

3. treating diarrhea

Guava plants having astringent, a chemical that will shrink the tissue. This is why the gums will feel harder and refreshed after we chew guava. Besides guava leaves also contain antibacterial substances that can prevent the growth of bacteria when exposed to dysentery. Other bacteria killer in this fruit is karetinoid, vitamin C and potassium.

4. Cough and flu

Guava leaves are eaten raw or uncooked fruit juice made ​​trusted for generations as a drug treating coughs and colds. This herb works by reducing the formation of mucus and create respiratory tract infection-free. Guava fruit is also rich in vitamin C and iron are effective to inhibit influenza virus infection.

5. Skin care

Gynecology astringet in guava, will improve skin texture and tighten the skin starts sagging. Not only that, guava also contains vitamins A, C and potassium, which has a function as antioxidants. These nutrients will help the detoxification process and keep skin healthy and wrinkle free.

6. Prevents constipation

High fiber content in guava effective to prevent constipation. In addition seeds of this fruit is also a powerful laxative that works to help clean the intestinal disposal system.

7. Diabetes

According to research conducted in mice, both fruit and leaves of guava may help lower blood sugar levels.

8. Lose weight

Guava fruit has a component, which is necessary to lose weight, such as fiber, protein and vitamins. It also makes the stomach feel fuller. Guava is a medium-sized diasup at lunch is enough to block the stomach until dinner.

9. Sprue abdominal

Vitamin C in guava four times higher than vitamin C in oranges. In addition, this fruit is also a powerful medicine for stomach ulcers, a disease characterized by swollen and bleeding gums.

10. Caring for teeth

Consumption of guava juice to treat the gums, swollen and bleeding gums overcome.

How to Calculate Age of Pregnancy?

How to Calculate Age of Pregnancy | Sometimes there are still many pregnant women are confused and do not know how to calculate the Pregnancy age that was lived. For that, know how to calculate it.

Calculation of age early in pregnancy since the first day of menstruation ends because most women do not know exactly when they ovulate, but most know when her menstrual period ends, as quoted from babycenter, Saturday (06/18/2011).

Generally, doctors will count for 280 days pregnancy, to determine the due date or birth of the baby. The amount is equivalent to 40 weeks gestation. But those dates are only approximate, and only 5 percent of babies are born exactly on the date of the estimate.

As for the trimester is often regarded as the third month of pregnancy. Someone will be said to be in the second trimester after 14 weeks pregnant and third trimester when the pregnancy reaches 28 weeks.

Usually someone, prefer to call her pregnancy in a month, in this case is not appropriate to count one month equals 4 weeks. Therefore taken an average of one month for 30 days and 1 week of 7 days.

And generally, the pregnancy is not exactly 9 months, for example if the first day she last menstrual period is January 1, then the maturity date is October 8. So the calculation is like 9 months 1 week or 10 days, but she could give birth before or after that date.

World Health Organization (WHO) stipulates that the maximum limit of gestation is 42 weeks or approximately 294 days. If up to that age yet there is also a sign of birth, the pregnant woman is induced to provide stimulation or cesarean birth to avoid problems in infants and pregnant women.

Cataract, Main Causes of Blindness

Cataract, Main Causes of Blindness - Indonesia is being one of the most high of blindness risk in the world. But, until now the prevention of the problem of blindness yet be a priority of government, both in the center or regional.

Ophthalmologist who is also former Chairman of the Central Executive Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (Perdami), Tjahjono Darminto Gondhowiardjo, say, the percentage of blindness in Indonesia continues to increase. Based on the survey in 1982, the blindness rate of 1.2 percent of the population. In survey years 1993-1996, the figure rose to 1.5 percent of blindness.

"In 2008, Health Research Association states, the rate of blindness in Indonesia is only 0.9 percent. However, the survey methodology can not be compared with the 1993-1996 survey year so it does not describe the real conditions,"
he said when delivering the inaugural lecture as a member of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI), Wednesday (22/6), in Jakarta.

According to him, the biggest cause of blindness in Indonesia is cataract blindness (52 percent). Exposure to sunlight containing ultraviolet rays and a lack of nutrients triggers. This type of blindness can be rehabilitated through surgery. That is, the rate of blindness in Indonesia can be suppressed if the cataract patients inoperable.

According to him, the eye health of a person's effect on productivity levels and ultimately affect the productivity of the nation. Therefore, the government and the private sector need to work together to reduce the number of blindness.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery, using methods of the V-shaped incision to open the anterior layer of the eye lens capsule. According to an ophthalmologist, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Irsan CKM, it is easier for doctors in cataract patients operated on rather than an incision shaped like open cans are wont to do.

"This method is faster. Easy replacement lens is inserted to replace the old lens is taken because of cataract, "he said. This method was introduced Sanduk ruit of the Institute of Tilganga Kathmandu, Nepal, who co-operated on the patients in North Sumatra. In one patient surgery only takes 5-7 minutes. (kompas)

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Healthy snacks for Pregnant women

Healthy snacks for Pregnant women | Pregnant women are allowed to snack, but make sure healthy and nutritious snack. Vary the menu just a snack with one of the following foods that also support the growth of the fetus in the womb.
healthy snack for pregnant woman

1. cashew nuts
Cashew nuts have a savory taste and tender, perfect as a snack. Nutritional content of nuts is also good because it is rich proteins needed to build the fetal cells. Besides also rich in iron to build red blood cells and muscle cells, cashew nuts are also rich in good fiber to avoid constipation. However, do not over-consumption, just 1.5 tablespoons per day. Can be fried, but you should not use salt.

2. Whole wheat bread
Loaf of whole wheat bread contains 600 calories. So, just to meet women's needs for extra calories. Bread is rich in magnesium helps to optimize the absorption of calcium in order to increase the density and strengthen the structure of the small bones in the womb. Whole wheat bread also contains zinc which is certainly beneficial nutrients in helping the growth of fetal cells. Wheat bread is best eaten one handfuls per day with a blend of cheese, garlic butter, and vegetables, like tomatoes and cucumbers.

3. eggs
Eggs are rich in vitamin D and protein, and good for building endurance and helps absorption of calcium. Eggs also contain vitamin A, B complex and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, and sodium. Consumption of eggs as a snack one item a day. Can be cooked by boiling or mixed with salads. Egg yolk can also be enjoyed with salad dressing ingredients in olive oil.

4. spinach
Spinach is rich in fiber, protein, and iron. Eating spinach are rich in folic acid can prevent the fetus had spina bifida or neural tube abnormalities. Eat just one bowl per day.

5. sweet potato
Indonesian food, namely sweet potato, rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is useful for pregnant women to the growth of body cells and the immune system of the fetus. Sweet potatoes are also rich in beta carotene to be processed by the body into vitamin A and retinol-rich as one type of vitamin B. Consume enough of the grain size per day. How to cook can be roasted or boiled.

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Prevent Stroke with Olive Oil

Prevent Stroke with Olive Oil - Elderly people that consume the Olive Oil have a lower stroke then they whom consume the Olive Oil, Said by the expert in the research that published, Wednesday 15-06-11.
prevent stroke with olive oil
Some scientists from the National Institutes of Health and Medical Research in Bordeaux, France, monitor the development of 7625 French people aged 65 years in three major cities, ie Bordeaux, Dijon, and Montpellier, for five years.

"Our research shows the need for a new set of dietary recommendations for preventing stroke for those aged 65 years and over,"
said study author, Cecilia Samieri, as quoted by AFP.

Meanwhile, a neurologist at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, Dr. Nikolaos Scarmeas, who wrote an editorial published with the study, emphasized that the study was "observational".

The studies found the relation between olive oil user by people and the stroke risk that they get it, said scarmeas. But, this factor not need to translate to causality.

"People who eat olive oil may be very different from people who do not use it,"
said Scarmeas.

Users olive oil, for example, may have a higher income, better overall eating or exercising more frequently than those who never consume olive oil.

Red Rice More Healthy | Eating Healthy

Red rice more healthful, Most of us always eat white rice, but brown rice is more healthy. In a grain brown rice is the advantages and benefits it contains. According to dr. Samuel Oetoro MS, SpGK, clinical nutritionist from MRCCC Siloam, brown rice has a content of vitamin B1, B6, and B12 are high. As is known, vitamin B is the key to the formation of energy for the human body.
red rice more healthy
We see the benefit of red rice, "one of it is as the energy formation in cell, this is facilitate by enough of vitamin B. And this is get in Red rice,"

In addition, red rice has a higher fiber content than white rice. Benefits of fiber include: to interfere with the absorption of sugar in the carbohydrates, as well as interfere with the absorption of fat in with the food, so it will be more healthful.

Brown Rice is Healthy
, because of high fiber. Instead, if you do not choose to eat white rice, or glutinous rice, which looks sleek white, it's not healthy, because it can make your blood sugar level rises, "

Anti-Cancer Plants and Fruits

Anti-Cancer Plants and Fruits

Anti-Cancer Plants and Fruits

1. Tomato, known to treat prostate cancer, by eating tomatoes that have been boiled.

2. Red pepper, known to prevent colon cancer if consumed in the long term.

3. Grape seed, grape seed is also known to have anti-cancer compounds. Therefore, if you eat grapes, look who has the seeds and eat with the skin.

4. Red betel leaf, known as an anti-breast cancer by boiling.

5. Wild Ginger, known to have active substance cursil that is as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer.

Some medicinal plants in Indonesia contain anti-cancer drugs, such as sitotoksin who has the ability to kill and detecting cells that grow abnormally. The compounds in this plant can function in the form of joint, but there is also a single.

Soursop Can Treat Cancer

Soursop Can Treat Cancer - Cancer can treated by consume herb medicine or fruits. So, Of Many these herbs, soursop have excellence then others fruits.
soursop treat cancer
Soursop knew can treat and prevent and also potent for curing many kind of cancer. "For the soursop itself has been studied to treat colon cancer (colon), lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer (breast)," said dr. Hardhi Pranata, sps, The Chairman of the Association of Medical Doctors Herbal Indonesia (PDHMI).

The Part of soursop that useful for cancer drugs is stem, leaf, and also fruit or in juice form. The fruit can be eaten straight, made as ​​juice, or leaves are boiled, then the decoction drunk.
"Either way, soursop juiced as drink water, or boiling 9 soursop leaves and drink the cooking water and then monitored the situation. Usually appetite will increase and the growth of cancer cells is inhibited,"
said dr Hardhi.

He also explained, soursop contain saponin compounds, polyphenols, as well as bioflavonoids that have antioxidant properties. Well, how to kill cancer cells by soursop is different with other herbs. Soursop just kill the cells or abnormal growth of specific cells such as free radicals existing cancer cells. But soursop does not destroy healthy cells.

Besides having good taste, soursop fruit also helps maintain health, prevent disease, and treat disease. This is because the soursop fruit can also reduce blood pressure, anti-parasite, a sedative that works to increase immunity and to overcome depression, arthritis, and also for uric acid.

Donkey Milk Lowering the Cholesterol

Donkey Milk Lowering the Cholesterol | Cow's milk, goat milk, or soy milk may have been commonly consumed. So, how about donkey milk, the experts said that donkey milk more nutrient then cow's milk. Donkey milk also just have a little of fat.
donkey milk
Researchers from the University of Naples, Italy, doing a comparison between the donkey's milk and cow milk. As a result, the donkey's milk contains less fat and contain omega-3 fatty acids can help lower cholesterol.

In research that done at experiment animals, knew that animal gave the donkey milk have fats levels of triglycerides blood lower, and the metabolism system not stress.

Levels of triglycerides and high cholesterol, a precursor to narrowing of the arteries so that blood flow congestion. This condition can trigger heart attacks and strokes.

The researchers also found that donkey milk contains high calcium, similar to breast milk, and can be used in children who are allergic to cow's milk.

5 Important Tests for Women's Health

5 Important Tests for Women's Health - it's important. Many peoples have dead caused attack by many diseases. and many these diseases don't show any symptoms early, So this is very important to us for testing our health at least once a year. Moreover if the lifestyle is bad.
5 important test for women health
Below are many health test that important for woman

Mammography. If you include people who have a high risk of developing breast cancer (have a family history), it is advisable to perform mammography from the age of 40 years. In addition to mammogram, it is advisable to perform breast self examination every month to detect any abnormalities in the breast.

Thyroid test. Losing weight, despite increased appetite, anxiety, sweating, swelling at the base of the neck, a symptom of hyperthyroidism disease. Women more likely than men suffer from this disease. Hyperthyroidism can result in serious if not treated. Complications include heart problems. This disease can be detected by blood tests.

Pap smear. Starting from the age of 21 years, unless you've had sex before, every woman is recommended to do the pap smear test to detect signs of cervical cancer.

Eye Checkup. If you use glasses or contact lenses, visit an ophthalmologist for eye exam every year. Women are more prone to disorders of the eye, such as dry eye syndrome or autoimmune diseases that affect the health of the sense of sight.

Blood tests. After the basic blood tests to determine cholesterol levels at age 20 years, at least not repeat this test at the age of 40 years. Check your cholesterol and your blood sugar because of the risk of heart disease and diabetes increases with age.

Renal Failure due to E Coli Infections

Renal Failure due to E Coli Infections - Gastrointestinal infection that caused by Escherichia coli(E coli)bacteria, commonly will caused the diarrhea stomach cramps at longest a week after consume the polluted food. But, at the plague case that cause by one of this E coli, sufferers can experience a rare renal complication, called hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) is the renal failure that rare found. Usually this is only suffer 5-15% population, especially at child that get infection of E coli.

When we eat foods contaminated with E coli, in intestinal organisms will remove toxins and absorbed into the blood vessels are then carried by white blood cells (leucocytes) to the kidneys. This will cause acute renal impairment.

The impact is more fatal than the disease is damage to the brain, seizures, even coma. This disease can also cause complications in organ pancreas and other organs.

Meanwhile, specialist in internal medicine from Cipto Mangunkusumo, dr. Ari Fahrial Sp.PD-KGEH, explains, kidney failure due to bacterial infection may occur when a person experiences a very severe dehydration.

The initial symptoms that arise in patients infected with E. coli, said Ari, in general is severe diarrhea. As a result, the body is dehydrated which can lead to disruption of kidney function. In addition, other factors such as toxins or poisons that are released or produced by bacteria in the body can cause kidney failure.

No need to panic

Bacteria E coli infection for humans has a very broad impact. Mostly, this bacterial infection has a low mortality rate, but a high incidence rate.

Outbreaks of E coli in Europe, is thought to occur because of the habit of consuming raw vegetables such as cucumbers and salad. In fact, according to expert, bacteria in food would not have died simply by washing. "It is better cooked. Because if cooked properly at a certain temperature for example 80 degrees Celsius, will usually die, " Ari said

Ari gave the message that people in Indonesia do not need to panic or take part affected by the plague bacterium that hit parts of Europe. Because according to him, Indonesia had not had to import vegetables from the country.

Black Coffee Can Increase Body Metabolism

Black Coffee Can Increase Body Metabolism - The key for slim and decrease the weight of body is by speed the metabolism system. Except sport, Black Coffee actually can help to increase body metabolism.

The main thing that causes rapid or slow weight gain is the metabolic system and the process of burning calories. The higher the metabolism, the food is digested faster and burn more calories, so it does not cause fat deposits in the body.

Metabolism is the process of the body that convert food and beverages consumed into energy. During a complex biochemical process, calories in foods and beverages that are combined with oxygen to release energy needed for bodily functions.

Black coffee is one drink that can help increase your metabolism. In addition to fat-free, black coffee (without sugar) is also free of calories that can play a role in weight loss.

Several studies have shown that the caffeine in black coffee may act as a temporary appetite suppressant, so it can reduce the desire to eat, as reported by mayoclinic, Tuesday (31/05/2011).
Black CoffeeIncreaseMetabolism
Caffeine is also believed to provide a temporary boost to the body's metabolism. In this case, the body will digest the food to produce energy and heat a little faster than usual. This process is known as thermogenesis.

Caffeine can also stimulate physical activity, which burns extra calories. If caffeine makes you feel more awake, you can burn more calories through increased thermogenesis and physical movement. However, the impact of caffeine on thermogenesis varies from person to person.

For some people, the caffeine in black coffee also acts as a diuretic. This means that caffeine causes a greater excretion of water from the body that is in the form of urine.

Therefore, black coffee can promote weight loss through water loss from the body. However, this reduction is usually not permanent, because the body does not lose any fat.

Role of Genes Mesothelin in Cancer Establishment

Role of Genes Mesothelin - The Researcher from Japan, latest have research the mechanism from gen mesothelin that get effect of malignant mesothelioma. This study published in doctoral journal of Human Pathology.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that occurs almost entirely caused by exposure to asbestos. Since there is no cure for this disease, life expectancy for most mesothelioma patients ranged between four and 18 months after diagnosis of mesothelioma is known for sure. Although there is no cure to date, some patients who are diagnosed early mesothelioma can be given a combination of aggressive therapy, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Combination therapy, known as multimodality therapy, currently has the best chance to prolong the life of the patient.

The study's authors explain, "Gene methylation led to the development of malignant tumors in several tumor [malignant mesothelioma] are histologically divided into 3 subtypes, namely, epithelioid, sarcomatoid, and biphasic type, and it shows that mesothelin expression is restricted to epithelioid type and the epithelioid component of biphasic MM type (malignant mesothelioma). However, the mechanism of expression regulation has not been clarified. "
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