6 Mistakes When Treating Yourself

6 Mistakes When Treating Yourself | In the midst of economic trouble, many people trying to take medication against itself (self medicine). Treating yourself is fine, as long as done properly and correctly.

Was delivered by Prof.. DR. dr. Rianto Setiabudy SpFK of the Department of Pharmacology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, in a discussion entitled 'Rational Use of Drugs "on Thursday (3/29/2012) in Jakarta.

"Treatment of myself would be very useful because it can save time and transport costs, reduce the cost of consulting a doctor, and some diseases in people classified as self-limiting disease that fast," he said.

Rianto explained that the disease may be treated by a layman, has a characteristic in which the disease is usually mild, it will heal itself within a short time and is not harmful. Disease such as cough and cold no more than 5 days, mild diarrhea for several days, mild headache, constipation and difficulty sleeping.

"But sometimes we have to be careful. Although fever is just one day but if seizures, should be immediately taken to the doctor, because it's not cold," he said.

Rianto warned, there are a number of diseases that should not be treated solely by the layman. Characteristics, the disease tends to be heavy, do not heal themselves (though not painful). For example, hypertension, diarrhea, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and heart.

Even so, Rianto confirmed not everyone is able to apply the practice of self-medication correctly. He said there are a few examples of common mistakes made ​​by people in self-medicate:

1. Treat colds, coughs, colds with antibiotics.

"It's very bad and there is no similar benefits sakali. No viruses that can be treated with antibiotics," he said.

2. Excessive use of vitamin

Rianto said the research results of the National Cancer Institute in the United States showed that people who daily consume more than 1 kind of multivitamin greater chance of developing prostate cancer. "Although the truth of these findings is still debated among scientists," he said.

3. Leaving the drug for "Next pain"

In some cases, Rianto observed, patients who do not spend a lot of prescription drugs in accordance with a predetermined time. For example, a drug that should be spent within a week, but only taken up to four days (because the body is feeling a little better), then the rest is stored and used when the disease relapsed.

4. Use the drug, which looks effective for others

"Do not they see friends or relatives can be cured by taking medicine from a doctor giving, then we went along to drink," he said. According Rianto, although the same diseases that we suffer with others, but not necessarily being the same. Due to the severity of the disease every person is different.

5. Buy hard drugs without a prescription

When compared with neighboring countries such as Malaysia, for access to medicines in Indonesia is still too easy. Even a drug that should only be purchased by prescription, can be easily obtained at drug stores. "In Malaysia, if you want to buy prescription drugs antibiotic should be used. But if in Indonesia, never asked a prescription. It was in vain we cry to combat resistance to the drug if the system still like this," he explained.

6. Treat yourself malignancies

Until now, there are still some people who believe in traditional medicine is more than going to the doctor, especially in treating dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart.
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