Against the Dry Skin Tips

Against the Dry Skin Tips | Even though we live in a warm tropical country, but in fact most people active in the cold room the air conditioning. This condition can lead to dry skin conditions, cracked, and itchy. As a workaround, see the tips of the American Academy of Dermatology skin to retain moisture.

1. Cold water bath

A warm bath can indeed create a relaxed, but the warm water makes the skin more easily dried. This is because the skin's protective natural oils removed by warm water. Therefore get used to cold showers. When you want to shower with warm water, wash quickly.

2. Choose a soap

The skin should feel soft and supple after a bath. If skin feels dry or even interest, you may need to replace the soap. If your skin is quite dry, use a moisturizing soap is added. Sometimes it takes several trials before finding the right soap. Get used to using soap on certain areas like the face, underarms, legs, or around the thighs.

3. Use a moisturizer

The most appropriate time to wear a moisturizer is after bathing when the skin is still damp conditions so that the substances are easily absorbed moisturizer and is locked. Moisturizer in a cream is best for dry skin. Where possible choose products free of perfume. For face, use a moisturizer that contains vitamin C and E.

4. Consumption of adequate water

Although not directly related, but adequate water consumption can accelerate metabolism and remove toxins, so the body healthy and fit.
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