Skin Care From Age of 20-an!

Skin Care From Age of 20-an! | With age, everyone will have problems of aging. This aging process will affect your skin, like wrinkles, sagging skin, appear spots, brown spots, and others. Not surprisingly, many women who feel panicked, and tried to do anything to fight aging. In fact, if you will, skin problems due to aging can be delayed if you are used to treat skin early in life.

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"Skin care has to be done since a young age, so that when the old skin health will still be awake," said Dr. Eddi Karta, GDSS, told Compass Female, in the Pond's event held at the Hilton Hotel, London, some time ago.

When age creeping up, the skin cells will also aging and reduced speed. At that time the supply of oxygen to the skin is reduced, thereby regenerating the skin more slowly. That is why the skin looks more wrinkled and dry, because moisture loss. To minimize skin conditions such as these, the anti-aging care should have been done since the age of 20.

"One, if you are just beginning to treat the skin after the age of 30, because it can be considered quite late," said Eddi. Skin care at the age of 20 years will be better able to inhibit the process of aging, so skin tight.

A variety of skin care products to postpone aging is now widely available in the market, and you can choose the best product for your skin type. Do not be lazy to use a body lotion, sunscreen cream or night cream. But the easiest way to inhibit the process of aging course by using a moisturizer, because we usually applied immediately after bathing or before going to work. Slowly, get used to using protective cream body.
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