Consume These Foods when Pregnant for Smart Child

Consume These Foods when Pregnant for Smart Child | Babies born from mothers who eat fish regularly during pregnancy have a higher intelligence. These children have the verbal skills, fine motor skills, and better social skills than children with mothers who rarely ate fish during pregnancy.

Studies conducted in this NUTRIMENTHE project, aims to examine the diet of mothers and children as well as their cognitive abilities, under the coordination of Folgoso Cristina Campoy, professor of pediatrics at the University of Granada Spain.

Scientists analyzed blood samples 2,000 women, at the age of 20 weeks of pregnancy. When the baby is born, the concentration of long chain fatty acids than omega-3 series and omega-6 in the umbilical cord was also examined.

The result, the umbilical cord of children of mothers who eat fish regularly have a long-chain omega-3 fatty acids more, than infants with mothers with rare fish intake. Omega three fatty acids to form docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a major component of brain cell membranes.

The European Commission said the healthy effect of DHA is essential for intelligence, and motor baby. "It affects the brain and eye development in fetuses and breastfed infants," said Folgoso as reported Wellness.

In another study conducted by Dr.. Imoegen Roger from the University of Bristol in England, revealed that fish consumption during the 32 weeks of pregnancy will accelerate the growth of the fetus. Eating fish as much as 33 grams a day or 6-12 ounces have been able to meet the needs of omega-3 fatty acids for fetal growth.

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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