Tips for Eliminate Body Odor

Tips to Eliminate Body Odor | You are currently looking for Tips on How to Eliminate Body Odor, this blog will provide simple tips you can do every day. Body odor problems can happen to anyone either male or female. Of course, body odor that makes the listener or friend who sits near you uncomfortable.

Well, here are some tips that can done to Eliminate Body Odor, among others:

1. Diligent bath
Bathing is a good first step to prevent body odor. Bath with shower over bath with soaking compared well because the water gushing over it will be more dirt and bacteria that are lost from the body compared with a constant water flow and no flow.

2. Use antiperspirants
Deodorant generally contain zinc and aluminum which acts to fight bacteria that cause body odor. While antiperspirants work by clogging the sweat glands so that bacteria can not interact with it, antibacterial soaps can also help kill the germs in the body.

3. Keep your body clean
Body odor is affected by the daily habits. Therefore, keep your body clean to prevent body odor.

4. Consumption of green vegetables
Vegetables such as sweet-smelling basil is great for eliminating body odor. Vegetarian and body odor better than those who eat meat. Avoid eating smelly vegetables like jengkol, banana and the like.

5. Proper nutrition
Multiply to consume water, nutrients and fruits that contain antioxidants. Avoid food and drinks that contain caffeine, chocolate and fat. Bacteria are very fond of sweat that much fat. Consume lots of fluids will reduce the work of apocrine sweat glands so as to minimize the occurrence of body odor.

Hopefully this information "Tips for Eliminate Body Odor" on the benefit to you.
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