Vinegar Benefits for Cuisine

Vinegar Benefits for Cuisine - Although vinegar has an acid taste and smell less pleasant, but quite a lot of the benefits of vinegar to the cooking. Not only used as a mixture for making pickles, or pickled, vinegar can also be used for other food processing.

1. Meat tenderizer
To tenderize meat, especially red meat, dairy, red meat is soaked in vinegar for a few cups of water overnight. Vinegar can help to break down the meat fibers are difficult to break down when cooked, making it more tender and gentle. Try to soak it with vinegar to taste. You can also use distilled vinegar, just have to be rinsed before cooking.

2. Busting bacteria
Vinegar is also useful for killing bacteria in meat, and a potential health hazard. This fluid can also be used to remove the hidden dirt, pesticide residues, or insects in fruits and vegetables. Mix four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 3.7 liters of cold water, then use it to clean meat.

3. Reduce shrinkage mincemeat
If observed, processed minced meat or corned beef will shrink quite a lot when cooked. This is due to water content in the meat out and evaporates in the heat. To reduce the shrinkage of meat, add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into meat stir the already boiling.

4. Keep boiled eggs remain smooth
When boiling eggs, the most frequently encountered problem is the cracked skin. Add two tablespoons of distilled vinegar for each quart of water boiled eggs, to prevent the eggs developing cracks. Vinegar is also useful when boiling eggs by removing the skin first. In order not to spread the egg white, and remains solid, add a few tablespoons of vinegar to the cooking water. This vinegar will keep the eggs are always in perfect condition and does not spread to the cooking water.
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