Beware Hard Lump in Breast

Beware Hard Lump in Breast | Among women, breast cancer was diagnosed as a type of cancer that most threatening. This is because most new patients seeing a doctor when her cancer had advanced stage.

In fact, current methods of examination and scanning was able to detect breast cancer at an early stage. Unfortunately, according to Soni dr.Sonar Panigoro, Sp.B (K), awareness of women's to breast health are still low.

"Delay in diagnosis makes treatment more complex and expensive. It also reduces the life expectancy of cancer patients," said association chief surgeon ontology Indonesia (Peraboi) at the launch of FTV "Dinda suffering" which tells the story of the fight breast cancer patients in Jakarta (29/3/12).

He explained that regular breast self-examination can be a lifesaver. "The easiest way to detect breast cancer is if you find a lump when touched from the outside. In addition, a lump was hard sometimes," he explained.

Lump about the size of one centimeter is usually found in one-stage cancer. But quite a few breast cancer patients who did not find a lump in her breast.

Because that's the most good according to Sonar is a combination of BSE by investigation such as mammography and ultrasound.

"The different, whether the lump is cancerous or benign tumor, can be seen from its form. If a benign lump feels more slippery and can still move, whereas if the lump is attached to the skin or into muscle possibility of cancer," he explained.

Mammography combined with clinical breast examination is still a method of scanning and early detection are often used. Perform routine mammography has been shown to increase the number of patients who are diagnosed early so that the recovery rate is high.
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