Autism Expert Still Limited

Autism Expert Limited | The number of persons with autism in Indonesia continues to increase, but the number of doctors who can diagnose and appropriately educated therapists are very limited special. Another problem, and the rejection of the negative view of autism is still strong.

Chairman of Autisma Indonesia Foundation (YAI) Melly Budhiman between YAI celebration of 15 years in Jakarta, Wednesday (14/3), said that so far doctors are able to handle cases of autism is a child psychiatrist.

The number of child psychiatrists in Indonesia is only about 40 people, over half are located in Jakarta. Many in the provincial capital, like Banda Aceh and Kendari, not having a child psychiatrist autism despite considerable number of persons.

Until now, no exact data on the number of persons with autism in Indonesia. From the records of the doctor's note, doctors deal with 3-5 patients per year in 1980 with autism. Now many doctors to handle the maximum limit of three new patients per day.

Doctors and therapists

According to Melly, YAI with the government had conducted training for doctors at the clinic to be able to diagnose the symptoms of autism. The problem, therapy is difficult due to limited pascadiagnosis therapist.

Therapists who have adequate capacity is less. In order to get proper treatment, the parents need to ask the education and training that therapists who have trained their children.

This type of therapy given depends on the needs of persons with autism. It's such a tough speech therapy for communication and behavior therapy for children whose behavior is controlled.

The cause of autism is not known

Until now, the exact cause of autism is unknown. Autistic brain conditions and normal children alike. Only autistic brain function not as well as normal children brain.

The study mentions only autism is caused by a combination of genetic factors that make the body lose the ability to remove toxins in the body and the environment from the negative exposure of pollutants, such as lead, or the consumption of foods with preservatives and dyes that are not safe.

"Because no known cause, autism can not be prevented," said Melly.

Society's negative view of autism is still strong, particularly outside Jakarta. Children with autism often regarded as a crazy child.
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