How To Maintain Eye Health Easily

How To Maintain Eye Health Easily | Eye is one of the most needed organ by human, without eye we will see the world dark. So, it mean that we must or have obligation to keep eye, so it is not less of function. Don't until we don't see the view as other people as view.

For this important function of eye, i will give some Tips about How to Keep Eye Health for prevent eye problem, Such as quoted from Healthway.

1. Using Protector Spectacles
Directly Sun shine have bad substance containing, that not only dangerous for skin but also to eye, that cause the cataract and macula degeneration from time to time id this is not protect by dark spectacles. this is the cause if we in beach, we often see the western expose using the dark spectacles. Ultraviolet shine if stab the retina can caused the eye damage.

2. Stop smoking
You may be not worry anymore with the warning in smoking pack, where written "Smoking caused the cancer, heart attack, impotence and pregnancy disturbance at fetus. However, any direct relation between smoking and eye health. If you are a smoker, you have potential to increase in any type of eye disease like: cataract, macula degeneration, dry eye syndrome, nerve optic damage and diabetes.

3. Limite alcohol consumption
If you consume alcohol excessive and in a long time, it's can caused optic nerve degenerative, this is can cause the decompression vision, blind spot, reduce in color visibility, avoid the wrong alcohol intake.

4. Keep blood pressure and cholesterol

High blood pressure that not curing will cause the vision disturbing and cause the retinotheraphy hypertension. Cholesterol level in blood also important to maintain, because the highest level of cholesterol can cause the eye vascular disease.

5. Control sugar consumption in diabetes suffer
Eye complication have near relation to diabetes, among other are: blindness, cornea erosion, cataract, multiple vision, and bleeding.

6. Consumption Food rich in oxidant
Food resource that rich in antioxidant, like: red meat, bean, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, egg yolk, etc.

May be by give attention to these tips, we can prevent our selves and our family from eye disturbance, may this - How To Maintain Eye Health Easily - be useful, you also interest in 10 tips maintain eye health
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