Keeping Heart with Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping Heart with Healthy Lifestyle | How to maintain a healthy heart? Maintaining heart health is very important. Everyone wants live in a healthy life. With a healthy life, we can perform a variety of activities well, such as work, school, housekeeping, and other activities. What happens if our bodies are sick or have health problems? Of course all the usual activities will be hampered, even not at all feasible.

Our bodies consist of vital organs, which in synergy with each other. If any of these organs susceptible to interference, the performance of other body organs will be disrupted. One organ that becomes the engine of life is the heart organ. The heart as a machine body of work to pump blood throughout the body. If a cardiac disorder, cardiac performance will not function properly. The impact could affect the health of the body.

Causes of cardiac disorders including heart disease. Heart problems caused by weak heart muscle or heart attack. The cause is a blockage of blood vessels in the heart due to accumulation of fat or cholesterol. If no action is taken promptly, can lead to heart failure and death. Before the disturbances in the heart organ was attacked, do prevention by adopting healthy lifestyles.

Keeping Heart Health - Healthy Lifestyle with Exercise

Preventing health problems in the heart of a healthy lifestyle can do with exercise. Exercise should be done regularly. Exercise portion adapted herself ability, age, and level of our health. It is better to consult your doctor what type of exercise appropriate to do. Do not let exercise make your body sick or injured because of the wrong type of exercise.

All kinds of sports good for health. However, to maintain fitness and heart health better Aerobic exercise types of work involving the heart. Here are some types of aerobic exercise that can be done to maintain heart health.

1. Healthy Walk
Do not underestimate this sport. Road has the benefit of maintaining a healthy heart. Walking motion is always dynamic organ pumping spur more active. Take the time to do brisk walking at least 30-60 minutes every day to maintain fitness and heart health.

2. Jogging
Performing regular jogging can keep in shape. When jogging, organ heart will beat faster to pump blood and the heart muscles become stronger. Jog 3-5 times a week can improve heart health and body.

3. Swimming
This is done in water sports (swimming pool). By swimming regularly at least three times a week can improve fitness and heart health. Swimming can strengthen the muscles of the body, can also lose weight.

4. Bicycle
Cycling also has the benefit of maintaining physical fitness and heart health. Cycling three times a week doing enough to keep them healthy. In addition, cycling can be done while tour with family or friends.

Keeping Heart Health | Applying Healthy Living Behavior

In addition to exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy heart must be accompanied by implementing healthy behavior. Here are some healthy behavior should be done.

1. Drinking Water
Lack of fluid in the body is very dangerous for health. Every day our bodies secrete fluid through the skin, kidneys, and lungs as much as a liter more. NII therefore, inadequate fluid needs by drinking lots of water.

2. Choosing Healthy Foods
Food intake to the body should be nutritionally balanced and adequate nutrition. Limit your intake of carbohydrates and protein. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating fast food.

3. Reduce Salt Consumption
Eating too much salt can cause hypertension, which can affect the heart. Reduce salt intake to keep your heart healthy.

4. Avoid Cigarettes
Smoking habits cause the heart. Reducing smoking has no effect on heart health. If you want a healthy heart, stop smoking now.

5. Breakfast
Breakfast is very important because the body requires energy sources for a day of activity. Breakfast does not need to eat calorie-dense food because it can cause drowsiness during the day or at work. Inadequate breakfast with fruit or juice.[Source:]

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