Vitamin Enhancer 'Brain Power'

Vitamin Enhancer 'Brain Power' | Increasing workload sometimes makes us whole, difficulty concentrating, and the brain was stagnant. To help improve the performance and the ability of the brain, you could try the Brand's Essence of Chicken, brain vitamin products are made ​​from an extract of the original chicken extract. Extracts of chicken fat is removed and the oil was chosen because it has the necessary molecules and extract to enhance the role and the person's cognitive abilities.

"There are two peptides (molecules formed from two or more amino acids) that contribute positively to the two things, it is extremely influential in the process of human thought, and it is found in Brand's, namely: ProBeptigen and karnosin," said Dr Paramjeet Singh, researchers of Brand's Brain Research Center & Brand's Health Science Center, the launch of Brand's Essence of Chicken, the Cone, fX Plaza, Jakarta, Wednesday (21/03/2012) then.

Both types of these active ingredients have their respective roles for the development and brain fitness. ProBeptigen affect the power of memory in the mind, and the linkage of this peptide hormone serotonin affects the motivation to learn. Both require brain cells are functioning optimally, which is only found in the brain fit. While karnosin effect on brain health, which is closely related to the protection of neurons or brain cells to communicate signals convey the message in the process of thinking.

This vitamin is given a little extra caramel as a coloring element to make it look more attractive than the original color of the chicken extract. To obtain maximum results, it is recommended to take vitamins every day as much as a full bottle. In addition to directly drunk, this vitamin can also be added to the variety of food, because it does not change the taste and benefits. Brand's Essence of Chicken safe for consumption, safe for children till adults.

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