Society Must Care to Generic Drugs

Society Must Care to Generic Drugs | Society still needs to be understanding and education to want to use generics instead of branded drugs. Because the notion that 'branded drugs' is more efficacious than the 'generic druug' is still very firmly embedded in people's minds.

"Our society should be concerned with generic drugs. They also should know that generic drugs is the same as the branded drug," said Secretary General of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Slamet Budiarto in a press conference commemorate the devotion Doctors Indonesia in Jakarta office of the Executive Board of IDI , Monday (03/19/2012).

Slamet said, so far IDI has made ​​various efforts, one of them wrote to the government for all drugs given logos branded generics. "It's as if branded drug is a drug patent. But the generic drug's patent has been completed. People should know that," he said.

According to Slamet, the price difference between branded and generic drugs can reach almost 20-30 times. This certainly will weigh patients who should be able to buy medicines at cheap prices, even more expensive.

"IDI (Indonesian Doctors Association) has appealed to all members in writing that the prescription must provide generic drugs," he said.

Apart from giving an appeal to its members to prescribe generic drugs, IDI also forbade to all members not to contract with pharmaceutical companies. If found to have taken part, it shall be given sanction in the form of guidance.

Only 20 percent of generic drugs at pharmacies

On the other hand, Slamet also observed that many pharmacies do not provide generic drugs. This is according to him, should receive serious attention from the government, given the existing regulations on use of health ministers of generic drugs.

"Pharmacies need to be reformed. Provision of generic drugs at pharmacies only 10-20 percent," he said.

Supposedly, the availability of generic drugs in pharmacies must be above 50 percent. While for each hospital, at a minimum must provide 80 percent of generic drugs, so that when doctors prescribe generic drugs, people can easily get it.

"Poor people, who should be able to pay for drugs at a price of one million, so it pays 20 million," he said.

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