Maintaining Healthy Gums by Eat Fish

Maintaining Healthy Gums by Eat Fish - In the majority of adults, oral health problems often occur. The disorder often resulting ultimately we have to lose teeth. For most people, as quoted by Kompas Online Indonesia mentioned that many people who experience dental problems were due to pain in the gums. It is known apparently one reason for the health of the gums that are not maintained.

Gum disease is one of the main causes of tooth loss in adults. Gum which was never treated, for example: no regular brushing or never clean the tartar/scaling, often experience inflammation called gingivitis, the result of pockets of plaque formation (gingival pocket) between the teeth and gums. If the inflammation persists it will be more in the reach below the gum tissue is called periodontitis. The cause of this condition is the occurrence of bacterial heap. If you then do not do the cleaning and treatment of periodontitis will deteriorate and result in damaged tissues supporting the teeth, the teeth become unstable, even the date, although the teeth themselves are not problematic.

One way to prevent inflammation include: cleaning the teeth regularly, either by brushing, scaling routine and eating nutritious foods. Increase the consumption of fish, especially fish, because they contain lots of omega-3, omega-3 could be one way out in improving the resilience of the gum tissue from damage. Researchers from Harvard Medical School says that periodontitis-causing bacteria can grow because of the inflammation. Anti-inflammatory therapy with omega-3 turned out to produce a positive effect to overcome the inflammation which means this compound may indirectly inhibit bacterial growth. Omega-3 compounds are previously known as function to prevent the clogging of blood vessels and maintain healthy liver.

From another survey conducted involving 9,000 adults who participated on dental health and nutrition, it is known that 4% of respondents suffer from gum disease. However, respondents who regularly eat fish are few who suffer from periodontitis. The survey also found that patients with healthy gums, have a C-reactive protein levels are low in the blood. Protein C-reaktive is one of the pathological protein found in blood in the acute phase of inflammation in the body.

Indeed, consumption of fish that contains omega-3 is recommended. But more important is to prevent the onset of the disease (preventive care). The cheapest way is: always keep a step to oral hygiene.
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