Regular Exercise, Face Skin More Healthy

Face Skin More Healthy - Many health benefit that we obtain by exercise. But,, do you know? by exercise also can make ourselves be more beautiful.

According to doctor, that also as beautiful consultant , dr. Fia Fia Lee, by exercise, the bloodstream commonly will increase to all part of body net {tissue}. The benefits for face and skin, the increasing of bloodstream can make the net and skin cells be more healthy.
Regular Exercise, Face Skin More Healthy
"With sports, tissues die, quickly replaced with new ones. Therefore, the skin and face look more beautiful, healthy and bright,"
he said on the sidelines AIBI American Series Treadmill Launch in Jakarta, Sunday , (07/31/2011), in Jakarta.

Fia explained, a good workout is this: if you can increase your heart rate up to 40-60 percent of normal conditions. Exercise will also provide benefits if done regularly at least 3 (three) times a week for 30 minutes.

For those who are busy with work, Fia says, there is no reason not to take the time to exercise. This can be tricked by doing it when the weekend with family. "Because if you do not take time to exercise, it will not exercise," he said.

To get a healthy skin and bright, it's not enough just to exercise alone. According to the Fia, there is need for other supporting factors such as eating lots of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, drinking water, and adequate sleep (6-8 hours a day).

Fia said, now most of the food choices that exist in the community have turned to fast food (fast food). In fact, such foods should be avoided because besides not good for health, can accelerate premature aging.

One type of fast food menus that should be avoided is that in its processing of food by frying. The oil used for frying are usually continue to be used over and over and contain saturated fats. Thus, when the food enters the body will be bad for health.
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