Preventing Side Effects of Radiotherapy

Preventing Side Effects of Radiotherapy | You are that undergoing treatment with radiotherapy should be careful with its effect, and I believe you must always fear the effects of radio therapy. But you fear you can dispose of, The important, you want to hear instructions from the officer radio therapy because of adverse effects of radio therapy may actually be prevented.

According, radiation oncology specialists from the Hospital Dharmais Jakarta, side effects of radiotherapy depends on the location of the radiation, the number of doses, the radiation field area, the condition of the patient's body and the external factors, such as temperature and humidity.

Acute Side effects, meaning: occur quickly after receiving radiation, such as the form of redness, bubbles arise on the skin, skin damage, and necrotic tissue. While the subsequent effects, could be tissue shrinkage, bleeding and dry mouth.

There are several clues that can be done to prevent the emergence of side effects caused by radiotherapy, which he described as below:

How to Prevent Side Effects of Radiotherapy

1. Dental hygiene and mouth
In cancer patients who will undergo radiation of the head and neck region (eg, nasopharyngeal cancer patients), exposure to radiation will hit the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract. If the condition of oral hygiene is not maintained, then the infection could have occurred.

2. Not eat or drink too hot or cold
Especially for patients who received radiation in head and neck region is recommended not to consume food or beverages that are too hot or cold. Because the food and drinks that are too hot or cold can affect the membranes of the mouth is still very susceptible to injury due to radiation effects.

3. Avoid sweaty skin
Sweat on the body will greatly affect the radiation exposure received. In anticipation of side effects, you should check all parts of your body such as the armpit (the usual sweating), before receiving radiation. Side effects usually appear until a week after radiation. Skin that is wet or aqueous can trigger skin reactions more quickly, so it can be scab later.

4. Avoid direct sunlight
skin exposure to radiation would have to be very sensitive to sunlight. You can protect skin from the sun with umbrellas. If you want to use a sunscreen / sunblock lotion, ask your doctor what is appropriate.

5. Adequate nutrition
Diseases that cause cancer in appetite, especially if followed by a mental health condition that falls or depression. Ensure nutritional needs met either by number, type and schedule to maintain healthy conditions in the treatment.

Symptoms and Causes of Sinusitis Infection

Symptoms and Causes of Sinusitis Infection | Sinus infection or sinusitis will make someone feel annoyance, tortured and disturbing, sinus infections can occur in all people, whether children or men or women, especially those with weakened immune systems. Sinus infection or sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, which may be due to infections, allergies, or autoimmune.

People who get a sinus infection will experience a cough, sore throat congestion, fever, bad breath, and nose with thick nasal secretions. Sinus actually contain a defense against viruses and bacteria or germs. Children are very susceptible to sinus infections through their environment, such as allergies, or illnesses from other children at school.

Factors that cause Sinus

Environmental conditions that cause sinus infections are such as: allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps or a deviated septum. Normally this would be recovered within 10 days, if the person gets adequate breaks must.

However, in some cases, acute sinus infections will occur in people older than 10 days. A sinus infection is really annoying and uncomfortable, so here you can maintain health and stay fit with a conscious and responsive to the sinus infection symptoms and causes.

Some bacteria that cause sinus

Some bacteria that cause sinus infections such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, Moraxella catarrhalis and is involved in chronic sinusitis. After realizing the cause, you should be aware of the symptoms that follow the cause. Sinus symptoms are: You will have pain or pressure around the corners of the eyes, nose or down one side. Head pain on both sides of the head.

Other symptoms of a sinus infection: Infection of the eye socket, which can lead to vision loss and is accompanied by fever and severe pain. It is also accompanied by facial pain [pressure on the face], loss of smell and then combined with the cough. It is also often followed by several symptoms, such as fever, bad breath, fatigue and sore teeth.

Hepatitis C Killing more than HIV

Hepatitis C Killing more than HIV | Deaths due to hepatitis C infection continue to rise, even beyond death from HIV. Contributing factor is that most people do not realize they are infected with hepatitis C.

This is look real in the United States. According to data from years 1999 - 2007 are reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) USA. Highest mortality occurred in the productive age.

According to CDC officials, approximately 3.2 million Americans infected with hepatitis C, a major cause of liver cancer and cirrhosis (hardening of the liver). An estimated one-third of adults infected are unaware they are infected because the disease progression is slowly.
Hepatitis C Killing more than HIV
Hepatitis C is transmitted through the use of unsterile needles, blood transfusion, and sexual relations. In some cases, transmission may also occur from mother to fetus.

"Chronic hepatitis is the leading cause of preventable premature death. However early detection and intervention of this disease can be cheaper and save the life," said Dr.Scott Holmberg, chairman of the CDC's division of viral hepatitis.

The latest study to determine the number of cases of hepatitis in the United States published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Recent data shows deaths from hepatitis C reached 15,000, exceeding the number of HIV deaths 13,000. Death is also most happened in many middle-aged people.

"Approximately 73 percent of deaths from hepatitis C occurs in people aged 45-64 years," said Holmberg. According Dr.Eugene Schiff, director of the Center for Liver Disease, the current treatment of hepatitis became one can not be tolerated," he said.

Hepatitis Still Threaten Southeast Asia

Hepatitis Still Threaten Southeast Asia | World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in 10 years, more than 5 million people in the countries of Southeast Asia will die due to viral hepatitis. An estimated 100 million people living with chronic hepatitis B infection, while 30 million are chronically infected with hepatitis C.

World Hepatitis Day is marked on 28 July each year. Campaigns carried out so that people are more aware about the causes of hepatitis and hepatitis.
Hepatitis Still Threaten Southeast Asia

Types of Hepatitis

Hepatitis means swelling of the liver. There are 7 types of hepatitis are marked with the letters A through G. There are 4 types that are often encountered, namely:

1. Hepatitis A,
2. Hepatitis B,
3. Hepatitis C and
4. Hepatitis E.

Over the whole virus can cause acute illness with symptoms that can last several weeks, such as skin color, and yellow eyes, dark urine, feeling very tired, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Because hepatitis B and C usually do not cause specific symptoms, so many people are not aware of the disease, until the later onset of symptoms of cirrhosis or liver cancer within a few years later. About 65 percent of patients with hepatitis B and 75 percent of people with hepatitis C do not know they are infected.
"Viral Hepatitis take priority resources and efforts. Surveillance is the key to good control. Hepatitis B immunization in children should be able to cover 95 per cent," remarked by WHO Regional Director for Southeast Asia Dr Samlee Plianbangchang. "Examination of hepatitis B and C the blood and blood products should be standard procedure, "he added.

Hepatitis A and hepatitis E is also a serious health problem. In Southeast Asia, every year there are approximately 12 million cases of hepatitis E. This amount is half of hepatitis E in the whole world. The extent of the population infected, especially if the cause of the outbreak, would cause serious health problems.
Both diseases are accelerated its spread through contaminated food and water in an unhealthy environment. In most countries of Southeast Asia, the pace of development trigger the acceleration of urbanization. Dense urban areas is the right environment for the spread of this hepatitis virus.

Body Stay Healthy During Fasting

Body Stay Healthy During Fasting | Month of Ramadan has arrived. Time for us to dampen lust until it was time to break. In the month of fasting, the body will continue to lose body fluids because the activity is still running, but without the intake of food or drink for more than 12 hours. So do not be surprised if you feel thirsty and throat feels very dry during fasting, because the body started having symptoms of dehydration.

Why would that be? In fact, 60% of the human body consists of fluids. When running light activity, the daily loss of body fluid is 2.5 liters. Lost body fluids should be replaced by fluid intake in the same amount. But it can not be done when you fast, do not you?
body stay healthy during fasting

Few tips to keep your Body Stay Healthy During Fasting of Ramadan, Look below:

1. Consumption of foods nutritionally complete and balanced, the time of dawn and fasting. Make sure all the nutrients the body needs can be met.

2. Do a little exercise for movement and stretching on a regular basis, it is better done the afternoon before the break the fast, so that the body's fluid needs can be met soon. With exercise, the body's blood circulation will run smoothly, so the body feels more fit.

3. Do not let you leave the meal. Remember, the dawn/sahur is the time for you to provide nutrition to the body. The food you eat when dawn/sahur is a fuel to generate energy for the body.

4. To restore vitality to your body, after the move all day, make sure you get quality sleep for 8 hours per day. Adequate rest is able to restore fitness.

5. Increase your fluid intake the time of dawn and fasting. Drink isotonic drink, the drink containing ions with a composition similar to body fluids. POCARI SWEAT is isotonic drink that works to restore the body's fluid and ions that lost. "POCARI SWEAT" is a good drink for consumption, because it is free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, soda and caffeine.

25 Million Indonesian Infected with Hepatitis

25 Million Indonesian Infected with Hepatitis

At least 25 million people in Indonesia is estimated to have contracted hepatitis B and hepatitis C. However, the danger of transmission of the disease is often not realized due to a very slow course of the disease and no symptoms.

Director of Direct Transmitted Disease Control Ministry of Health Mohammad Subuh confirmed, Indonesia, including countries with high prevalence of hepatitis B, above 8 percent. "The number of infected with hepatitis B is higher than hepatitis C," he said in Jakarta, Friday (20/7), welcomed the World Hepatitis Day.

Many people infected with hepatitis B and C do not realize they have contracted. The Absence of symptoms make people does not consult to doctor.

Subuh added, from 25 million people are believed to have contracted hepatitis B, approximately 12.5 million of whom are prone to chronic liver disease, 10 percent of the risk of hardening of the liver disease progression, and about 1.25 million people at risk of developing liver cancer.

So far, the prevention of hepatitis pursued by the hepatitis B vaccine in newborns since 1997, breaking the chain of transmission from mother to infant, as well as screening of blood donors from hepatitis B and C. No less important is the promotion of healthy behavior, such as hand washing using soap that can prevent transmission of hepatitis A and E or prevent transmission of hepatitis B and C by not sharing razors.

6 Beverage Can Make Slim | Slimming drinks

6 Beverage Can Make Slim | In an effort to lose weight, choose the right foods is as important as diet and exercise. Talk about beverage, there are also beverages that can help streamline. Six beverage in the example below.

6 Beverage Can Make Slim

1. Drinking water

Staying hydrated is important when you are trying to lose weight. Drinking enough water will help the body maintain fluid balance and even increase feelings of fullness so you eat less.
6 Beverage Can Make Slim

2. Watermelon smoothie

During this beverage is made without any mixture of sweeteners such as sherbet, smoothies or mashed fruit can be the right choice to keep your body hydrated. One choice is the watermelon. In addition to functioning as a natural hidrator and rich nutritional content, watermelon also contain lycopene, which can fight cancer, as well as the amino acid known as arginine. A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that arginine can reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.

3. Peppermint iced tea

In addition to refreshing thirst, drinking iced tea can also be a potent weapon for leveling the belly fat. Peppermint can help you in processing fat stomach, and that fat is digested more quickly, to help prevent bloating.

4. Pineapple Smoothie

Smoothies are the best way to make fruit into your diet - especially for children. Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps break down protein, improving digestion, and banish bloat the stomach.

5. Green tea

In addition to reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, green tea benefits to the entire body and contains catechin, an antioxidant which studies show can help reduce abdominal fat.

6. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is different from other types of chocolate. This type of chocolate can help streamline your body, because it reduces appetite and lowers the overall appetite for snacking. Dark chocolate contains large amounts of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. Studies show that antioxidants can prevent blood clots, slow oxidation of LDL cholesterol, and reduce inflammation.

Importance of Vitamin D for Smokers

Importance of Vitamin D for Smokers | In addition to bone health, recent research reveals about the benefits of vitamin D which is great for health, including preventing cancer. In a recent study revealed that: the benefits of vitamin D in protecting the lungs, especially for those who smoke.

In his study, Nancy E. Lange, MD, MPH, of the Channing Laboratory, Brigham and Women's Hospital studied 626 Caucasian men over a period of 20 years. The study assessed three time periods are completely different between 1984 and 2003. Pulmonary function of each participant was measured using a spirometer.

"Our results indicate that vitamin D may modify the damaging effects of smoking on lung function. This effect might be due to vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants,"
said Lange.

This study has several limitations, including the observational information. Vitamin D levels are also likely to vary from time to time. Another limitation of this study involved only older men.

Alexander C. White MS, MD, chairman of the committee of the American Thoracic Society Tobacco Action, said: enough or not vitamin D levels in a person, should not overshadow the health risks and dangers associated with smoking. Those who smoke should be aware of the consequences of health problems that may be obtained.

The study is published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Health Benefits of Soursop Juice | Soursop fruit

Health Benefits of Soursop Juice | At this post, we'll explain a little about the benefits of soursop juice. You must know soursop fruit. Well, soursop fruit juice is very useful for our health, especially in protecting us from cancer.

Soursop fruit has a sour taste, and is often made fresh juice. Soursop have varied forms, from an oval to elongate oval. The fruit is green-black when ripe. Soursop juice has a variety of Health Benefits of Soursop Juice

Soursop fruit juice have the ability to cope with a variety of malignancies, such as tumors and cancers, not just as lozenges. That's because the soursop juice has a high nutrient content, of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, and fiber macam2.

Health Benefits of Soursop Juice | soursop juice content

In fact, had long since Health Benefits of Soursop Juice in mind. In ancient times, the Indians who came from America, had been taking soursop to overcome various diseases. But in reality, the benefits of soursop juice was discovered when doing research on this fruit.

Here are some health benefits of soursop juice

    1. Enhance immunity, prevent and treat cold sores fever. as soursop juice contains vitamin C is high.
    2. Benefits soursop juice to Overcome osteoporosis. Made soursop juice contains lots of minerals. Drink soursop juice every day can make the bones become healthier and stronger, so as to prevent osteoporosis.
    3. Health Benefits of soursop juice for digestion. The digestive process can take place smoothly. Soursop juice can also cope with difficult bowel disease and constipation, as soursop juice contains lots of fiber.
    4. Soursop juice also contains a high carbohydrate, so that the soursop juices as well as an energy source. Our bodies will look fresh and fit to drink soursop juice every day.

      Benefits of Durian Fruit for Beauty | Healthy Food

      Benefits of Durian Fruit for Beauty | Durian fruit including the most preferred fruit in Indonesia. Besides delicious taste, the aroma is also very tempting. In addition to delicious and sweet, the benefits of durian fruit is not yet known to us as beauty treatments. In addition to rejuvenate skin, the fruit is also good for reducing the effects of wrinkles.

      Benefits of Durian Fruit for Beauty

      Beauty experts have said, there are three kinds of things that make your skin age. These factors are: aging due to internal factor, aging due to external factors, and aging due to hormonal factors.

      The first and third factors are outside our control as human beings. But the aging due to external factors, can be prevented in several ways. One of them by taking advantage of durian fruit.

      You can use the durian fruit as a face mask, or eat alone. Corresponding study of the dermatologist, the benefits of durian fruit was also effective to reduce wrinkles on the face, because flavonoids that can tighten skin and reduce dark circles in the eye.

      You want to use it as a mask, and apply enough durian fruit flesh on your face and your eyes before going to bed. In addition to using the durian fruit, Balance your life as well with regular exercise and lots of vitamin E.

      Use the durian flesh when you shower and rinse thoroughly. After bathing, you will see the difference. Not only the dead skin cells are lost, but also your skin will look more toned.

      Tips on Choosing Durian Fruit

      You should be more careful if you want to buy durian fruit, because now many outstanding we usually 'injection' durian. That is durian fruit that has been injected with certain sweeteners before sale.

      By the time you buy it, do not hesitate to ask the seller split the durian you want to buy, and do not hesitate also to taste it. Make sure your choice durian skin is yellow brown, yellow flesh and taste sweet and fragrant aroma.

      You need to be vigilant with the durian fruit is green, and pale yellow flesh color tend to be white. Although the meat in taste sweet, this is durian fruit is still young and has been forced to be mature additives.
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