Top 10 Foods for Upholstery Bones

Top 10 Foods for Upholstery Bones | Muscle Wire, Iron Bones :)! Top 10 Foods Upholstery Bones. Age can be a driving factor reducing calcium, causing bones to become brittle and osteoporosis. To prevent more serious, the following foods which can help strengthen bone structure, such a study quoted by

1. Yogurt
A cup of yogurt can be your choice to get calcium daily. Consuming a glass of yogurt a day can be accounted for 30% calcium and 20% of vitamin D.

2. Milk
Milk is rich in vitamin D. Eight ounces of whole milk will yield 90 calories. If you do not like whole milk, you can mix them into a smoothie recipe that you make.

3. Cheese
Although the cheese brought an abundant amount of vitamin D, but it is recommended not to eat excessively. You simply enjoy a slice of cheese as much as 1.5 ounces per day with a content of 30% calcium for bones.

4. Eggs
Types of food that is very easy to be processed. By eating eggs, you will get 6% of calories per day.

5. Salmon
Salmon fish is a famous fish with "fish with a million benefits". One of that is omega 3 content. 3 ounces of salmon meat may contribute to an abundance of vitamin D.

6. Spinach
This fresh green vegetables, bring in 25% of calcium, fiber, iron, and vitamin A.

7. Cereals
If you do not have much time in the morning, you can mix the cereal quickly. Because cereals have vitamin D kansungan about 25%.

8. Tuna
Many species of fish found in the market contains 39% vitamin D.

9. Green cabbage
Not just refreshing, but a bunch of mustard greens contributed 25% of your vitamin D daily.

10. Sardine
Types of canned fish that are small. If you eat fish on this one, you'll get the calcium and vitamin D are abundant.


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