Excess of Jengkol Risk of Kidney Stones

Jengkol Risk of Kidney Stones - Although the cause odor, but jengkol included in the food that people liked. But if you're a fan of dishes made ​​from jengkol should limit their consumption because can increase risk of kidney stones disease.

Kidney stones may form when the urine is too concentrated. A kidney stone can cause great pain. Pain can be started from the back or the side of the body, below the lowest ribs.

"Jengkol contain jengkolat acid, or acid jengcolid. If consecrations acid is high, then it could increase the risk of crystals in the urinary tract," said dr.Parlindungan Siregar, Sp.PD, from the kidney and hypertension, the department of internal medicine, School of Medicine, in the event media seminar in the framework of the World Kidney Day in Jakarta (06/03/12).

Jengkolat concentration on high acid also causes the sufferer often difficult to urinate or urinary retention occurs.

But jengkol fans need not worry, because the high concentration jengkolat acid can be neutralized with bicarbonate of soda or water or adequate water consumption. "But still, do not overdo it jengkolnya consumption," he said.
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