22 brands of coffee mixed with hazardous drugs

22 brands of coffee mixed with hazardous drugs
From the results of sampling conducted Agency for Drugs and Foods to 56 coffee products in the packaging, was found 22 products that tested positive for Drug Chemicals.
The following are 22 brands of coffee are positive for the chemical. In the coffee-coffee, there is a positive active substance mixed with Viagra which is sildenafil, the active substance or cialis drug that called by tadalafil:

1. 39 Sa Kao 3 in 1 Coffee Mix Plus ginger extract
(health department of RI PIRT No. 210317594151/city north Jakarta)

2. 39 Sa Kao coffee Mix Ginseng Korea 3 in 1 (PIRT 210317505151/Kota Jakarta Utara)

3. Bel-Bel Kopi Susu Extra (PT. Mandala Cahaya Sentosa/PIRT 610331502001)

4. Black Borneo Platinum Coffee (PT Victoabel Food Industry/P-IRT 6103515401564)

5. Dream Coffee (PT. Mandala Cahaya Sentosa – Sidoarjo/PIRT 6103515271564), ( PT. International Green Natural, P-IRT 6103515271564), PIRT. 6103515271564 Kab. Sidoarjo)

6. Dynamic Coffee/Dynamic Coffee Nusantara/Dynamic Tribulus Coffee (PT. Daya Dinamika Nusantara, PIRT 210360301411), (PT. Daya Dinamika Nusantara, PIRT 210360301411), (PT Aimfood Indonesia, PIRT 210360301411), (PT Aimfood Indonesia, PIRT 210360301309), PT. Daya Dinamika Nusantara, PIRT 210360301411)

7. Golden Life (P-IRT 6103515121399 Kab. Sidoarjo)

8. Good Coffee Premium/Good Coffee (PT. Putra Gudti Indonesia PIRT No. 6103271011147 Kota Bogor), (CV. Bin Halim untuk PT. Putra PIRT. 6103271011147, Kota Bogor), (PT. Putra Gudti Indonesia, PIRT No. 6103271011147, Kota Bogor)

9. Herba Max Coffee (Distributor PT Solusky P-IRT 6103515311564 Kab. Sidoarjo)

10. Jahe Mix Barokah (PIRT 213317518151 Kota Jakarta Utara)

11. Jomoon Instan Coffee (Green Nirmala PIRT. 6103515131399 Kab. Sidoarjo), (PT. Green Nirmala - Sidoarjo PIRT. 610351531399 Kab. Sidoarjo)

12. Joss-Fly Coffee Plus Panax Ginseng (PT. Mandala Cahaya Sentosa PIRT 610331502001 Kab. Grobogan)

13. Kopi Cleng - Sehat, Nikmat, Berstamina (CV. Jamu Moro Sehat, Banjarnegara, Depkes RI TR 147/11-10/2005)

14. Kopi KPH/Kopi Kuat (PIRT. 6103515331564 Kab. Sidoarjo)

15. Kopi Mahabbah (Depkes RI PIRT No. 6103515321564 Kab. Sidoarjo), PT. Mandala CS P-IRT No 6103515321564 Kab. Sidoarjo), (Mahabbah Group P-IRT No 6103515321564 Kab. Sidoarjo), (Mahabbah Group PIRT No. 6103515321564 Kab. Sidoarjo),

16. Kopi Pasutri (Al Jazira Herbal, Bekasi PIRT 610351533564 Kab. Sidoarjo)

17. Kopi Strong 234 (PT. Hamiegi Bandung PIRT. 81032730203771 Kota Bandung)

18. Maca-Tekh (PT. Wootekh Jakarta Indonesia PIRT 210360303411)

19. Matador Coffee

20. Mawaddah Coffee (PIRT. 212320207429 Kab. Sukabumi)

21. On Coffee

22. Premium Energy Coffee (Dinkes PIRT No. 210360314309 Kab. Tangerang)
from: health.kompas.com/

Heat Temperature cause Dehydration

Heat Temperature cause Dehydration - The high air temperature during the dry season recently resulted in mild dehydration, until being dehydrated.

Disease Control Section Chief Medical Officer of Banten province, Dendi, expressed it when contacted on Monday (9/26/2011).

"Residents to drink plenty of water and wear clothes with materials that easily absorb sweat," said Dendi.

According to the Dendi, although a small percentage, in the dry season sometimes come from the sting of sun stroke patients, particularly from the age of 50 years.

In this dry season residents are also asked to guard against upper respiratory tract infections and diarrhea.

Still Hydrated During Exercise

Still hydrated during exercise - Did you know that a simple way to increase endurance during exercise is to consume enough fluids. According to experts dehydration will reduce the volume of blood pumped to the heart. This condition will eventually lead to a reduced number of oxygen to the muscles resulting in premature fatigue.

So, how to know if our bodies are dehydrated? The main sign is often feel thirsty or dry mouth. Here are some tips to keep your body hydrated when exercising.

Stay hydrated before exercise

You do not have drinking water before you start exercising. Because, if you drink too much fluid (water or sports drinks) before physical activity can cause bloating and cramping. In general, the athletes are recommended to drink three liters of water every day, even on holidays. He also said, in this way can be adopted for those who are always active.

Stay hydrated during exercise

When doing exercise, you will lose fluid through sweat and respiration. Therefore one must keep drinking water during exercise to replace lost fluids. Each individual should drink at least one cup (250 ml) for every 15 minute workout.

When transpiration is very much, there are a lot of carbohydrate drinks with sugar to fill the glycogen and electrolyte beverages with sodium and potassium, which helps the body stay hydrated and improve muscle function.

Staying hydrated after exercise

After doing heavy exercise you are required to keep drinking water. If you do weight-bearing exercises, consider adding protein powder to water or carbohydrate drinks. This may help muscle and protein synthesis. Post-exercise protein intake will help to restore muscle. These needs can be obtained from fish or chicken.

Cure Diabetes Totally Naturally

Cure Diabetes Totally Naturally| In society and in medical school has always played with the view that diabetes is a disease that can not be completely cured. People with diabetes will receive medication or insulin injections for the rest of their lives and if there is a gangrenous wounds (wounds that can not be dry rot), too long will get surgery for the leg or arm amputees who suffer the gangrene. Is there a solution that could cure diabetes in total?

Of course there are, With a holistic medical treatment technique that utilizes the natural, people with diabetes can be cured TOTAL naturally even without side effects. For more details, let us consider three examples cited testimony from Poster and other sources.

Bird Flu Disease and Red Fruit

Bird flu or Avian disease is a disease affecting the poultry.

Symptoms of birds affected by bird flu are high fever and lead to death.

The medicine to cure this disease, the vaccine has actually been found that the AI ​​(Avian Influenza).
When this disease attacks the poultry industry, it will be fatal, because of all poultry farms are in all of them will be infected.

In addition to Al vaccines for the treatment of the disease, a lecturer from the University of Papua Cendrawasih namely: Dr. Made Budi, MS, has been entered into trials through sari "Red Fruit" in the treatment of bird flu and the results are quite satisfactory, from 20 chickens affected by bird flu 19 tail experience healing, and only one tail is dead.

The characteristics of the Red Fruit juice concoction of Dr.. Made Budi MS ie, does not smell acidic, neutral aroma, dark color (red), water content of zero (0), sediment pasta zero, the number of high iodine and peroxide value of zero (0) to 0.5. Boiling point lower red juice.

Unexpected Places Favorites Bacteria

Due to the microscopic size, germs and bacteria can not we see, touch, or smell it. However, as clean as any of an object visible, it is certain that the object was filled with bacteria, including on the surface of our skin. In fact, there are bacteria everywhere. Pay attention to unexpected places following, the places that became a favorite of bacteria.

Restaurant menu

Maybe you think your hands clean enough to sit at the table before the restaurant. However, if your hands are washed when food is served at your table? It is important that restaurant menus contain lots of germs because of the many hands that had touched.

Cosmetics bag

If you are not someone who likes to share cosmetics with another person, then the amount of bacteria that inhabit your cosmetics will be minimal. Like others, if you often exchange tools cosmetic with others. That's why, make it a habit to wash your hands before applying cosmetics to your face.

Beware of Dengue Fever Deases

Disease "Dengue Fever" - The rainy season is a time that is very susceptible to the development of mosquitoes, especially Aedes mosquitoes causing dengue Aegity. So, be careful with your health.

Today, dengue fever is still one major health problem in Indonesia which are endemic and occur throughout the year along with epidemics every 5 years with the trend of the epidemic attack interval becomes irregular.

For clinic mendiagnosia DBD, guidelines used are compiled WHO:

Clinical symptoms dengue fever:

1. High fever is acute.

2. Presence of bleeding manifestations (at least niquet tour-positive test)

3. hepatomegaly

4. shock

Laboratory Test Results:

1. Thrombocytopenia (? 100.000/uL).

2. Hemoconcentration (hematocrit rise? 20% above the average hematocrit value of the population by age and sex).

For our prudence, immediately to the hospital doctor to immediately get help, because dengue is usually very fast cycles and we are usually unaware.

At the time of epidemic sufferers often become frantic and forced to be hospitalized so that inpatient facilities in hospitals do not meet the need/desire the patient to be hospitalized, under these circumstances the only people who really need supervision in the hospital are cared for.

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Smoking | Bad effects of smoking

Smoking, Why do you smoke | Some people who have really addicted to cigarettes will ignore the effects that will result from smoking. Sometimes people say rather not eat than not smoke why. due to narcotic effects of nicotine contained in cigarettes has given a considerable effect on the body condition of people who smoke.

There are many reasons why smoke dangerous for your own health and the health of your family, if you have the habit. The reasons are (bad effect of smoking):

1. Cancer
Smoking increases the risk of cancer in the lungs and lips. The more you smoke, the greater the likelihood you die from cancer. Spare yourself not to get one of these diseases, because if you already have cancer, then the possibility of recovery is less.

2. Bronchitis

Smoking habits also will menyembabkan diseases that are harmful to the lungs including chronic bronchitis and emphysema and can cause death in people who suffer from this condition or suffer from asthma.

3. Gastric ulcers

With the smoking habit, this will also lead to diseases of the stomach (gastric ulcers) or it will aggravate the already suffering from the disease.


The children of parents who smoke are more often suffer from pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses compared with children whose parents do not smoke.


The most dangerous smoking is to increase your chances of suffering or dying from heart disease or cerebrovascular disease.

6. Infant Growth

In addition to cause disease in smokers, these habits will affect the babies conceived or born of a mother who has a habit of smoking. Growth of infants born to mothers who smoke will be smaller and will grow more slowly than in infants whose mothers did not smoke.

7. The Bad Examples

If we as parents, teachers or health workers do not give a bad example to our children, our students and the community by the habit of smoking. With the habit of smoking to our children, our students and the community will see the behavior of people who become teachers or peers and consequently, they will go smoke.

8. Economy

Smoking habits would need money to buy it and the result would be a waste of money for useless things. Apparently the money used to buy cigarettes does not mean, but if the collected amount will be many. In developing countries more money spent on people to buy tobacco. If the money used to buy tobacco used to buy food, then the kids and the whole family will be healthier.

Looking at bad effect of smoking should we as a society that already know the meaning of health, can avoid it, not until we feel regret after getting the effects of the disease that is not good.

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Playing in the Mud Make Children be Smart

Playing in mud Make Children be Smart - Most parents usually will worry if you see their child playing in the mud. But those concerns seem to be reduced because recent studies have found that playing in the mud can make children smarter.
There is good news for parents who are often worried about the cleanliness of their children, especially because children love to play dirty in the mud. Researchers from Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit found that playing in the mud can make children smarter.

The study shows the positive side of soil bacteria that can be inhaled when children play in mud. Researchers say that: dirt Mycobacterium vaccae bacteria which many in the mud can navigate "complex maze" in the brain up to two times faster.

Paracetamol Risk in Children | Drug World

Paracetamol Risk in Children - Be careful to give the drug down the heat in children. One of them is paracetamol, because recent research proves this drug may increase the risk of asthma and allergies.

Not known exactly what causes it, the researchers still have to conduct clinical trials to make sure. Researchers also do not know exactly how many doses can cause such side effects.
However, an association between paracetamol to asthma risk has been proven by experts from the University of Otago, Wellington. To disclose it, the experts observed 505 infants and 914 children aged 5-6 years.

This study reveals, the use of paracetamol in infants aged less than 15 months may increase the risk of asthma up to 2-fold. While at the age of 6 years, paracetamol increases the risk of allergy to 3-fold.

"We think this effect is more related to duration of use, rather than dose. The more frequently used, the greater paracetamol side effects, "said Professor Julian Crane, who led the study, quoted from Ninemsn, Monday (29/11/2010).

Prof. Crane also confirmed that these side effects will not necessarily appear in just a few times. Therefore, parents need not worry as long as no excessive use of paracetamol.

Although there is a correlation between paracetamol to asthma risk, it is also the possibility of other factors that influence. Therefore, Prof. Crane supports further research to uncover.

Benefit of Chocolate - Chocolate Making Life More life

Benefit of chocolate - the history of Chocolate | Botanists agree that chocolate or cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao) is grown in the Amazon and Orinoco basin in South America for thousands of years ago. Mayans who first cultivate cacao trees. This habit is also taken when they moved to the plains of Yucatan.
Aztec nation then introduce a bitter chocolate as a beverage. Cocoa beans mixed with corn or grapes that have been fermented and then presented in a cup made of gold. Aztec emperors named Montezuma has a habit of drinking more than 50 cups of chocolate chocolate per day.

The Spanish colonists named Hernán Cortés (1485-1547) when colonized the region at first interested in the gold cup chocolate drink than it is. But he also observed that for the Nation Aztecs, cocoa or chocolate beans are also used as money. Therefore, he immediately set up some cacao plantations.

Plantation known as "brown gold" is growing and the results favored, so that Spain controls trade chocolate in the 18th century. Then the chocolate was introduced to mainland Europe and made a cake mix ingredients.

In the mid-19th century, the Swiss started to develop and market chocolate as a snack. So brown that used only as a drink later evolved into snacks that can melt on the tongue. Switzerland also became famous as the best chocolate producing countries.

Then the smart entrepreneurs like Hershey, Kohler, Lindt, Nestlé, Peter, Suchard and Tobler - "their names became famous chocolate brands today" - makes a major contribution to industrial chocolate. They found the engine more efficient processing of cocoa and chocolate processing methods to find better.

4 Tips to Avoid Illness | Healthy Tips

4 Tips to Avoid Illness - You're jealous enterprising activity and want to always perform excellent, avoid the disease? Disease such as cough and flu can certainly hamper. Want to know how to keep away from viruses? Easy really, just follow these four simple ledge.

1. Clean hands
Colds and flu can spread easily through touch. Keep your fingers from your eyes, nose, and mouth and be sure to always wash your hands. Soap and water remains the most effective tools available, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention U.S..

Germs can grow on bar soap, so use an antibacterial liquid soap. Wash hands with soap for 20 seconds before rinsing, and make sure hands are completely dry.

2. Relaxation
There are many why take the time to relax it is significant to have a healthy body. Relaxation will boost the immune system of the flu. That may be because, in the long run, leading to produksio stress hormones such as glucocorticoids.

3. Breathe the fresh air
Keep silence in the house will actually make the body more closely with the germs that circulate in the house. Go for a walk can boost your immunity.

4. Sleep
One night staying up after completing the task, it does not matter. But if constantly accustomed to lack of sleep can inhibit your immune system's ability to function.

source: mediaindonesia.com

Rules of Eating Noodles, To Avoid "poison"

Rules of Eating Noodles, To Avoid "poison" | Warm bowl of instant noodles, it's worth the time to accompany bone-chilling cold weather. Increasingly diverse selection of flavors that makes fans of instant noodles never feel bored.

Increasingly diverse selection of flavors that makes fans of instant noodles never feel bored.

Not infrequently, they even combine with various vegetables, corned beef, eggs, until the cheese grated. Delicious aroma and taste that fits, feels pity for the abandoned.

Really instant noodles still need to be avoided for health reasons?

"Manufacture of food safety is assured enough. To my knowledge, they are truly in producing the food, because he did not want to get involved ahead of consumer health issues. Unless we buy yellow noodles in the market that there is no packaging, fear is formalin, "explained Prof. Dr. Ir Ali Khomsan as Professor of the Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University on" The Importance of Early Education Breakfast "by Blue Band and Sari Roti in SD Islam Dian Didaktika, Cinere.

Explained Prof. Ali, spice noodles that trigger various health problems.

"A person can only be poisoned after eating instant noodles 500 packs a day. Instant noodles poisons located on the existing seasoning preservatives. While the husband because of dry, he does not 'innocent', "continued Prof. Ali.

Then, how many times a week someone is still allowed to eat instant noodles?

"If once a day, God willing, baseball still nothing. But we still need food diversity. To be safe, the consumption of instant noodles a week 2 or 3 times, "he concluded.

source: okezone.com
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