White Rice Increases Risk of Diabetes

White Rice Increases Risk of Diabetes | Diabetes epidemic in several Asian countries allegedly have anything to do with the habits of Asian people eating white rice. Research on this team of researchers from Harvard School of Public Health.

"We found was: white rice increased risk of type two diabetes, especially in populations of white rice consumption is quite high as in Asia. But instead of white rice just to watch, but the overall diet," said Qi Sun, researchers.

Respondents research in Asian countries on average consume white rice 3-4 times a day, while those in Western countries only consume one to two times a week.

White rice is a type of rice most widely consumed in the world. Aside from being a source of energy and protein, rice also contains minerals. But the process on white rice causes most of the minerals and fiber are also wasted.

Meanwhile, the opposite is red rice. It contains more fiber, magnesium and vitamins. Rice also has a low glycemic index so it does not quickly raise blood sugar levels.

A lack of research conducted Sun is not available details on what data is consumed by respondents in addition to rice. Even so Sun says there is consistency of the four studies.

Diabetes mellitus
currently affects about 350 people around the world as well. A diet is just one of the factors triggering the disease caused by the body's inability to process the hormone insulin. Lack of exercise and obesity is also a risk factor for this disease.
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