Eat 7-8 Servings of Fruit per Day

Eat 7-8 Servings of Fruit per Day | Indonesia society still consider that fruit as one of snack only, So fruit consumption is not be a compulsory for eating every day. Whereas, The fruit is complementary food that have to eat for getting enough fiber and other vitamin every day. Accord to nutrient expert, Emila E. Achmadi, MS, RD, is its absolute obligation, because there is a minimum limit of the fruit to be eaten to meet the needs of the body every day.

"According to the study, nine of ten people in Indonesia do not eat fruit in the right quantities, so it is still not sufficient for the body's fruit," said Emilia, in the "Fruit Buavita Does You Good" at the Birdcage, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, some time ago.

Research conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that the fruit needs in the human body is constantly rising. In the 1989-2000 years ago, the USDA recommends eating three to five fruits per day, so that the fiber needs met. However, over the time, circumstances, and conditions of the environment, the needs of the fruit in a day is increasing.

"Over time, soil factors that are less processed properly and cropping system with one crop of fruit, making the poor soil nutrients, and will reduce the nutritional value of fruit, so that the body requires the intake of more fruit," said Emilia.

Lifestyle factors and habits of a person also allows the addition of the number of daily fruit intake. Less healthy lifestyles, diet is not strictly fulfilled balance nutrition, pollution, until the smoke, causing the body needs antioxidants to counteract free radicals increases. Then in 2002 until now, the USDA recommends eating about 7-8 pieces per day. Try also to the fruit you eat at least consists of five different colors.

Each color in the fruit contains vitamins and their benefits to the body. Red fruit, for example, contain lycopene, a substance that can inhibit 'physical deterioration' and 'mental' is not easy to be forgetful, and is able to prevent cancer. Anthocyanins are useful for preventing infections and bladder cancer. Orange-colored fruits such as mango, melon orange, and papaya, contain beta-carotene which inhibits the body's cells aging. Green fruits like green grapes, green apples, avocado, melon, contain acid that can inhibit cancer alegat, while the yellow fruit such as bananas, oranges, and pineapples contain potassium are beneficial for strengthening bones, preventing strokes and heart attacks. While the white fruit like soursop, mangosteen, longan, lychee and contain vitamin C, and very high fiber, so that it can aid digestion.

Because it is quite a lot of servings of fruit should be consumed every day as food additives, Emilia recommend a variation in the process, such as fruit slices, or consumed as a juice. In addition, the fruit is also not directly consumed at one time, but tucked in between large meals, as a snack. Thus, you are not bored or too full from eating the fruit.

"Make the fruit as a healthy snack each day because the fruit is low in calories," Emil advice.

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