Still Hydrated During Exercise

Still hydrated during exercise - Did you know that a simple way to increase endurance during exercise is to consume enough fluids. According to experts dehydration will reduce the volume of blood pumped to the heart. This condition will eventually lead to a reduced number of oxygen to the muscles resulting in premature fatigue.

So, how to know if our bodies are dehydrated? The main sign is often feel thirsty or dry mouth. Here are some tips to keep your body hydrated when exercising.

Stay hydrated before exercise

You do not have drinking water before you start exercising. Because, if you drink too much fluid (water or sports drinks) before physical activity can cause bloating and cramping. In general, the athletes are recommended to drink three liters of water every day, even on holidays. He also said, in this way can be adopted for those who are always active.

Stay hydrated during exercise

When doing exercise, you will lose fluid through sweat and respiration. Therefore one must keep drinking water during exercise to replace lost fluids. Each individual should drink at least one cup (250 ml) for every 15 minute workout.

When transpiration is very much, there are a lot of carbohydrate drinks with sugar to fill the glycogen and electrolyte beverages with sodium and potassium, which helps the body stay hydrated and improve muscle function.

Staying hydrated after exercise

After doing heavy exercise you are required to keep drinking water. If you do weight-bearing exercises, consider adding protein powder to water or carbohydrate drinks. This may help muscle and protein synthesis. Post-exercise protein intake will help to restore muscle. These needs can be obtained from fish or chicken.
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