Skin Health Maintaining

The article to day are about Skin Health Maintaining, skin health is very important to keep, because skin health have big effect to beauty of some one. read also the skin health article in skin health categories. 7 Ways to Keep Healthy Skin, Natural tips for facial skin beauty, cause skin damage, Celebrity Beauty Skin Secret | Natural Beauty Secret, Beautiful Skin with Guava Fruit, Protect Skin from Disease Attack, Regular Exercise, Face Skin More Healthy, Grapes skin protector from UV, Carrots Makes Your Skin Look Beautiful,

Skin Health Maintaining | Healthy skin will make a person be more beautiful and fresh and young. Especially for woman that wanna looked in beautiful and ageless. So, Skin health is one of very important factors that must be attention.

How to maintain skin health

1. Don't smoking
Smoking will broke the blood circulation in skin, so will make skin looked not bright and not healthy, smoking also increase the wrinkle in skin, especially for skin around the mouth.

2. Balance Diet
Diet with healthy food regularly, contain much vegetables and fruit for get enough vitamin, mineral and anti oxidant.

3. Sport/exercise
Regularly Exercise will make a healthy skin and ideal weight.

4. Enough Sleep
Sleeping very important to repair body cell that are broke, include skin cell. Make body and skin fresh more.

5. Reduce Alcohol Consumption
Excessive in consumption alcohol also can damage the heart

6. Protect skin from Ultraviolet
The dangerous of Sun shine is the ultraviolet A that emitted, and this is can damage the skin collagen. Skin will thin and easy to be wrinkle.

7. Prevent stress
stress can damage the health, also will effect to face and our body form.

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