10 Tips to Maintain Eye Health

10 Tips to Maintain Eye Health | Eye is the important body organ, because only with eye we can see the world. But, ever we think, what happen if the eyes are broken? Sure no body wanna to this condition, is it? Important to us for maintain eye in order not broke it or get disturbing in eye. So, How to do this?

Below are 10 Tips to Maintain Eye Health

1. Eat many fruit and vegetables, especially with vitamin A contain, like: Tomatoes, carrot. In addition, beta carotene contain in carrot is a good substantial for keeping or maintain eye health.

2. Avoid using contact lens for more then 19 hours, because this is can effect the broken of eye extremely and make eye not comfortable.

3. Use eye drug that can prevent the allergic, such as: red eye or irritation a long as allergic periods. But, remember, just use for a while only, because the using of this drug for every day will make eye condition be deteriorate. read the label of using role carefully, not use much when using contact lens.

4. Cooled two piece of cucumber, put in refrigerator for few minutes, then put in eye and press by softening for 10 minutes before sleep in night, this for avoid the swollen when wake up.

5. Use black spectacle for avoid from sun shine. choose polar eyeglasses, not only dark, dark lens just make your eye pupil bigger without protector from sun shine.

6. Don't render the TV monitor so long, because that is will make your eye in minus, Shift your view from computer screen for 2 minutes until 3 minutes, in order the eye not taut. Do the eye yoga every hour, if you must render the computer screen for a long time. It's by wink eye for 50 time with very fast, this is for exercise and relaxation of eye muscle.

7. Use goggle or other eye protect when you must render with the dangerous chemistry substance or the place that may be contain the dangerous substance.

8. Relax your eye, look at the roomy place and place with green colors domination, this is done for getting the fresh to eye.

9. Visit the oculist minimal one/year for getting appropriate diagnose about eye disease, especially if the disease must handle by spectacle, contact lens, or operation. Doctor also will check the dry eye, problem in retina, even the condition over the body, such as: diabetes, high blood pressure. and few disease without symptoms, like: Glaucoma (can effect of total blind), this is also can detected from now.

10. Put 2 pocket of tea in refrigerator or ice box, and after you came back from working , put the two of the box on the eye, then press it softly. this way can cure from the eye tired.

May this tips - 10 Tips to Maintain Eye Health - can be useful for very body, you may also interest in How to maintain eye accord to ege
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