Identify 7 Main Causes of Bad Breath

Identify 7 Main Causes of Bad Breath | Bad breath is very disturbing. Especially in the association. The people around us would be bothered by bad breath. So do not let you lose appeal of your partner or you will lose loyal customers, then identify the cause of your bad breath and find a solution.

Today many people think that garlic is the main cause, but actually there are 7 causes of bad breath. What these are?

Here are 7 causes of bad breath as quoted from

1. Bacterium
The mouth is one of the places preferred by bacteria. These microorganisms lurking in between the teeth and tongue surface. When the bacteria multiply and accumulate, they will remove toxins, and smell less pleasant.

2. Tonsils
Holes on the inside of the tonsils (tonsillectomy) is called crypts, is one culprit of halitosis. At the dots in the tonsil tissue is swollen lymph nodes are often left behind the rest of the food and germs that cause bad odors.

3. Pungent foods
Foods such as garlic, durian, or fish, also cause bad breath, even though we have brush our teeth.

4. Bad habits
Avoid bad habits, like smoking or drinking coffee when you want to breath always fresh.

5. Stomach upset
Sometimes the disorder in the stomach or intestines can cause bad breath, especially when burping. Low-carbohydrate diets also cause ketosis, a fat-burning in the body that cause bad smell.

6. Disease
Bad breath can also be a sign of diseases such as respiratory infections, chronic sinus infections, diabetes, kidney disorders, liver, and chronic acid reflux.

7. Dry mouth
Lack of drinking water and a dry mouth is also a contributor to the cause of bad breath problem. That's why, when I wake up in the morning we are less bad breath odor. This smell usually goes away after we brush our teeth and drink water.

Keep teeth healthy, may this Identify 7 Main Causes of Bad Breath be useful, dont forget to read other important tips here Protect your Skin from The Sun
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