4 Movements to Increase Sexual Arousal

4 Movements to Increase Sexual Arousal | It is said that: the sport with a enough dose can improve and increase your energy, even making activity becomes increasingly warm bedroom. All of this happened because of the sexual organs to function properly.

4 movements to increase sexual arousal

Sports health expert Dr. Sadoso Sumosardjuno, Sp.KO mention, regular physical activity can increase sympathetic nervous activity that increases blood flow to the genital area.

Here is a strength training to shape and stretch the muscles. These movements strengthen and flex the muscles that are related to sexual activity. Perform each movement as much as two sets, each repeated 10 times.

1. Crunch, Leg Raise

- Sleep on his back, with both legs elevated on a chair, or exercise balls. Knees bent to form an angle of 90 degrees.
- Place both hands behind your head in slack.
- The contraction of abdominal muscles and raise head and shoulders off the floor. Hold briefly, then lower.
- This exercise is to stabilize the torso and draw in your stomach.

2. Sleep, body bent to Top

- Sleep prone to cross legs. The fingers in a show position, both hands placed on the floor, right in front of the shoulder.
- Lift the shoulders slowly, Expand both arms. Lift up the top body off the floor as far as possible, as much as you do without feeling any pain.
- Try to stay on the floor hip. If you feel pain in the back, try to have both fixed elbow bent and forearm on the floor.
- The benefits of this exercise to flex the muscles, making it easier to move.

3. Push Up, by Ball

- The position of the body such as push-ups with shins on an exercise ball. Both hands directly under shoulders.
- Bend the elbows and lower your chest toward the floor. Stop when your upper arms parallel to the floor. Pause, then push back up. If exercise too heavy, try push ups with knees on the floor.
- This exercise makes the upper body becomes stronger and better stamina.

4. Superman or Superwoman

- Go to sleep on his stomach on the floor with his arms stretched upward. Toes show position.
- Gradually, raise your right arm and leg as high as possible, but do not feel sick. Then, rest for a while, lower and repeat with opposite arm and leg. If you feel this movement is light, try to lift both arms and both legs at the same time.
- The benefits of this exercise is to be back stronger and more flexible.
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