Gastric Cancer | Stages After Chronic Gastritis

Gastric Cancer: Stages After Chronic Gastritis | World of medicine seemed have been very familiar with various types of cancer. Cancer is a type of disease caused by splitting a single cell in the body is abnormal and uncontrolled. Cells is uncontrolled and turn into carcinogens that can transform normal cells in the human body into cancer cells. Cancer cells may spread to all parts of the body because of its metastases.

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Cancer cells can also divide and spread in the bloodstream. Including the spread to the human stomach. The stomach is the organ of the human body that serves as a container and food processing. Juices that are contained in each food consumed is absorbed by the body through the stomach.

The stomach has three important parts. Namely, the cardia, fundus, and pylorus. Food into the stomach through the cardia, and then processed to absorb the nutrients in the fundus, and finally processed into a stool at the pylorus.

Disease that attacks the stomach is already plural ulcer. Who had chronic ulcer disease can lead to more serious disease attacking the stomach, one gastric cancer. Gastric cancer is caused by wrong diet, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and infection of the stomach caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

Irregular eating patterns, and tend to prefer fast food because of busy, it seems to be a risk factor for developing cancer cells in the human stomach. Fast food is a recent favorite was a lot of preservatives are believed to be harmful to human health.

Another cause of this disease is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. These bacteria are spiral shaped and very fond of the place with a very minimal air conditions. These bacteria are attached to the stomach wall.

Mechanism of action of these bacteria is to produce toxins Vaca. These toxins can destroy the integrity of the cells found in the stomach wall.

Symptoms of Gastric Cancer

Symptoms of gastric cancer similar to that felt by someone who was suffering from ulcer disease. This is due to advanced gastric cancer is a disease of chronic ulcer disease already.

In an early stage gastric cancer patients will experience nausea and bloating in the stomach at each meal. If already in advanced stages, cancer patients will experience bleeding peptic ulcers that often lead to bleeding and their feces, plus weight loss patients drastically.

If ulcer disease that do not heal after treatment, we need to be aware of the existence of cancer cells in the stomach. Treatment of this disease tends periodically.

When you are in an advanced stage, usually infected gastric cancer will be removed. If not, treatment could be done by chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells.

Herbal treatment for gastric cancer can be done.
Basically cancer is very susceptible to the active compound. Such as polyphenols, tannins, flavonoids, and minerals. Active compounds are apparently contained in many ant nests. Compounds contained in the ant nest can inhibit the spread of cancer cells quickly.

There's an old saying, which says that prevention is better than cure. Prevention of this disease can be done by maintaining a good diet, with no food or eating too many high caffeinated beverages, eating less meat and processed by burning, because the caffeine and high acid levels contained in the meat can make the stomach wall infected, so the presence of Helicobacteri pylori bacteria were unavoidable.

In addition, multiply eating foods that are vitamin and avoid stress. How to prevent the latter, still seem efficacious to avoid this gastric cancer.
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