How To Keep Young Pregnancy

How To Keep Young Pregnancy | For the young mothers who are pregnant, the following information How to Maintain Pregnancy Young. Early pregnancy is a period of highly anticipated later for families who desperately wanted a baby. Early pregnancy is highly susceptible to risk. Some things to watch during early pregnancy:

1. Attention to the food of pregnant women
Pregnant women need additional for growth some substance to a healthy fetus. Nutritional deficiencies can cause anemia, premature parturition, abortion, postpartum hemorrhage, etc..

2. Smoke
Pregnant women are prohibited from smoking. according to the study, infants of smoking mothers had a smaller weight.

3. Drugs
Especially in the first trimester, avoid the use of certain drugs.

4. Environment
Stay away from air pollution, water and food to pregnant women.

5. Exercise
to: be a good blood circulation, increased appetite, better digestion, and sleep more soundly. Follow pregnancy exercise.

6. Work
Allowed to work as usual origin coupled with adequate rest and eat a regular reply. Do not forget to check regularly who are pregnant.

7. Travel
Do not be too long and tiring, do not sit long because it can cause leg swelling, and thrombophlebitis.

8. Clothing
Clothing should be loose, clean and no tight bond in the abdominal area. Wear Brassieres that supports the breast. Should not be high-heeled shoes. Always have clean underwear.

9. Rest and Recreation
Women workers have frequent breaks. nap profitable and good for health. Avoid crowded places of entertainment, crowded, and hot as it can cause fainting.

10. Bath
To keep the skin and body hygiene. use a soft soap. Do not soak.

11. Coitus (ML)
Not impeded as long as there is no history of miscarriage, bleeding, weeks of pregnancy, amniotic already broken.
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