Ways of Reducing Caffeine Addiction

Ways of Reducing Caffeine Addiction | There's nothing wrong with caffeine, until you drink too much, so suffer from heartburn and difficulty sleeping. If you are too worried about the possible adverse effects of caffeine in the long run, try to minimize it.

Reducing caffeine can reduce the complaints of heartburn (acid reflux), sleep disturbances, and anxiety. But stop caffeine altogether can make you more irritable, fatigue, even headaches. For that, follow these safety tips to reduce caffeine, such as those delivered by Robynne Chutkan, an expert in gastroenterology at the University Medical Center.

1. Reduce slowly

If you are a heavy drinker of caffeine, then you need to cut back slowly, so that withdrawal symptoms can be reduced. Remember that caffeine can be obtained from many sources, including chocolate.

2. Find substitutes drink

As early perhaps you could replace the coffee with decaf coffee, the caffeine content is much less. Gradually replace coffee with free caffeine beverages.

3. Relieve headache

Headaches that lasted more than two days, could be a sign you are experiencing symptoms of caffeine addiction. When the headaches began to interfere, consume a headache reliever. But avoid aspirin or ibuprofen and choose asetaminopen because it does not cause heartburn.

4. Drink more water

Drinking more water is one way to do a detox. Also in the hydrated state, the body will be more vigilant so that the mind stay focused even without caffeine.

5. Sport

Exercise can have the effect of such stimulants, like caffeine. Therefore, if there are signs of caffeine addiction, such as fatigue, dizziness, do physical activity to boost energy.

6. Eat healthy foods

When during a mainstay of caffeine when you are busy, instead eat healthy foods, which not containing added sugar, and fast food. Healthy food is a good energy booster, especially carbohydrates derived from the fibers.

7. Consider the schedule

This means do not let the "tank" is empty of food for more than four hours. Are left empty stomach will make the body more energized and difficulty concentrating.

8. Get enough sleep

Coffee contains the stimulant, so if we stop eating we tend to feel less powerful. In fact, the most potent medicine to restore energy is sleep. To get around the difficulty sleeping, avoid naps, exercising regularly, and sleep at the same time every night.

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