Cervical Cancer Drugs

Cervical Cancer Drugs

Drugs Cervical Cancer | Cervical cancer is also known by the term 'cervix cancer' or 'womb cancer'. This is the number three cancer killer in the world. In Indonesia, every hour a woman dies of cervical cancer. This cancer can be prevented by maintaining cleanliness of the sex organs and diligently perform detected of cervical cancer early and regularly.

In terms of food, women should limit fatty foods and alcoholic beverages to reduce the risk of this cancer. Important factor in the other cervical cancer prevention is nutrition. Someone with good nutrition certainly easier to prevent attacks of cervical cancer. Good food to eat for nutrition of the body is caretenoids, vitamin A, retinoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, and folate. Dark green and yellow vegetables are also good for improving nutrition.

Cervical cancer is primarily caused by infection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV or human papilloma virus). Approximately 70% incidence of cervical cancer is caused by HPV 16 and HPV 18. Signs of cervical cancer are difficult to observe in the early stages. Physical signs of this disease are usually only felt by people with advanced cancer.

Here are the symptoms of cervical cancer we need to know:
a. Pre-cancer symptoms:
- Excessive vaginal discharge and abnormal.
- Abnormal vaginal bleeding and painful
b. Advanced symptoms:
- Losing weight dramatically.
- Barriers in urination and kidney enlargement.
- Patients also will suffer from back pain
- Difficult urination.

Here you can get a 'cervical cancer drug' a powerful tool to treat these symptoms.

So far, we know that cancer can only be treated with chemo therapy.
With chemotherapy, not only kills cancer cells, but normal cells that divide rapidly like cancer cells, namely gastrointestinal cells, skin cells, hair cells and sperm cells.

Just cured cancer with chemotherapy? This perception seems to be removed and disposed of as far as possible. Why? Because there is actually a natural remedy to kill cancer cells that power ten thousand times more potent than the chemo therapy. This natural remedy is a fruit that people familiar with Indonesia.

Soursop leaf? Yups, indeed. This soursop Most Potent Cancer Drugs in the Hidden Years.

Only Know by Few People?
Because one of the world companies , keep the research findings, regarding this tightly-meeting, they wanted to spend research funds are in a very large, for many years, may return in advance plus generous benefits by making the Graviola tree as raw material for drug synthesis and medicine sold to world markets.

Concern, some people have died in vain, pathetic, because the malignancy of cancer, while the giant companies, drug makers with a turnover of billions of dollars to close the secret meetings of this miracle tree. Efficacy of soursop fruit is giving effect to anti-tumor or cancer is very strong, and medically proven to cure all types of cancer. In addition to cure cancer, soursop fruit also acts as an anti-bacterial, anti fungal (fungi), effective against many types of parasites or worms, lowering high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous system is not good.

One example of how important the existence of the Institute for Health Science Institute of American society is revealing the secrets of this magical fruit. Astonishing fact is: far in the interior of the amazon forest, growing "magic tree", which will change your thinking, your doctor, and the world of the healing process of cancer and hope to survive. No one can promise more than this, for the days to come.

Research Proves "Soursop Tree" and the fruit is able to:
• Attacking cancer cells with naturally safe and effective, without nausea, weight loss, or hair loss, as happened in chemo therapy.
• Protecting the immune system and prevent deadly infections.
• Patients feel stronger, more healthy during the treatment or cure.
• Increased energy and improved physical appearance.

The source of this shocking news comes from one of America's largest drug manufacturer. Graviola fruit in-test in more than 20 laboratories, since the 1970's until the next few years. Test results of the extract (essence) of this fruit are:

1. Effectively choose a target and kill the bad cells from 12 different types of cancer, including colon cancer, breast, prostate, Paru2, and pancreas.

2. Power works 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with Adriamicin and Chemo Therapy usually used.

3. Unlike chemo therapy, juice only selectively hunt down and kill the bad cells and NOT harm/kill healthy cells.
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