Effect of Exercise on Mood

Effect of Exercise on Mood | Not easy to make someone want to exercise every day. When exercise is not only reducing the hours of sleep, time to rest, even when our work. However, there is actually the main reason why we should continue to be motivated to exercise.

The study, published in the Journal of Sport Exercise Psychology, found that exercise at least 15 minutes every day will increase the positive feelings such as enthusiasm, pride, happiness, and happiness.

It was concluded by a study of 'daily activities' 190 students. They make the journal activity to determine the duration of exercise performed and the overall emotional status.

The more active a person moves, the higher is their happiness. In fact, according to researchers from Penn State University, who conducted this research, The day when student in Sport is the day where biggest of positive feeling.

David Conroy, head of research, says most people lose motivation for exercise, because they do not see the results instantly. Instead of weight loss, endurance and muscle strength was not felt. But by knowing the benefits of exercise on mood, we should be more excited to burn sweat, until long goals can be achieved.

Although the study does not mention how many minutes it takes to feel the joy and happiness, but the sport for 15 minutes already known have an impact on the chemical changes in the brain.
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